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Karen's Poem

The tree of tranquility

I never understood you, you confused me,
You took a life, it saddened me,
I never met you, I never wanted to,
My starbrowed brother, he met you once,

Over the years I mellowed, You beckoned me,
You wanted understanding, I gave it you,
You didn't take his life, your spirit simply embraced him,
You needed forgiveness, I gave it you,

You opened my eyes, we connected,
I hugged you, your bark openly wept,
You're slowly dying, I'm here to comfort you,
We forged an understanding, let me take care of you,

We tidied you up, your beauty shone through,
We planted some flowers, you smiled at us,
Your tranquility hit me, oh tree of tranquility,
Who will love you, when we are gone.

Karen (Torchgirl of the marshes)