A Creamed Cage In August

Warring tribes rule the subways and the city streets, The Leopards,The Mighty Slugs, The Psychedelic mailmen ............ but it's a teenage night and the Vampires are right! They have sickness in society, just sickness, but a change is comin', you'd better run when the angels from the heavens meet the angels from the earth.

The curfew comes at the crack of night,and you take to the shadows in the alley at midnight, the Meathawk Immaculate stalks the streets and the night games begin. It's a teenage night. The Liquid gang will win again, and there will be bloodshed.The metal clad rocker gets bent teeth.

Carsmile Smith lies dead in a gutter, thin faced Sally was tired of cats! Bessy stood by the side of his grave and hung her hand into a knot of grief. Greasy Gert lead her away, "Don't take the hand of The Liquid gang"...."I'm young and built of steel" she replied. "I want your world, I mean your world", they beat on their chests, just to punk up the rest. "The leader of our pack lives down the local drain" come with me shouted Greasy Gert. "I can sense landslides of devilry" cried Bessy, "whats going on", "You better look to your soul" came the reply. Bessy stared at greasy Gert in her slipshod gymsip and smiled ,"Theres a universe of happiness beneath my be-bop dress"......... "I wouldn't lie". "I need to be rid of all the fantasies I'm hiding" confessed Bessy, "Oh you're like a sanctuary, which galaxy are you from"

They walked together, hand in hand on the streets built on ebony towards the local drain. It was pitch black, sirens wailed like the ghostly dead, they stumbled over corpses, victims of the Meathawk Imaculate. Cycle Michael and Mincing Quincy fought over a bop drop. From out of the shadows a figure clutching a wound to the side of his head lunged at Gert, he fell pitifully to the floor, "What was that?" shrieked Bessy, "That was old Doug Henry" laughed Gert.

"This is an awful place",sighed Bessy" as the air chilled and an erie silence stung the street......"Surprise surprise...the boys are home", Kenny and Zero blocked the girls way, Staring at Gert ,Kenny spat "I ain't never seen a freak look as weird as you" ..."You're so full of interstellar soul" Gert spat back. Zero wore a silk and diamond guilded gauntlet and proudly and raised it as if to impress the two, he clenched Bessys throat.."Lean on my head, kiss my knee and you breath again" he hissed . Like lightening Bessys forehead cracked open Zero's skull. The jet-junk jiver sped past in his machine,"The heats on mister" he yelled at Zero. Zero clung on to the back of his machine as the Jet-junk jiver sped off.

Impressed and relieved Bessy and Gert..taunted the two as they fled. "You'll hide inside your cave, ah ha!!. "We're The Avengers" the girls proudly exclaimed. "I'm funky born free" Gert whispered to Bessy as they embrased"..."And you can needle treacle kiss me with the honey from your mouth....it'll make you feel good". She led Bessy over to a persian bench sunk her teeth into Gert's throat "Some go to heaven, some get get it light, nobody disapproves!.......it's a teenage night".....The vampires were right. Whatever happened to the teenage dream?


Copyright 2003 The Till Dawn Organization. All Rights Reserved.