Michel's Poem Cosmic Conversation - 16 sept. 1977

I was waking up, silently, in the early hours of the day
It was still dark and I was watching the stars fade away
The breeze was fresh and I could feel its soft caress
It was meditation time as life around seemed so helpless

I was counting the molecules of hope trapped in space
When a chariot of steel suddenly hit me, ending its race
Human are fools drinking speed as if everything's late
They should know that time is but a whisper of fate

A poet he was as his soul was smiling at me
Between souls there ain't no difference such as human or tree
He said he was a singer, I said I was a guardian
Could he be the messenger, the seer from Beltane

- So this is death he said, aren't you afraid too
I said I was dying from the moment I grew
- But where is fear, he asked, is it the end
I said you mean the ghost trapped inside all man

- It vanished as it cannot go through the door
Only you my lord is he who must fulfill the lore
- So you're the guardian, I have finally met you
Then I guess I must go and do what I have to do

But let me give you, he said, something in return
-Thank my lord, but men will cut me and I'll burn
- I promise you my people will take care of you
You'll always be the Tree and they'll protect you

Such is their love for me, don't worry my friend
They'll know you were the link and the guardian
They'll come to see you and offer you prayers
From now on, you and I are linked together