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Well after much prodding -I have finally forced The Ruzz to transfer his version of "Spaceball Richocet" to the Real Audio format.
For those that don't know - Russ had started (and hopefully will complete) a Tape/CD of Bolan songs -It was/will be either a collection of songs or, if he gets the time...  "Rarn, A Personal Perspective"
I feel honoured that Russ allowed me to hear his rendition of Rarn -If I say it was Brilliant would I be Biased ? well of course I would. Even with my bias I would not say it was anything I didn't feel it truly was.  Ok... so what follows is just one track-granted a song we all love (from all Tiller polls) but it is especially important to me for personal reasons.

I hope you enjoy hearing it. From a man that is my dearest friend and has almost as much of an impact on my life as Marc had. I learned to trust from this man - that should say all that needs to about our friendship.

Oh yeah, did I mention he had a hand in the formation of the Till Dawn list? ;-)

    "I know I'm small but I enjoy living anyway"


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