Beyond The Rising Sun (LP 84 UK.  Curious compilation of John’s Children, Bolan overdubs and ‘The Wizard’ 7”)


This is a two LP set (in a single flipback sleeve) from UK independent budget label 'Cambra' released in 1984.  According to the blurb on the cover it's a mixture of Bolan period John's Children mixed with pure pre-Rex Bolan.  In fact it is a strange mixture of the complete 'You Scare Me to Death' set (i.e. the demo’s recorded by Simon Napier Bell and later overdubbed) and Bolan free John's Children.  All but one John’s Children track is 'live', probably from 'Smashed Blocked', and none credit Boley as a composer.  The not live track is ‘Strange Affair’, an early attempt at psychedelia, and Marc is nowhere to be heard.  If that wasn’t enough, there is an unaccredited track and the running order on the sleeve does not match that actually on the disc.


I really don't recommend this at all.


However, there are two gems and an interesting picture to make it moderately worthwhile, if you don’t already own or don’t mind another copy of ‘You Scare Me to Death’ and/or ‘Smashed Blocked’.  They are the single version of the 'Wizard' and its b-side 'Beyond The Rising Sun' (different from the ‘Beginning of Doves’ version) and a floating heads type PR shot (maybe a record cover) of John’s Children with Bolan. 


On the B-side of the Cherry Red 1982 single reissue of ‘The Wizard’ was the original 'Beyond The Rising Sun' followed by ‘Rings of Fortune’ from the ‘Beginning of Doves’ album.  It’s the same here, but not mentioned on the sleeve and with no gap between the tracks on the record.  The 7” ‘Wizard’ is different from the ‘T.Rex’ album version and perhaps preferable if you like your Bolan short and to the point.  I have known lovers come and go, governments fall and seasons pass while Boley continues to chirrup 'he was a wizard a wizard he was' from the ‘T.Rex’ Brown album. 


Track list: (in no particular order)

The Wizard, Beyond the Rising Sun, Rings of Fortune, (Marc Bolan tracks);

You Scare me to Death, You’ve Got the Power, Eastern Spell, Charlie, I’m Weird, Hippy Gumbo, Mustang Ford, Observations, Jasmine ’49, Cat Black, Black and White Incident, The Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith, (‘You Scare Me to Death’ overdubs set);

Just What you Want – Just What You’ll Get, Cold On Me, Smashed Blocked, Not the Sort of Girl, Jagged Time Lapse, Killer Ben, Let Me Know, You’re a Nothing, Leave Me Alone, Strange Affair, (John’s Children tracks).


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