Anagram - Dial von Rock
Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 22 - Till Dawn

tilldawners@hotmail.com or rexdal@yahoo.com

My Sites with Russ:
URL's - "Messing with the MYSTIC": http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~rthomas/rexdal/mystic.html
The Official Marc Bolan (T.O.M.B.) Resources: http://www.tilldawn.net/tomb.html
[videoDrama]Marc Bolan Lyrics: http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~rthomas/v/songindex-f.html
VideoDrama: http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~rthomas/v/videodrama.html

Non-Bolan fave sites:
The Devil in Sister George
Janis Joplin Kozmic Blues
Joplin's Estate- Official Site
Patti Smith's Babelogue
Bruce Springsteen's "Greasy Lake"

U.S.A. - A Transplanted N.Y.C. Boy to the more serene surroundings of Long Island, New Yawk (accent on Yawk'), Nassau County
** Recently my Dad -the word doesn't do him justice- my FRIEND !! passed awaye- No words will I saye here can convey what a gentle and kind man he was - proud of his Italian heritage and the most of all a loving and giving man. Five years have passed it could be 15 years I don't think I will ever be the same man I was with him out of my life -He is missed everydaye (click on 2nd pix of me and it will take you to a pix of me, dad & me Mum) Being a Christian Man I know he is embraced by all in "Paradise". Since his passing I have started to learn (through deep friendship's with Michel & my Brother) about learning to incorporate some more "Eastern" religions along with my "faith"

(back to who I am) Prior to this (move) I spent 3 years just getting to know myself better. Not an easy project, but it was well worth the time. I am divorced from a lovely woman named Melissa. Oh, the wildness of youth- and finding that one must be TRUE to oneself and not live a lie

Pets: -Oh my soft spot *Animals* the un-conditional love that we seek from others but rarely get- They truly are the connection I see and feel are x-amples of God's power & Love

Occupation: Unfortunately was in a very bad Job related accident & am now on Disability. To see me you would never know but (I do). I am still planning someday on re-opening a Record Store. Right now I am employed FULL Time running a mailing list called Till Dawn (have you heard of it) Promoting Marc, Boy George & Janis Joplin on the Net and helping many of my Bolan friends promote their projects as well as working on passing along rare Bolan tracks after the many years of us being "Ripped-Off"

Birthday: I was born a Leo/Virgo Cusp on August 22nd 1955 (still a 20th Century Boy)
Discovered Marc: I was a mere lad, age 13(?), when I was in a terrible funk due to a "Teenage Dream" -Love gone bad- When my two best friends came to visit me in my darkened (tongue-tombed) room... out of the blue they decided to bring me this LP by, at that time, an unknown band to most here. It was the first T-REX LP (Brown LP) They paid their visit and left. On my turntable the LP went...I remember I had seen them at the Fillmore but was not yet "Bolanfied"- no words could explain the sheer JOY these songs brought to me- they were a lifeline and I can honestly say my life would not be what it has been without Marc's songs, poetry etc.in it. It may sound silly but I feel Marc had a hand in making me the person I am today!

Fave Tracks: Thats a real tough one , as it changes from day to day But I will say that "Raw Ramp", "Ballrooms of Mars", "X-Mas Bop","Planet Queen",'Mambo Sun", "Till Dawn" & "Girl" & "The Visit" are always in my top ten....

Fave Bolan LP: I can honestly say that for fave LP/CD Is & always will be "T-REX" (Brown LP) has been that waye for over 30 years and I am sure will never change
Other hobbies etc: Well I do like a bit of sex from time to time (but a cuppa tea is just as nice -as Boy G. would saye). I enjoy Bike riding (mountain Bikes), Doing research work or P.R. work for new bands, Computers, thanks to MarcO becoming a soccer fan and gardening ... a real green thumb am I. Above all seeking a higher plane of spirituality within myself and the planet, Trees, and animals around me

*I have finally opened my heart to a new dog (after the passing of Cody)her name is "Token" after "Token of Love" . I must say unbiasedly she is the smartest dog I ever had, she is a total "frisbee Dog" I hope to enter her into a competition one daye. Well that is a bit dated now that she is 6 she still is my spiritual Dog mate also other creatures have found a place in my home

