Anagram - Quic Jar Hearing

Name: Jacqui Herring
ICQ number: 81767781
Where you Live: Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Occupation: Domestic Engineer (G)
Birthday: 5th August 1957
Fave singles: Ride A White Swan
Fave albums: The Slider
How/when were you introduced to Marc : In 1971 I saw a cute guy on television and when I checked out his music I liked that too.
Other Hobbies: Going to Bolan Conventions, Motorsport (spectating)
Favourite Bolan WWW sites:The Till Dawn (obviously)http://n-i.com/~tilldawn
The Groover
Favourite None Bolan WWW sites:http://www.disney.co.uk
(my old home-town in Scotland)

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NAME: Jim Choma
WHERE YOU LIVE: Brecksville, Ohio (Just outside Cleveland)
OCCUPATION: Stock Broker
BIRTHDAY: 4/26/70
FAVE SINGLES: Metal Guru, Laser Love, Solid Gold Easy Action, 20th Century Boy
FAVE ALBUMS: Tanx, The Slider, Electric Warrior, Dandy
HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC: Found info on Marc in "The Stars & superstars of Rock (circa 1974).† Thought he looked very egocentric and goofy, but was driven to find out more about him.
OTHER HOBBIES: Music, writing, reading, exploring the outdoors.
FAVOURITE BOLAN LINKS: http://www.tilldawn.net/, http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~rthomas/HROT.html, http://www.thegroover.com/t-rex/spacebcenter.html†
FAVOURITE NON-BOLAN LINKS: http://www.shakespeare-oxford.com/, http://www.klaatu.org/, http://members.tripod.com/~JCHOMA/THORNE.html, http://www.jonathancarroll.com/, http://www.melodicrock.com/, http://www.nolifetilmetal.com/, http://www.the-underdogs.org/, http://www.writermag.com/, http://www.elvis-collectors.com/, http://www.thalasson.com/gtn/index.htm#authors

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Cape Coral, Florida, USA
Married to Susan since March 5, 1999, together ten years, no children, but we have a standard red Dachshund named Allison who rules the household.
Occupation: I teach speech communication (rhetoric) at a community college Birthday: August 7, 1953
Faves include Electric Warrior, Dwarfish Trumpet spoken word story, Marc's singing and appearance on "The Flo and Eddie Show"
Other Hobbies: I collect the rock era generally with approximately 13,000 LPs, 1100 CDs. " I have most everything I ever heard as a child."


Susan, John and Dachsund, Allison

NAME: Joette Baldwin
WHERE YOU LIVE: Arlington, Virginia
OCCUPATION: Hopeless Romantic
BIRTHDAY: June 3, 1954
FAVE SINGLES: Ride a White Swan, There Was a Time, The Wizard
FAVE ALBUMS: Unicorn, Beard of Stars, Electric Warrior
HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC: In September 1999 Marc appeared to me in a beautifully lucid dream which sparked a true spiritual awakening :-D
OTHER HOBBIES: Poetry, computer art, piano/electronic keyboard, reading, spiritulism/occult, classic movies/horror flicks
FAVOURITE BOLAN LINKS: http://www.tilldawn.net/ http://www.marcbolan.cjb.net/
FAVOURITE NON-BOLAN LINKS: http://members.aol.com/rosyb9/ http://www.duirwaighgallery.com/inspiration_trailer.htm
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NAME: John Wass
WHERE YOU LIVE: Leicester. U.K
OCCUPATION: Dryerman (papermill)
BIRTHDAY: 28:06:58
FAVE SINGLES: changes all the time but Metal Guru is special !
FAVE ALBUM: same as above but probably The Slider
HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC: But I never met him !
OTHER HOBBIES: I live in the world of Bolan !!
FAVOURITE BOLAN LINKS: T.Rex & Till Dawn lists,

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Anagram - Colon Jeers Sang
Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 2 - Is It Love?
Non-Bolan WWW URL: http://surf.to/claesson

ICQ Number:- 6680042

Sweden, HŻŻr/Sk‘ne/Sweden
Married to Helena. Twins: Linda & Malin born September 93 and Tess was born March 98 No pets
Occupation: Postman
Birthday: 7th of May 1960
Struck by Hot Love in 71. Fav track: The Slider
Other hobbies etc: Flight sims on computer, computer fun, travelling.

