Tillers & Dawnettes- "Everybody's Doin' the Liverpool Bop" 2001

I will let a couple of posts that came to the list from some of the gang that went do the speaking I will add from what I've been told the tribute Band "Baby Strange" made a great showing for the next generation of Marc's Fans (all in their Teens) I must say they know how to party in Liverpool -It never fails that the next daye there are many hangovers discussed on the list ;-) Marc brings us togther through song, words & the "Chance to DANCE"-

**Hi All, I got home from Liverpool at around 9.30 this morning. I spent a couple of hours at my friend Linda's before setting off. Boy was I tired.
We had great time, as David and Karen said. I now go to the bops to meet up with friends. The music is wonderful but the most important thing is the people. I find it amazing that everyone is so friendly. I was just thinking today that I have met most of them only once or maybe twice but it is like being among old friends..

Now I'm getting all excited thinking about the London bop. 14 weeks from now and we will all be together again. Yep, I've started marking it off on the calendar. :-) And I will try and remember my camera. Can't believe I forgot to take it last night. Madeleine you gotta get over here in September. You've just gotta. And Jorgen, Mary, Kat, Michel and oh just everybody. And Zac, you better be all sorted. We missed you last night.

Baby Strange sure do have a Bolan fan for a dad. Dylan is a friend, a very nice bloke. He and his wife, Karen are so supportive of the kids. Karen was telling me last night that they have a record company interested in them. But I'm sure David will find out all about that in his interview.

Right I'm off to catch up on some shut-eye.-Jacqui-(Butch)

**Hi everyone, Just got home a couple of hours ago, pretty tired, but had a great night. It was brilliant meeting up with David,Jac anf Gordon again. Thanks for a great night. I know these Bops are about Marcs music etc, but to me I can listen to Marc anytime its about meeting up with you all and having a laugh, I can't emphasise enough what good friends I've made on this list since I joined, I guess our paths would never have passed if we didn't all have the Marc connection.

As David said the band 'Baby strange' were awesome, I couldn't believe how young they were and such talent. An interview with them would be great, I'd love to know more on how they got into Marc etc.

I have a slight confession :-) I hadn't actually got round to buying the Tiller Rex cd, so David brought me a copy to the bop, I have only played it once and it has really blown me away, what a talented bunch you all are. Gerry has the most wonderful voice, also Simes :-) I love those two tracks, I will have to listen a few more times but Cat black and Debora are excellent tracks. I think you all should be really proud of yourselves.

Cliff I managed to sell some books, will mail you later on this evening. ** Side Note Karen was kind enough to bring some of the few copies remaining of Cliff's wonderful Book too the Bop** Karen(Torchgirl of the marshes)

**Mornin' groovers,

The Liverpool Bop last night was a GAS !

I'd felt rough all week with a rotten cold and didn't really feel like making the effort after working all day Sat to drive up to Liverpool for the Bop, but I was so glad I did, it was a great night.

Special thanks to the very lovely Karen & Jacqui for the chats, drinks and the dancing 'till midnight...and beyond......oh, and the hugggs;))) It was a pleasure to meet up with Michael again, and next time Gordon we must talk more!!

Baby Strange played a phenomenal live set, I'd heard of them, but this was the first time I'd seen them play. Gaz the lead guitarist is a star, he's such a talented guitarist, he has that "Bolan" sound and incredibly he's just 14! The rest of the band are also very competent, and the new singer Lucy is perfect!
I spoke to Gaz after the show and Dylan who manages them and we thought it would be a nice idea if I interviewed them for Till Dawn, so I'll post that when it happens.

Tanx again everyone for a great nite, pix to follow. ---- Dave ( as in David -DO .Editor).

** (G-G-Gordon Chimes in with -Ed.) Here is my report of the Liverpool bop.

I travelled up to merseyside on Friday and spent the weekend with the family of a Bolan fan I met for a very brief time at Golders Green and Birmingham last year, though our friendship grew via one of the Bolan lists (this was just prior to my joining Till Dawn). Went to a rugby match friday night and on Saturday was given a short tour of the city and visited "The Beatles story" at the Albert Dock and acheived one of my ambitions by going on the ferry cross the mersey.

Arrived at the bop around 7.15 and so many people there that i've got to know in 9 short months on the scene. Terry and Anne were doing the business as usual as Dj's. Met and spoke with the delightful Jacqui for a while (we had briefly met at Stafford at Christmas) and met the lovely Karen (Torchgirl of the marshes) for the first time, as always Bolan people are just great and we got on really well. Where nearly five hours went God only knows and it was nearly midnight and i had to leave (No i don't turn into a pumpkin at midnight, but my friends run a newsagents shop and had to be up at 5 am).

So sorry i didn't get to have a proper chat to David Do, I just ran out of time and I believe a couple of Tillers were there, that I never even got to meet. Sorry, but i hope we can rectify that at London. In only 9 months on the Bolan scene I have made so many friends I find it quite unbelievable that in 5 hours I never got round to chatting properly to all of them, also the Bops have become a large part of my life.

Great to hear Baby Strange who had improved since London last year with the addition of a female singer and that's saying something cos they were great then. A great venue considering my other love is football and here we are at one of the shrines of the beautiful game and to top it all off I won first prize on the raffle. Which pee'd my best mate right off, life just doesn't get any better than that.

Hope to meet you all again at London and as we will have the whole day hopefully than I can really get to know many of you.
Hope you didn't find that too boring you old charmer you Rick but you did ask for it.
Rock On.Gordon.

Like I said each Liverpool Bop seems to bring out the "Party animal" in the gang sorry for the short amount of info on the Bop but as must of the posts were "Oh My head hurts" I think that is info enough ;-) Keep Bopping Tillers and keep the Positive Bolan vibes flowing !I Big Congrates to Gordon for winning the raffle.

Rickster & the Gang

The T.Trex Tribute Band "Baby Strange"

A nice Tiller gathering (always smiles)

Gordon (a light of Love)& Karen


our "Shy Dawnettes" ;-)

Jacqui and friend

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