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Richard Bernardo Dalvano

Rick 'n' Cody

Token of my Love

Richard Bolan
Kent, England
OCCUPATION:Security officer/Marc Bolan fan.
FAVE ALBUMS: I don't have any fav albums, I love them All
HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC:Hmmmm, well I loved listening to the charts in the early 1970's, and Marc Bolan & T-Rex were always in the charts, at no 1 no 2 no 3 no 4, and so on, there music always sounded better then any of the other music in the charts, but it wasn't until 1996, that i started to collect Marc's Records.
OTHER HOBBIES: Playing Marc songs on my Guitar, playing video games, keeping fancy rats.
FAVOURITE BOLAN LINKS: All the links that lead to Marc Bolan.
FAVOURITE NON-BOLAN LINKS: Hmmm, i don't have any sorry.

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Milan, Italy
OCCUPATION: Consultant
BIRTHDAY: November 10
FAVE SINGLES: Metal Guru - Life's A Gas
FAVE ALBUMS: Electric Warrior - The Slider
HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC: Heard Hot Love on the radio in Italy back in 1971 and then saw his picture: it was love at first sight!
OTHER HOBBIES: Photography - Dance - Soccer - Cooking
FAVOURITE BOLAN LINKS: All the ones I could find

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Angram: No Hard Borrics
Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 15 - Monolith

England, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Linnie - wife in 11 days!, Lotty (aka Popsock Malooney) - black cat, Oscar (aka Oscar BamBoogie) - black and white cat. (Brother and Sister)
Occupation: New Media Producer, Full Time Dreamer
23rd July, 1972 (the day The Slider was released!)
Favourite Album - Electric Warrior
Favourite Track - Monolith
Favourite Non-Trex Album - Out of the Blue (ELO)
Other hobbies etc: Writing, drinking, smoking, dreaming.
Bolan-related WWW URL: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/5367/trex.html

ROBSTER (Rob Richardson)


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Anagram - Host Ass Rum

Currently living in U.K.
Birthday; October 16, 1957 Nationality: Welsh

(editors side note:) Rick Here, Russ is the dearest of friends as well as the man behind the idea and inspiration for the TILL DAWN list ------------------- I was 19 years old. It was September 16th 1977. Exactly one month later I was 20 years old.
At the tender age of 20 I'd already spent the best part of three years defending one of (if not THE) greatest lyrical geniuses of all time. Little did I know that I'd spend the next 19 years, floundering in a wilderness, preaching to the deaf, until I found(ed) the oasis we now hold so dear.

"Marc Bolan?" "T.REX???" "Are you insane??????"

Even "close friends", who in 1971/2 would have gladly sold their genitalia for a chance to meet Marc, dropped off like apples in the autumnal wind. "Come on, it's time to move on, he's a has been..."
As time went on, schooldays behind me, playing in my own band then later working at a "proper job", the occasions when I would need to defend Marc, or my appreciation of him, lessened. Of course they did.

There were times, however, times when my judgement was impaired, when I looked long and hard at what seemed an obsession. Peer pressure is understandably difficult for anyone to resist. But this was negative pressure. There were now no peers. A Bolanic desert, vast, impoverished, sterile and cold. I thought long and hard... Was this a waste? Or a manifestation of the Wasteland in which I found myself?

Honestly, my logic told me the former. My heart told me the latter. I guess it's the balancing act of the libran, to suffer the duality, this gift. I sated myself that I was lucky to have found such comfort from something so dear.
Over repeated new friendships "the truth" would emerge - that I, singer-songwriter-guitarist-storywriter-poet, computer programmer- compiler writer-hacker-web designer... was - SHOCK HORROR - a Marc Bolan fan. I liked ... well T.REX. The truth. That I actually owned his records, collected his sheetmusic, could quote his poetry, could quite happily move from Atom Heart Mother to Tanx, Fragile to Unicorn, and never lose a beat somehow upset people. The truth that I took him seriously, somehow, in their minds (and sometimes from their tongue) was as incomprehensible as #$%ER#B*&W#B%WDFSTR#$!!!!!!!

So I internalised. Marc Bolan's life's work became a part of me. My soul? possibly. My defenses of Marc, short, sincere - but short. But I never lost the faith. Not for a minute. Our greatest judge, test, is our own integrity. For all my failures, all my faults, I could not drop Marc and pretend he didn't - didn't STILL - talk to me so deeply, so fundamentally, ... it would be tantamount to turning my back on myself...

