Tiller T-Shirts

I am proud to announce (after many designs being submitted) work has finished on the 2nd Tillers T-Shirt. The first shirt 1996 was designed beautifully by Debs, Micah & Ruzz and is styled after the T-Rex singles label Logo. See picture

What could be better then a REX-MAS T-Shirt for our second one.

Trying to stay on top of the now many T-shirts we have designed -one a year I think- will try to get a scan of the lovely one from 2002 (designed by MarcR) , We are already up to "Tiller T-Shirt" for 2003 and it is Lovely WE changed the words from this back picture to "Once there was a Time etc" as the gang get their shirts for the Bops I will get a pix up The Front of 2003 Shirt is the EW cover as well MarcR (Regan) designed a Bandanna and Hat See picture of back- The bandanna is a real treat

What will 2004 bring ??

Rex-mas 1998 The lovely design (pictured top left and modelled by our Simes) was a collaboration between the ever dedicated Debora, Michel Mouse & Jim. We want to thank everyone for another success & Debb's is already planing shirt number three

Soon . . ."Everybody was doin' the Christmas Bop that year"


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