Solid Gold Easy Action  (UK, 1987, 2 cassette pack in picture card box from ultra budget label Ditto)


Little more than a quick run through of some minor T.Rex hits (only four are top twenty), B-sides and album cuts. 

It runs together easily enough but this is not a soul shaking sequence.  A good supply of 7” only tracks (marked *) made this a bit better than ordinary at the time, although there is a familiar domination by the ‘Slider’ and ‘Dandy’ albums.

There’s a certain curiosity value in that ‘Solid Gold Easy Action’ dates from before CDs really took off in the UK, so it could have been mastered, possibly, from analogue tapes – not the ‘Demonised’ digital versions that prevail nowadays.


Fifty-word blurb on the outer box is all you get for notes, but at least the tracks are P dated. 

Never meant for the serious fan, more like the ‘play and put away’ long distance driver.

For the KraZy Kollecta only.


Track List

Solid Gold Easy Action *                               Zip Gun Boogie

Jitterbug Love *                                            Chariot Choogle

(Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay *                   Sunken Rags *

Solid Baby *                                                 Tame My Tiger *

Free Angel *                                                 Main Man

Truck On (Tyke) *                                         Laser Love *

Born to Boogie                                               I Love to Boogie

Shock Rock                                                   Groove a Little

Life’s an Elevator *                                       Crimson Moon

Venus Loon                                                    Baby Strange

Jason B. Sad                                                 Chrome Sitar

The Groover *                                               Dandy in the Underworld (single version) *

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