"it was as if he spoke to me like he were a friend."

Then, later, came the internet. Dave Reginold blew me away. I found HIS site and found that ALL THOSE MILES AWAY there was another fan... I got in touch and we swapped a few emails. I was astounded to discover his in-depth bio site on Marc. Astounded moreso because he was a yank! Marc never made it in America... surely? Shortly thereafter my own site went up, I joined the Slider mailing list... the usual route in those days.
don't expect a Bolan fan aged around 40...

don't expect a kid who in 68/69 was transported to Narnia and middle earth by Unicorn and Beard of Stars...

don't expect a guy who has spent not one day since 1977 in grief of one form or another...

Don't expect any trustee of the 20th Century Boy's legacy (for that is truly what it is, and surely what I and we are)...

to lie down, go along with the flow, keep the peace, offer no resistance, when what I'm being told is that what I think (and have thought for so long it seems forever) is wrong. It can't be. It just can't. I choose Marc. I choose Right. I choose Integrity. I choose.

URL - The TOMB http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~rthomas/TOMB.html
URL - The Hidden Riders of Tomorrow http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~rthomas/HROT.html
Russ's Liquid Gang Entry
Russ's Home Page http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~rthomas/
Russ's Lord of the Rings pages http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~rthomas/LOTR.html

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Anagram: Yet Rise For Life Jr

ICQ: 25387269

AIM: Sage2132

Yahoo Name: SageZero_420

URL: My Tapelist

Website: The Groover

Chicago, IL. USA

Birthday: June 8, 1971 - Gemini

The knowledge seeker: I've studied music theory, sound system design, acoustical engineering, and computer science. Presently I am spending most of my time learning about computer networking. I also dabble in a bit of web design when I get the time.

The musician: I once had a band called Three Dollar Bag. We recorded a CD called "Big Pile Of Bones". We broke up before it was released. The sad thing was that we had enough "new songs" to record at least two more albums. I think my greatest musical achievement recording that CD was the guitar solo on a song that I wrote called "Luck Of The Draw". We wanted to put a backwards guitar solo on it. So we played the basic tracks backwards through my headphones while I recorded four separate solos over it. Then we mixed the original "forward" basic tracks with the "layered" solos all flipped backwards. It came out really cool!

The collector: I'm an avid music collector - especially live concert tapes. I'm constantly seeking to expand my collection and am always open to trades. See tapelist link above.

Introduction to T Rex: In 1976, I discovered my father's 45 RPM single of Bang A Gong (Get It On) / Raw Ramp. I took it for my own and "borrowed" his friend's Electric Warrior" album. I've had both ever since! From there I graduated to The Slider and Tanx. My musical paths took me on a journey to many other musical styles and musicians over the years.

Favorite T Rex Album: Electric Warrior, The Slider, Tanx

Favorite Tracks: Thunderwing, Planet Queen, Rapids, Mambo Sun, The Motivator, Life's A Gas (yes... there are so many)

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ICQ Number:- 81830732

Name: Sammy (complete version - Samvyz Dicky)
Where you Live: St-Petersburg, Russia
Occupation: law - studying + working
Birthday: 22/11/81
Fave singles: agonizing question..
Fave albums: Unicorn + T.REX
How/when were you introduced to Marc : u'll read it on my site (when i'll finish it, gr-r-r)
Other Hobbies: bass guitar playing, collecting hippie clothes (old 'n real) 'n i like to bleat, bleat at people's feet ;o)
Sammy's website: http://hipsters.narod.ru/index.html
Favourite Bolan Links: Till Dawn, Messing With.., Info Page, Ruzz Thomas', Tony Visconti's site
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ICQ Number:- 6046498

I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
My boyfriends name is Ian, he too is a huge Bolan fan. We've been together for 4 years now.
I was born Oct. 18, 1979
I like all kinds of music, but mostly classic rock, modern, and ska.
Some of my other hobbies are painting, playing guitar, writting poetry & sketching.

Sasha's Art Pages: Out the Corner of your Mind
Or Full address: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/9726/

Fave Non-Bolan sites:
Rudenet(Ska related), , Online Ska, Portishead.

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Anagram:-Seabeasts drink cane

ICQ # - 55149138


My birthday is the 23rd of November, 1954

I have been a Marc Bolan fan since 1970.

