Marc, let Mickey have a go!

(by K.E.Siegfried, Bravo Magazine Nov 22, 1972)

I like Marc and his songs, I don't envy his success. But there is something annoying me.
It's not his arrogance and megalomania, that some critics rightfully point at. No, what I can't forgive him, is the way he treats his friends and musicians. The way he treats Mickey Finn.

When Marc and Mickey met on August 12, 1969, Marc was close to being finished. He wanted to sell his guitar and could hardly pay the food, he just ordered. Sure, Mickey wasn't in a much better situation. But they finally made it together. Although - it has to be underlined - Marc had the biggest input.

Now he takes the biggest part of fame and money. And Mickey is standing in his shadow as he used to. Marc became the big star, Mickey the follower. Does this change? Now the first fans start getting interested in Mickey. Marc notices this. With all might he tries to keep Mickey in the background.

And this is how he does it:

They don't earn anything from the records. Marc Bolan doesn't allow them to give interviews. Marc: „Somehow those two musicians have nothing to do with T.Rex...."

T.Rex - that is only Marc Bolan. Says Marc Bolan. In the meantime since June there is no manager behind him, no press agent and no record company. Marc does all on his own. The few people he employs are just marionettes. He decides everything and pays them to do what he wants.
In April he seperated from his last Manager Tony Secunda, in June from his press-agent B.P Fallon. The work in his London based office is now done by Chelita, Mickey's girlfriend.
But she has no authorities. The mistrusting Marc watches her - like everyone in his surrounding.

Mistrust - that's what's typical for Marc Bolan. He fears, everyone is trying to earn easy money through him. His musicians, his (former) record company, promoters, photographers..

When in spring his record deal ran out, he negotiated with different companies all over the world and he only signed, when the money was okay. That's his good right to trick out the companies against each other - but typical for him.

During the recent T.Rex England tour he let his wife June search for manufacturers of unofficial Bolan posters, that were sold in the streets. He called the police and spread leaflets saying: „Official posters, permitted by Marc Bolan, are only sold in the concert hall." To avoid anyone producing Bolan posters, only people may take pictures of him, whom he trusts.

Cause his biggest concern: The name „Marc Bolan" has to appear on ads, posters and record sleeves as big as possible. The others are „forgotten". Even Mickey Finn.

Also about the music for Marc Bolan there is only the word of Marc Bolan. I watched the recent recordings in Paris for the next T.Rex album. Marc appeared in the studio with finished lyrics and chords and told everybody what to do. A song was rehearsed two or three times, then recorded. After finishing the basic track, Mickey, Steve and Bill sat on the sofa in the mixing room, while Marc played acoustic and electric guitar and did the vocals. Producer Toni Visconti was sitting at the mixing desk without having anything do.

Whether the tapes are good, the sound is right - everything is decided by Marc, also being the boss of his record company „T.Rex records".

With an undisputable believe in himself and a nearly sick self-confidence declares Marc: „The charts - that's me"

But how long? Meanwhile fans and critics say, his songs are getting more and more boring and monotonous. And what I heard in Paris just sounded like a copy of already published songs.

Marc Bolan would best come down from his high horse. Who says, that Mickey can't write or sing? Marc should give him a chance - the fans will judge.

But no - Marc rules. He dictates when the others may get hungry, when the breaks are finished, when it's time to go home. And everybody does what he says. But as long as everyone keeps silent and accepts getting kicked, nothing will change in T.Rex.

Mickey on his own isn't strong enough to oppose against Marc. He prefers to knuckle under rather than getting into an argument. He is a lovely guy, a dreamer and always happy. Maybe he needs to have a strong personality around him. But Marc needs someone to tell him a thing or two. Otherwise there could be a bad awakening for him.

(side note -ed.- I think this is more than a slightly biased story - its appears he is putting Marc down for being concerened about HIS career & in the end what he would be judged by
"Odd Really"..... )