Jorgen's URL:- http://home.swipnet.se/~w-93838/jrgen.htm
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Name : Juan Pablo Mazzola
Nickname : Dawn Juan
Hobbies : I enjoy good Karma, reading, watching tv,I collect movies and records, I have a band called "Baby Scream!!?!" and you can listen to it at www.myspace.com/babyscream We have released 4 cds, one of them is a 5 song tribute to Marc's music, I love the guy!!!!!!!!
Music: Marc Bolan, Paul Westerberg, The Replacements, The Beatles, Psychedelic Furs, The Stone Roses, Pulp, Oasis, The Wildhearts, Miles Davis, Elvis Costello, Cheap Trick, The Sounds, Teenage Fanclub and many great artists....
Movies: Actually too many to mention but in this case I can name Basket Case, Brain Damage, Taxi Driver, all Tim Burton, all Luis BuŮuel, A Clockwork Orange, After Hours.....
I am 25 years old and†I was born in Argentina.

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Anagram -

ICQ Number:- 37427219

Birthday: 19th July 1961
Occupation Domestic
England, Rochdale(greater Manchester)
Marital status: Single, but have lived with Ste for 8 years, no kids, loads of cats who go by the names of Anfield, Shankley, Guinness, Garfield, Bifford.
I am a keen supporter of A.L.F (Animal liberation front) and the anti-fur trade, have been a vegetarian for 26 years. I love researching the mystic and spiritual side to cats and all the folklore that goes with them. My other interests are fairies and angels.
My URL is http://www.literary-cat.cwc.net/index.htm
Other fave music includes Alice Cooper, NY Dolls, Aerosmith, Kate Bush, Black Crowes and Slade.
Hobbies: Gardening, going to concerts, football, yoga.
Fave song Elemental child, hippy gumbo
Fave Album Beard of stars,Unicorn.
First saw T.rex on Top of the pops singing Hot Love, been hooked ever since.

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KAREN O'Reilly

Karen & Rolan Bolan

Anagram - i kin juest caire

Name: Karen Justice

Adelaide, South Australia

Occupation: Tafe Student

Birthday: 6.8.57

Fave singles: "Debora", "Ride a White Swan" and the rest...

Fave albums: Electric Warrior and Slider and the rest again!...

How/when were you introduced to Marc : At school through a friend going to her house to listen to Electric Warrior and Slider.

Other Hobbies: Reading, drawing, painting and anything art-sy

Favourite Bolan Links: All of them?!

Favourite None Bolan Links: MP3 sites, Labyrinth and the Simpsons!

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KAREN Justice



Karoline Doil

Anagram: A Red Lion Kilo


Berlin, Germany

Karoline's Page


Anagram - Italian Key
Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 10 - Free Angel
salamanda@geocities.comor beltane@edunet.ru

Moscow, Russia
Pets are a spaniel called Cherry, a dormouse Julia and a parrot George.
Occupation: PR
Birthday: Novemer 9, 1972 Marc has been the sunshine on my life for almost 10 years, favourite albums vary from day to day, now Unicorn is No. 1
Other hobbies: Music, games, languages
URL - http://welcome.to/marc.bolan
Or URL - www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Studio/4730


Kathleen Delk
Anagram: Mel Cleans the Ken
San Jose, California
Job: I am a legal assistant by day and study the law in the evening.
Birthday: April 25, 1967, Taurus
Fave Bolan LP: Beard of Stars
Fave Bolan Song: Once Upon the Seas of Abyssinia, or Blessed Wild Apple Girl.
Other Hobbies: listening to music, cruisin' in my little blue Honda del sol sans top, collecting records, working out / weight lifting, reading.
Favorite Bolan WWW URL's: I love them all - the more the better!
Favorite Non Bolan WWW URL's: www.queenzone.com, www.gaffa.org, www.treelore.com, www.thedent.com

