David Bowie
       "Storytellers" VH1 October 18, 1999

Bowie put on quite an impressive "Storytellers" show
One of the best I've seen. He seemed calm natural and relaxed with the audience.**Update ** After "5 Years" I have now added the song "Life on Mars" that includes the whole Bowie story on meeting Marc, check the "What's New link (March 2005)....Sounds a bit "too quaint" -Imho- I never heard Bowie ever use this meeting is an interview before.
Marc has entered the world of "The Sc-Fi rumours of Marc's Legacy" Tony V asked me to help stop this and my mission has been to do so. I agree that many of the first hand accounts that are talked about now are 30 + years Old and in the mists of time I think in an un-intentional waye the stories are now laced with feelings more that Facts
From the opening song "Life on Mars" I knew this was going to be the "mixed bag" of songs
as the P.R. claimed it would be from there he followed with a re-working of "Word on a Wing"

  • * Bowie - "Speaks on Meeting Marc Video (at end of "Mars" track)

    March 14th

    From the 1999 show FINALLY a video Clip of Bowie with the chat about meeting Marc but now hear for yourselves

    ....... within minutes /seconds of finishing his first song David went right into a story about Marc Bolan. A fun story of an innocent time they shared?  (Their first meeting) I couldn't help my mind from racing ahead to what song this story would lead into -It HAS to be "Lady Stardust".... no it was a small chorus of "Reble Reble" - a minor complaint more than compensated by hearing of Marc and Davids first meeting.

    Thanks for sharing this story with us David       

    David speaking

    I can tell you about the time I first met MARC BOLAN, who became a very, very good friend of mine.

    We actually met very early on in the 60's before either of us were even a tad pole known.
    We were just two nothing kids with huge ambitions.

    We both had the same manager at the time and we met each other firstly painting the wall of our than managers office.

    -- David then recounts the meeting with a "slight" attempt at Marc's voice--

    David       E'llo who are you ?

    Marc       I'm Marc man

    David     Oh what do you do

    Marc       I'm a singer

    David     Oh yeah so am I. Are you a mod ?

    Marc       Yeah, I'm the "King Mod" .....Your shoes are crap!

    David       Well your short !!!

        (Back to the story)

    So we became really close friends.
    Marc took me dustbin shopping. At that time Carnaby Street, the Fashion District was going
    through a period of incrediable wealth. Rather than replace buttons on thier shirts or zippers on thier trousers at the end of the day they'ed just throw it all away.

    So we use to go up and down carnaby street, this is prior to Kings Road, and go through all the dustbins around 9:00 or 10:00 O'clock at night and get our wardrobes together.
       Thats how life was ........you see!

                  Thanks David

    "Hey lets do it like we're friends ...Let do it , do it"



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