Paul McCartney and John Lennon openly give their support...

Side Note:This is a French article (translation is mine) published in March 1972 in a French-Canadian pop newspaper called Photo-Vedettes. I became friend with this guy, Michel Goodwill, later on as I came to write for the same newspaper. And we met Marc together, later on in September for The Slider Tour.
I found this on October 14 during the Beatles Convention in Montreal. -Michel L.

Few months ago, T.Rex came to conquer the United States. Unfortunately, it didn't really happen and the reactions were not
very enthusiastic. God knows that if a group merits to attain international recognition, it must be T.Rex... THE BEATLES

At the present time, T.Rex is loved and famous all over Europe and to give you an idea of their fame, they were the main act
in a concert where Rod Stewart and The Who were also billed. And that's being hot!

They are famous in Germany, in Italy, in Scandinavia and their records sell like hot cakes. Their concerts are all sold-out because they have a unique sound in this world of pop music. And this is due to Marc Bolan's talent, leader, author and composer of T.Rex. The singer is a very prolific composer and Marc Bolan is a pure mystic.

Moreover, even The Beatles praise T.Rex and claim Marc Bolan to be their legitimate successor.


An unknown artist, for us 'Americans', would be The Beatles' successor? If this sounds strange to you, go and lend an ear to Unicorn or to their latest release, Electric Warrior, and you will understand why John Lennon and Paul McCartney agree (for once) to say that T.Rex will be the next superstars.

Paul McCartney: "T.Rex and Marc Bolan are my favourite artists. They are the only British group I like because they really prove above all to be original. I must admit that I preferred Marc Bolan during his acoustic period, nevertheless, his electric albums are wonderful. Bolan is the only British singer who can follow the Beatles' success in America."


John Lennon: "In today's pop music, there are only two things that interest me: rock 'n' roll and avant-garde poetry. Only one group today is of interest to me, Marc Bolan and T.Rex. He is the only one who has excited me and I look forward to meet him again. His music is good rock 'n' roll; it has good beat and it really swings. But it is mainly his lyrics that amaze me. His way of writing is new and I have never read lyrics as funny and as real as his. Apart from few American exceptions,
Marc Bolan is the only one that has caught my attention and I believe his mythology is real as well. He will release a book of poetry in the near future and I look forward to read it again and again. Marc Bolan is the only one who can succeed to The Beatles."


In light of these declarations, how come T.Rex haven't made it yet in the US? Have The Beatles lost their flair? I don't think

Michel Goodwill, Photo-Vedettes, March 1972

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