Although I'm always saying that UNICORN is my favorite album, I have to admit that when I saw BEARD OF STARS at the record store, bought it, brought it home and put it on the turn-table - the joy and happiness that overflood me when this song started cannot be compared to any music I have heard in my life.

For there was life after UNICORN, it was still possible to extend the magic. And the lyrics of this song were bold and simple as well. They were spiritual, they were mystic, they were TRUE.

UNICORN was not a dream, a 'one shot deal' - it was evolving. I picked up this song because it is the first song on this album. Actually for me, UNICORN is one song as BEARD OF STARS is also one song in many parts. When I put BEARD OF STARS, I listen to the whole album - I never put it just for one song. I listen to the whole, like a symphony.

In few sentences, Marc states universal truth, the eternal quest...

"Every dawn of our lives a heart is forged and linked with lore to one so

Who hasn't (isn't) looking for his/her soulmate. The spiritual wedding, the alchemy of Love. Who can stay indifferent when reading Romeo & Juliet,> Tristan & Iseult, Abelard & Eloise... love that goes beyond the mortal plane. I've been married three time and when I met my wives - I was looking for HER and I know they really were, in time and space, as they helped me becoming myself gradually.

"Born with blessed life dust stored beneath its soul to bless and pass unto
its children..."

Why do we come on this earth, what is it we have to do, what will we be leaving behind us? What will be our legacy for the generations to come? Our own children? I may not change the world myself but I can at least do my best to help make it a better place - at least around me. My father hasn't done much but I remember all his pictures when he was a monk and a teacher... then he met my mother. Then I remember when he went up North to open new villages and cities in the far Quebec lands. Then I still have pictures when he was in a theatre group touring all the cities. I know he was a police-dedective for few years, then a photographer, an undertaker, projectionist in a cinema and finally he opened a second-hand store in the village where I was born.

It seems to me he could do anything and he always encouraged me to do what I thought was best for me. When I decided to go to art school, he didn't complain because it was risky as for earning a living. He gave me confidence in life - 'blessed life dust', love of live, self-discipline, respect for others, faith and he even encouraged me to pursue my interest in Hinduism even if he was a staunch catholic. I hope I will also pass on a certain legacy to my son, naturally...

"Even though the wind may blow it all away, don't ever worry 'cause I'm your friend..."

And even then, even if this universe is just an illusion, that God doesn't exist, that there is no life after death... even then. It was worth it after all cause I can look at myself in a mirror and see that at least I have tried my best and I would then just go to sleep forever - if forever is a concept accepted by atheists as well. And Marc would still have been my friend, his music would still have been a great inspiration to nevertheless MAKE IT REAL no matter what !

Mighty Michel Mouse..........

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