T.Rexstasy The Best of 70'- 73'(LP, US, 1985. An excellently packaged greatest hits package from Reprise, Marcís US label)

The ONLY release that Reprise did as a hits package for Marc. Although this is not another "Bolan Boogie", there are no Tyrannosaurus Rex tracks, still there is a sense of love and care. It is a well-sequenced and well-packaged LP.

There is a very nice inner sleeve (paper) that includes on one side a complete listing of the various members who played on all the tracks and other pertinate information witha lovely studio shot of Marc . I use this picture on the Till Dawn site "WHAT'S UP/New" section. On the other side there is a section called "The Music of T.Rextasy" which gives release date and/or interesting facts for every song on the LP. Including a whole explanation on Marc's mythology starting with with the inclusion (a real surprise) of sections from 'Children of Rarn' to open and close the LP.Somewhat "Bolanic"

The back cover has wonderful liner notes by Jim Bickhard (a nice place for them at a time when people could actually read LP covers before buying).

A reason I have such a soft spot for this release is that it came out at a time (1985) when the only new Marc records available in the U.S.A. were imported. Once while on my weekly quest for anything new I walk into a shop and see this LP being reasonably promoted by Warner Brothers (W.E.A).and the store itself, placed on what is known in retail as a "high traffic butt end disply"

Most of my enthusiasm for this LP comes from the fact that Reprise Records finally recognized Marc in a strong way, especially at a time when it was still "Marc who ? (soon to change 2 years later -to some degree- with the band "Power Station's" hit of "Get it On". This is just a killer compilation to come out of the U.S.A.- IMHO.

Track List:

Children of Rarn (intro)
Ride a White Swan
Hot Love (full version)
Summertime Blues
Raw Ramp
Get it On

[side two]:
Telegram Sam
Solid Gold Easy Action
Born to Boogie
20th Century Boy
Children of Rarn (Reprise)

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