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The  "Tillers" Web site. The pride and joy of our list. This page is basically a "summery" of Till Dawn. Most of the info on this page can be found in more detail in the index links.
With lots of Marc Bolan information, along with up to date info on our projects and special pieces contributed by our members (a beautiful) Till Dawn ODE  written by Sverre )   the Tiller Directory where you can meet some of the members with their pictures and personal information. and many links to current Bolan happenings.

In the time we've been together - we celebrated our 2 1/2 year anniversary in June 99 - Till Dawn has become a really special place, a nice little community. We have already in just this short time, created two beautiful Till Dawn T-Shirt's, lovingly designed by our very own Debora, Russ & Micah (now a collectors item!), a "Tillers Choice" CD (yet another collectors item!) Were the main promoters on the net for the "Beltane" CD, Had several Tiller Gatherings, By our Dear Karens post regarding the state of the Tree have started in motion a Bolan wide movement to keep and maintain the area around the Barnes Tree in the manner it deserves, What started as our simple "Bulp/Flower" project by us has now taken on a life of its own, and on the web we have chat rooms, a BBS and of course this the Till Dawn Website!

We are also in the thinking stages for a Tillers Scrapbook, The Tiller-Rex tribute CD, a Tiller suprise CD & hopefully another CD of rare tracks.   We are proud of the successful  Rex-Mas T-shirt beautifully done by Debora her son Daniel with input from other Tillers and hope to make this a yearly item

Besides our personal joy in our project (bulbs), it also made the newspapers. We are now hard at work on adding to the "Tiller-Rex" CD. A few Bolan songs covered by members of the list. What may very well be a first - a List that circulated a tape around to its members with each musician adding their instrument. Three tracks were already produced by guitarist Cliff Rubin from " Sky blues " fame.

The "Tiller-Rex Band" completed three fantastic cover songs of Marcs: Raw Ramp, Rip-Off and  Lofty Skies. For a quick sample of them in real audio here is a link: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Theater/3104/
Also follow the link on the left to "T-Rex Sound Files" for more The CD will be available very soon - we have held up the release so we can add more tracks and involve more Tillers in the project - Also we don't want to give to
much info out right now,Lets just say we have another treat where you will hear Marc as you have NEVER heard him before live and intimate.

The most wonderful of all the projects we were lucky enough to be involved in, is the work  by MICHEL LAVERDIERE, the Artistic Director and Executive Producer of the most brilliant CD " BELTANE A MUSICAL FANTASY " For a limited time the price is only $14.00 American Dollars (inludes shipping)....the ordering info can be found by contacting  Rick.  We have a wonderful and a magical CD here and only a man like Michel who was touched by Marc's music, like we were, could have given it its life. This wasn't a job; this truly was a "labor of love" Michels only goal was to further Marcs audience and to bring "Marc into many more hearts" Hearts that might never have heard of him if not for this CD.
The CD has been given the stamp of approval by -the man behind the boards - Tony Visconti . Read the fax which Tony sent Michel praising Beltane. T.V's fax. Also, read Barry Smiths  review -  (Electric Boogie fanzine),  and the  Bolan Society   review on Beltane...A Musical Fantasy

bulbs1.jpg (29747 bytes)The Flowers started by Karen O'Reilly's post regarding the state of the "Tree" There was a collection made on the list and then several U.K.Tillers went and planted aprox 1100 bulbs around the "Tree" at Barnes... 

**  "The Perfumed Garden of  Tillers" **

sad to see them mourning you. . .

photo's by Dave Holtom


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So as you can see this is not a passive mailing list. We move at our own pace in this way we don't lose sight of having a "Bit O' Boley" fun while doing it.Hopefully our deeds with help "Keep Marc Alive in a few hearts"