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Our List has tried to keep the intimacy we started with, not an easy task when you start getting involved in various projects. In keeping with our original idea of what makes a good list in future we will be focusing more on smaller "List minded" projects. We will keep the Tillers & others up to date with them as they progress *Look for the "Bolan/Bowie", "Tribute" & "Macumba" CD's.Below is our "original" idea to start tidying up the tree area -sadly one of the Bolan Monsters out there found a way to snatch it from us when we weren't looking Like she did with The Original Steve Took Society run by Susan Hibbard until FXX decided to snacth that awaye from her too (as well all keep saying "KARMA BABY" (can be a bitch) ;-) ===============================================
Still our most important achievement has to to do with an idea by our very own Karen O"Reilly that has now grown beyond all expectations.. What started out as just a mention in a post turned into a touching and brilliant idea. After a bunch of Tillers met on September 16th 1998 at the Tree-and had a joyful time- there were some mention of the state of the trees and surrounding property. There was a collection put together to buy some new bulbs to plant around the Tree, they were planted and this Spring beautiful flowers bloomed to make Marc's final place a little prettier. This will be a yearly event


My name is Nick Harding, I am a journalist working in Barnes and have seen a few e-mails from fans concerned about the state of the tree.
I am interested in lobbying the local council with a view to getting a preservation order on the tree. The more fans that e-mail with their
views and concerns, the better the chances.

Contact me at or on 0181 943 5171.


A personal thanks to all the Tillers involved with this project. Words can not express the joy this has given me. I applaud all the people on the Till Dawn Mailing List. Each one of them is part of this joyful event. It is through their Donatations, generous spirit and kindness on the list that a project like this was able to become a reality. We wanted a community minded list, we succeeded far past my expectations.
Like I wrote in the intro to the list "a small Oasis for True Bolan Fans"

Read the printed news story:

GLAM-rock, planting bulbs and chatting on the Internet are not the most obvious bed fellows. But for fans of the rock legend, poet and singer, Marc Bolan, who died 1977, a commemorative tree in Barnes marked the chosen site to plant flowers in his memory on Sunday. Pilgrims to Queens Ride were supported by Marc Bolan followers from countries as diverse as Canada, U.S.A., Norway, Sweden and Spain, who learned of the tribute to the former T.Rex musician via the internet web site TILL DAWN ORGANIZATION. Jim Ryder, a dedicated fan, said, "Following the yearly gathering on September 16th at the Tree in Barnes to commemorate his tragic death, fans from TILL DAWN noticed this this place could be properly maintained and decorated with flowers to make it a respectful site for pilgrims from around the world."


Two members went for a Bolan Run (hitting some of the Bolan sites near and dear to them & us). During that day Wednesday, January 13th. They made a stop to see the "Tree" and see if there was any (hopefully growth not vandalizim) with our Bulbs.
To my amazement here is the proof some bulbs have broken thru, I'd like to think it is the magic of Marc that has given them their strength.

Ricks stick by the memorial The secong big surprise was that the  "Planting Stick for Rickster"   had been pulled out - but was put back and is now standing tall. Shame that not all the visitors to the "tree" could leave it undisturbed. New pictures will be put from time to time. Also this will be a yearly event.

Once again tanx to all that helped from the Till Dawn list.