Tillers Place a Wreath

Granted this was done by the Till Dawn Gang but we hope everyone that visits our site can share in the joy and good vibes created by this gesture.

I had an idea when Karen mentioned she would be going to
the "Tree" last Sunday. To use some Tiller funds and have a wreath made.

It would be in keeping with Karen's original idea of
planting the Bulbs; tidying up the Tree area
(which has now snowballed into a growing Bolan community event)

Initially I/we wanted to have flowers (white carnations)
spelling out the words "TILLERS" or "TILL DAWN"
sadly it was way too expensive - it would have been nice but this was
more of "the thought that counts" not lets break the bank ;-)

As you can see I think it worked out just fine !!!
Karen and I poured over various designs from the Interfloral Site, and
this was chosen by Karen and a great choice it was -

We made the arrangements to have the flowers/Wreath delivered
to Karen & Ste's hotel while they were in London for the Aerosmith concert
so they wouldn't have to carry it with them and so it would be nice and fresh
for the Sunday.

Karen & Ste brought with them all the love of the Tillers as they placed the wreath on Marc's Memorial Stone - I hope this picture and the beautiful flowers help all of us that can't be there feel a bit connected........

Thank you Karen, Ste & David Do (for his enthusiasm & sorting out from the Fund the money end of things.)

Love, Rickster & all the Tillers