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Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 9 - Find a little wood




Live-San Antonio, Texas USA




Anagram - rok eve cop

Name: Kev Cooper

Where you Live: Beverley, East Yorks, UK
Occupation: Learning Adviser
Birthday: 23rd April
Fave singles: 20th Century Boy, Children of Revolution,
Fave albums: T Rex (brown album), Zinc Alloy
How/when were you introduced to Marc: Ride A White Swan
Other Hobbies: Music in general, sci-fi & horror films, reading
Favourite Bolan Links: Till Dawn (natch), Natalie's Depth Charge (they're all special though).
Favourite Non Bolan Links: many relating to punk rock, white stripes, strokes, social sciences, horror films, I use E-bay a lot.

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Lin Aylward

"Electric Venus"

Vancouver, Canada


BIRTHDAY:†February 6th, 1960

FAVE SINGLES: Cosmic Dancer, Jeepster, Mambo Sun, Baby Strange, Rock On

FAVE ALBUMS:†Electric Warrior, The Slider

HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC:†1973 or 74. Reintroduced in 2003 by Dan-D bless him.

OTHER HOBBIES:†tabletop roleplaying games, skinnydipping, hiking, live music, NY Times crossword puzzles,†road trips, writing, boating.

WEBSITE: http://www.myspace.com/a_cautionary_tale

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Lin and Tony Visconti


Linda Alexandersen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Education: M.A./ Languages
Birthday: October 11, 1964
Princible Marc Bolan Interests:
The pre-1970 material and the sessions work Fave albums: The Beginning of Doves and Electric Warrior Fave tracks: The Third Degree, Salamanda Palaganda, Jewel, Thunderwing, Buick MacKane, All Alone
Fave Non-Bolan Site:http://www.kulashaker.co.uk

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Anagram: mucch ado lady

Lucy Machado
Porto Alegre, Brazil
ICQ number: 57838039
MSN Messenger: frankiefan@sulware.com.br
Yahoo Messenger: elementalchild75
Occupation: Layout artist
Birthday: January 24, 1979
I first heard of T.Rex in 1993 when Suede's Brett Anderson mentioned them as an influence, but I'd only get my hands on a T.Rex cd in 1999. Since then it has been nonstop Bolan in my life.
Other Hobbies: Movies, reading, browsing the web, playing The Sims, hanging out with friends
Fave Bolan lps: That depends on my mood. Right now my fave is Unicorn.
Fave Bolan URL: Till Dawn and VideoDrama
Personal Website: http://elementalchild.multiply.com and www.myspace.com/lucyd75

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Birthday:- 1 September 1959
Occupation- History Teacher
Wife- Celia
I have a Daughter- Sara (aged 8) and a stepson - Daniel (16 years old)
Address- Rua da Rochinha,17-C 9050 Funchal - Madeira Island - Portugal
Music Preferences- T. Rex, T. Rex, T.Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Kinks, Ramones, Leonard Cohen (yes, "Laughing Len"), Toy Dolls and Hank Williams...I know I'm a bit ecletic...contraditory...
Other interests- Movies (Marx Bros., Clint Eastwood, Monty Python), Football (soccer), Literature, WW I (yes I not II), Art History, Myths (ancient & modern)
Favourite Rex albums- T. Rex, The Slider, Electric Warrior, Futuristic Dragon (why not), Unicorn and all the others... (from My People to Dandy I love 'em all, from The Wizard to Celebrate Summer,from Mark to Marc,from Feld the little Hackney jewish lad to Bolan the self-titled Godfather Of Punk...)
Favourite 10 Rex songs- Lean Woman Blues, Main Man, Baby Boomerang, King Of The Rambling Spires, Dandy In The Underworld, Cosmic Dancer, Beltane Walk, Childe, Children Of The Revolution and She Was Born To Be My Unicorn
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LUIS Miguel Sousa de JESUS

Close up of Luis in the above pic!


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