It is very difficult to try to express what one feels when arriving at the
TREE. I had seen so many pictures; I had meditate on the Tree for so long
and I even cherish one of its leaf (thanks to David Do)... and there I was,
finally... This was where IT did happen; where Marc had left our material

I could touch the Tree and finally feel the flow of life and the pain of the
Tree as it is really dying. (Fee and Barry were able to put a whole arm
inside it from a hole at its foot.)

I wasn't sad about Marc as one can feel he still lives with us through his
legacy and his loving fans from all over the world. And I was with the Tillers
also Barry and Sue, and Caroline Feld. I was sad
because the Tree is also leaving its body. It reminded me of Marc's song on

"Visitations now are scarce, winter life is lonely
  Now winter life is lonely
  Temples that are bleak and bleached
  Are bleached up on the highway
  God of truth returned just once
  And made my prison homely
  Don't make my life so lonely..."

Nevertheless, I felt at peace at the Tree for it is in line with the eternal
cycle of life and death. And nature has a special way of softening this
inevitable fate. The Tree has fulfilled its duty, its mission... and time
has come for a change "but change is a monster and changing is hard..."

As for me, from now on, I will definitely go and pay a visit everytime I
will be in England.

    Michel Mouse........