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We were notified immediately (before it even hit the papers) about this tragedy. 

We now have some more information on the Fire to pass along to you I'm sure we all are saddened by the fire but material things can be replaced. As long as Rolan (and Gloria) are Ok is the important thing.  I couldn't bare to think of losing Rolan at such an early age.

The Los Angeles home of Marc and Gloria, where Rolan has been living, has been destroyed by fire on Boxing Day (December 26th.) while Rolan was
getting the house ready for Gloria's New Year visit.He went out on to the upstairs balcony and noticed smoke pouring from the living-room below. Rolan
escaped unhurt.Once out of the house, he was helped by a neighbour with a hosepipe but to no avail.

The house was destroyed, and all its contents too. All Gloria and Rolan's remaining mementoes of Marc went up in flames. All Rolan was left with was the clothes he was standing up in. The mother of Brian, Rolan's keyboard player, took Rolan shopping for new clothes. Rolan and Gloria are now staying in a nearby hotel. Apparently it was caused by faulty wiring which Gloria says she previously warned the insurers about. They are already planning to have the house re-built, but it will take more than a year.

When Harry (Marc's brother) telephoned the family's Guernsey-based lawyers to tell them what had happened, he was put on hold and the 'holding' music was, by complete coincidence...Metal Guru. I know that our love and best wishes go out to Rolan and I for one am just thankful that he is OK.