I saw Marc live three times: In Copenhagen (Denmark) 1972; Lund (Sweden) 1973 and Hastings (England) 1975.

My favourite albums are (if I have to pick three) : T.Rex, Electric Warrior and Zinc Alloy

My favourite singles are (if I have to pick three): Hot love, Metal Guru, Teenage Dream

I know a few other T.Rex fans here in Sweden.


Anagram - Mens Oily Slam
Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 11 - Down Home Lady

ICQ Number:- 10899920

UK, Nottingham
Partner: John, partner of 18 years

Nine dogs (Ivy, Dennis, Nobby, Horace, Fanny, Betty, Beryl, Pansy, Peach) 2 cats (Babs & Squeaky)

Occupation: Sex god

Birthday: March 30,1962

Fave track at the moment : 'Raw Ramp'

Fave LP at the moment 'Bolan's Zip Gun'

Got into Marc aged 8 in 1970, saw 'Hot Love' on Top Of The Pops and was hooked forever.
Other hobbies etc: Sex, drugs and sex and drugs. Oh, and rock 'n' roll.

Non-bolan URL: nearly done it.......

The Giddy Rarn Childe

Anagram: Wets 'm Clean

ICQ Number:- 14300760

Canada, Calgary, Alberta,
Birthday: 16th September 1956

Occupation: Work? - ugg let's just say i'm a Civil Servant in communications haha

Favorite T.rex album TANX and Alt Left Hand Luke

Favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex album: Unicorn

Favorite pastime: listening to and playing music and playing Hockey. Favorite drink: BEER. Favorite food: FOOD.

Favorite people of all time Marc Bolan , Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Brain Jones, Hank Williams Sr, The Jazz players from the 20's and 30's [Johnny Dodds, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Rogers], Paul Robeson, All the Tiller's on TillDawn, and of course my cat JR.

Family: married to Audrey, pet's JR and Peepster the cats, Theo and Louie the dogs, Torchie the horse, and about 20 fish with no names.
Toy's ? not enough?

Girlfriends, can't say wife might read this.

Favorite T.V. channel TCM [Turner Classic Movies]. Favorite T.V. show Upstairs Downstairs.

Favorite computer HALjr [there happy now]-But finally now have a rip roaring new PC

Out look on Life, would like to retire at 50 and live in the UK.

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Stew's web site:- www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Theater/3104/

STEWART Mclean Nick-name:- Romany Stew

Susanne Parks
Anagram - Susans Run Peak

WHERE YOU LIVE: Fantasy Island- no, Walmer by the sea really!
OCCUPATION: Office worker
BIRTHDAY: 9th Nov-42 years young!!! (2002)
FAVE SINGLES: RAWS, Jeepster, Metal Guru
FAVE ALBUMS: Unicorn, Slider & Dandy
HOW/WHEN INTRODUCED TO MARC: Heard RAWS blasting thru the radio
OTHER HOBBIES: My cats, gardening, collecting antiques & making mosaics
FAVOURITE BOLAN LINKS: Yahoo! club sites, Natalie MacDonald & T.Rextasy fan club site.
FAVOURITE NON-BOLAN LINKS: Too many to mention!

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Sverre is an ancient Norwegian king name
Anagram -

I live in Narvik, Norway.

Im married and have 3 children. My wife likes T.Rex a lot, but I'm the "crazy" one.
Birthday: - October 3rd 1959

I bought Best of T.Rex and Best of Tyrannosaurus Rex from a friend when I was 13-14 years old. Ive been a Bolan fan since then. Now Im 42.

Through the years, Marc has always been there with his great lyrics and amazing songs.
Favourite album? I love them all, only Bolans Zip Gun gives me problems. I think Till Dawn is a little jewel, a little masterpiece.

My oldest son Magnus (an ancient Norwegian king name too) - age 16, likes Telegram Sam, Metal Guru, Dandy..., and Celebrate Summer.

Pictures (right): Sverre with the 2 guys from REM Peter Buck (in White) and Mike Mills.

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Anagram - Jars Dry Me

Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 16 - Chariot Choogle


North Australia (but a Brit really)

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Syd & Marc

Anagram - Affirms Gravy Lag

Tiller CD Choice: Track No. 14 - Metal Guru


URL - http://home.t-online.de/home/Sylvia.Marggraff/marcneu.htm


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