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The year 1999- the Month Febuary -The event "20th CENTURY BOY" performed Live on the Brit Awards show.
A Minor Blip in the Music radar screen, A MAJOR event for any Marc Bolan Fan. Besides the historic nature of a Marc Bolan song being performed on The Brit's show but add to that it was performed by no other then David Bowie & Placebo.

I still can't believe all that has happened for Marcs name, music & notoriety since the summer of 1997 Marc's 20/50. It seems since then every few months something of note happens in the rock world pertaining to Marc ( IE: Bands covering Marc's songs Live, artists claiming Marc as their major influence).Go here and SEE the complete Performance On RealPlayer:

It can only get better for the rest of the year already rumor has it that a "Proper" Bolan tribute Cd is in the works (maybe with Tony V producing ?)   Hopefully the year 2000 we will finally see Marc Bolan truly recognized by one of the musical award shows for his unique and lasting contribution the Rock music.

QUOTE from the "Daily Mirror":

The Daily Mirror said in this morning's edition David Bowie's collaboration with Placebo was pure dynamite and blew the night's special guests, The Eurythmics, right off the stage".
A Teenage Wildlifer who attended the event said "Bowie was brilliant. The only time the entire audience rose spontaneously, (apart from when Mohammed Ali was introduced) was during 20th Century Boy. Even the corporate 'suits' at my table were dancing.

Most of us know the story behind David Bowies appearance on the last episode of Marc's T.V. show "MARC" ( actually it was shown posthumously) We find a nice little Bowie Site that dedicates an entire page to this appearence with some pixs' and info you might not know about To read more info from the Bowie Fans point of view of this event along with the "repeat" performance when in March 1999 Bowie once again joined Placebo on stage for their webcast concert -encored with "20th Century Boy" "Teenage Wildlife"


Another sad chapter in the "What could have been" for Marc (and us).Everytime I see the Bowie scene I think how wonderful it would have been to finally have a full song performed by them together. Talk about things that were *NEVER* meant to be. "Sad Really"..

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When a woman is a sensitive thing   When a woman is a woman he's a madman

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When a man is a friend he's a stranger  When a man is a man he's no angel
When a woman is a sensitive thing  When a woman is a woman he's a madman
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