Billy Elliot

Marc Bolan's "I LOVE TO BOOGIE" is a featured song in this new critically aclaimed movie.I singled this song out because it is the one being used in the thearter trailers- but that is just a tip of this fanatastic news. Along with "Boogie" the CD release of the soundtrack includes FIVE more Bolan/T.Rex tracks. The release date of the CD is October 31st (Happy Holloween I say). The Film Billy Elliot centers around the life of a boy whom is a gifted dancer and his quest to become a ballet Dancer.
It looks to be a major film and once again a Bolan tracks appears on a film soundtrack but this time (took awhile) T.Rex dominates the tracks and none are cover versions (and no "20th Century Boy" ;-) Thanks to Jacqui for helping me get the track listing. You can order the CD at most online shops
The film has been an overwhelming success. Nomintated for an Oscar and as of this Update minth "April 2001" the film is now out on VCR/DVD is not to be missed, the Bolan music almost is secondery to this very touching and warm movie about one boys quest to fulfill his dreams (a bit Bolanic?)

Below is the Soundtrack List some are intrumentals hence no band named:

1. Cosmic Dancer - T Rex
2. Boys Play Football
3. Get It On - T Rex
4. Mother's Letter
5. I Believe - Stephen Gately
6. A Town Called Malice - The Jam
7. Sun Will Come Out
8. I Love To Boogie - T Rex
9. Burning Up - Eagle-Eye Cherry
10. Royal Ballet School
11. London Calling - The Clash
12. Children Of The Revolution - T Rex
13. Audition Panel
14. Shout To The Top - Style Council
15. Walls Come Tumbling Down - Style Council
16. Ride A White Swan - T Rex
17. Cosmic Dancer - T Rex

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