The Very Best Of…

Teenage Dream. (LP 87,CD, ’89, UK.  A separate but matching pair providing all the ’72 onwards A’s and most of the B’s)


These two titles from the eighties were released on UK budget label Pickwick, licensed from Marc on Wax.  Originally appearing as LPs they were re-issued on CD in the late 80’s with some changes. 


All the A-sides from 72-78, three extra ‘Slider’ tracks and ‘To Know You is to Love You’ make a reasonable deal for the informed Bolan singles fan.  Given the attempt at a complete collection of the T.REX label era singles the absence of all but one album track B-sides and some B-side only tracks will annoy the more advanced collector.  There is no ‘Xmas Jingle’ before ‘Born to Boogie’, and no ‘Free Angel’, “Sitting Here’ or ‘Life’s an Elevator’. 


The differences between CD and LP occur mostly on ‘The Very Best of…’ which has extra tracks on the CD, a changed running order and a very different cover.  The LP had a good live photo but the CD was recovered with a publicity still.  The extra tracks are ‘Jason B. Sad’, ‘Crimson Moon’, ‘Tame my Tiger’ and ‘Metal Guru Remix’ (merely re-recorded Bill Legend drums), the CD version of ‘Think Zinc’ is another remix but not credited as such.  The LP but not the CD refers to ‘Vol.1’.  ‘Teenage Dream’ by comparison only boasts the album version of the title track not the 7” edit on the LP.


Coming from a time when it was an uphill struggle to attract interest to the Bolan catalogue, these discs probably did not enjoy a long life in the shops and may be difficult to track down twelve or more years on.  For those of us who believe the Demon CDs sound different in some way to the original vinyl there may be interest in these discs being non-Demon mastered.  In the end though, apart from their rarity, they are nothing special and provide nothing not since done better. 

Not very informative ‘hack’ notes finish off an unrewarding pair of discs.


Track list: in CD running order.

The Very Best Of …      Teenage Dream

Metal Guru                                               Teenage Dream

Children of the Revolution        Dreamy Lady

20th Century Boy        The Slider

Truck On (Tyke)        Laser Love

Light of Love                                            Celebrate Summer

New York City                                          The Soul of my Suit

London Boys                                             Satisfaction Pony

To Know You is to Love You        I Love to Boogie

Dandy in the Underworld [7” version]        The Groover

Crimson Moon                                           Born to Boogie

Lady                                                         Jitterbug Love

Sunken Rags                                             Solid Gold Easy Action

Midnight                                                   Thunderwing

Jason B. Sad                                            Zip Gun Boogie

Tame My Tiger                                         Mainman

Spaceball Ricochet        Telegram Sam


Think Zinc [uncredited remix on CD]

Ride My Wheels

Metal Guru (remix)


Thanks to the Big Paw of Rabbit for his help in identifying the differences between LP and CD.

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