Gerry's Momories

Cosmic Gerry's Memories

I really enjoyed the stories, and my imagination was really fired-up by the descriptions, so I felt like I was there.
I never met Marc as I was only 14 years old when he died, but Christmas ă73 I sent Marc a hand made Christmas card.
He never sent me one back!

I did write a second time to him and thatăs a bit of a strange story though.
Knowing Marc was in Manchester, I had a brainwave one evening while doing my homework.
Marc visits Granada TV to record his shows, Iăll send him a letter, tell him how wonderful Dandy is and if needed someone to run his fan club he could count on me to do that for him.
I even had a stamp, and draught no.2 was posted.

On the morning of September 16th I woke up with the strangest feeling in the pit of my stomach, but couldnăt identify it.
When I went down for breakfast Radio 1 was playing Get It On and it sparked a notion in my head, which grew larger when Get It On ran into Hot Love. I knew then what that feeling was.
I sat eating my Frosties dreading the end of the song, and then it came on the 8.30 news.
My Mum even let a shriek out, but I was in shock. I shovelled the rest of my breakfast in my mouth and went upstairs to get my books for the day.
I met my sister and managed to speak and tell her the news.
She didnăt believe it of course, but went downstairs to check.
I was alone and my head was spinning.
Just couldnăt take it in.
I didnăt speak again, put my blazer on and left with my sister for school.
The bus stop for school was just across the road, and when I came out of the house, all eyes were on me, as my love of T.Rex was no secret.
My sister asked me something about Marc, and that broke the damn, the tears flooded out and I turned around and sobbed my way back to the house.
My Mum was shocked that I was so upset, and tried to reason briefly with the "He was only a pop star" school of thought.
I couldnăt tell her he was a universe of his own, and she let me take the day off school.
I tried to sleep again but couldnăt.
I got out a scrap book and looked at the pictures, still in a state of deep shock.

After a few hours I put on some of Marcăs music and just silently let the tears flow. When I played Celebrate Summer I had to take it off, it was too much.

I watched all the news programmes that day just to see Marc.
It was always an event for me when he was on T.V. Top Of The Pops when T.Rex were in the charts was the entire focus of the week , and when he was on, the energy shooting through me was the best buzz Iăd ever had in my life.
The Supersonic shows were another feel, a different Marc.
So seeing clips of him on the news was a different energy.
Here he was just the way Iăd always seen him, on T.V. but knowing that that energy source was off on another trail was so painful.
The day was like no other.
Everywhere I went there seemed to be a radio, Marc was being played and the D.Jăs were talking about the great loss of the very colourful Marc Bolan.

About a week later a package arrived for me.
When I opened it there was a 10 x 8 black and white photo of Marc and David Bowie taken in the studio, and a letter from Sally Pethibridge, Muriel Youngăs secretary.
She said the letter had arrived on the morning of Marcăs death, and everyone at the studio had been stunned by the news.
She said the photo was one of what she thought was amongst the happiest days of his life.
I guess she was watching the show in progress.

I was so thrilled, and wrote the same day to say thank-you, sent photographic paper and asked her to get the photographer of the pictures to print me some more! (young and silly).
But that letter was also replied to, my photo graphic paper was returned un-opened and there were four more big black and white photos.
Theyăre prized now!

Well, if that depressed any of you that was not the intention.

It does have a happy ending though!

Cosmic Love

Gerry (*)