Mojo Magazine reviews T.Rex Live 1977 CD

Review by MOJO magazine
    - July Edition. p. 126

   Side Note: I must thank MOJO magazine for consitantly keeping marc's name alive in their issues. They have done more extensive reviews on marc and his legacy-I think as Bolan fans we should support the magazines that are doing their bit (I guess that was a nice way of saying "Buy MOJO" *s)

Superannuated glam fans who missed out on the T.Rex live experience shouldn't despair.

The same fate nearly befell Marc Bolan's own brother,
Harry Feld, who (though he didn't know it) left it until the group's very
last ever UK performance at Portsmouth Locarno on March 20, 1977 to see his
sibling in-concert. When Bolan died six months later, Harry came into
possession of a soundboard cassette of the show, which is the basis for a
new CD on Demon's Edsel imprint, Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Live in 1977.

"It's curious that a tape like this should have even survived," says Demon's
Alan Robinson. "And there's something poetic about it falling into Harry's
hands. We've had the 20-bit digital remastering thing done, and it sounds
pretty good. The Damned supported on that tour, and they come on at the end
to jam Get It On, which is well worth hearing in itself." Because of 'wow'
on the original cassette, the first six tracks are taken from a show the
group played two days earlier at London's Rainbow Theatre. The two concerts
have been spliced together mid-song, with Telegram Sam starting off in
Finsbury Park and ending up some 70 miles away on the south coast.

"It was necessary to do that because both versions were corrupted in
different places," says Robinson. "You can't hear the edit and, anyway,
decent quality Bolan live recordings are really hard to come by."

No doubt enraged purists will be placated with a 5-track bonus CD, recorded
live in Cleveland, Ohio in 1974, which comes free with the first 5,000
copies. Expect more Bolan rarities from Demon in the near future, including
the latest in the outtakes series, T.Rex Unchained Vol.7