Marc Bolan -Live Radio Concert BBC 1
                        Stage Patter - "DOVE"

While listening to this CD one of the few Live radio shows from Marc's
"Tyrannosaurus Rex" days I was taken by this in between song stage patter from Marc.
Marc always seemed to keep his song intro's quite brief, yet here I think he was trying to
get across his quest for spirituality in this intro to "Dove"
     Some of his thoughts seem disjointed yet I feel his meaning is clear.

This wonderful Cd has "Liner Notes" by Mark Paytress who once again does a brilliant job of
mixing some facts with the good vibes that Marc gave all of us.

I won't write the entire notes but heres is a bit about the concert itself.
"Live Tyrannosaurus Rex recordings are preciously rare. Even ardent  enthusiats who trawl the worlds bootleg stalls have rarely turned uo such material and when they do, it's almost certainly an audience recording made on a primitive cassette player thats virtually unlistenable.
Thanksfully the BBC radio archive, eratic as iut sometimes proved to be, still held on to this priceless slice of Marc Bolan history, recorded on New Years day 1970."

        It is a magical recording ...

Marc, GOD & Dove

             "People now-a-days anyway seem to be very huuuuummmmm when their asked about GOD Head or how they feel about GOD or any deep emotions. They seem to  get, you know, theres no direction and also very straight people alsways say -show me! You know "where" Like they want someone to hang out of the sky.
The only way I can think of anyway to do with GOD is LOVE really. To relate that, if you really like someone and you see them once and perhaps you see them again. Theres a very strange feeling right inside you, theres no word for that. You're just a chemical matter and theres nothing inside you that lights up its like your soul. And that one way of expressing the universal thing which is all around us which is putting this show on the air and keeping John Lennon doing what he did that other night, which is lovely
  and what I wanted to say really about "Dove" is a love song and I don't write many love songs....
                It's a nice love song ..........  "


Tyrannosaurus Rex -"Dove" 3:20(RealAudio)

Enjoy for youself this beautiful recording along with the intro written above.

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