MARC - September 16th, 1999 - the 22/52

The Tillers, A London Gathering

Well it seems there were many stories to share about this trip - All in All it seems a good time was had by everyone. Thank you all for representing the entire Till Dawn list with dignity, good humour and positive vibes!!!

As they say, a Picture speaks a thousand words. We have a bunch more pixs still to come in, If time allows we will try to put them up also - but for now here is a peek into a Day & a night in the life of some Tillers paying their respects to Marc's anniversary. Lovely to see you there Linda a wonderful addition to the gang - Sadly Karen's plans were changed but there is always next year and the October get together.

Some words from a few of the gang that were there:

** Do
I'm back home after two days in London with Pierre, MarcO and Linda. First stop on Wed 15th was Golders Green I placed flowers at Marcs memorial from all at Till Dawn, the first one there. I made my way in to central London and met up as arranged, bang on time with Pierre....I had learnt some French...."Bonjour Pierre", I said ..... I could tell he was impressed . The 16th started of well, we both had a good breakfast at the hotel and then made our way down to Barnes and met up with me old mate MarcO "the cat in the hat" at the Tree. This was MarcO and Pierres first visit to the Tree. All the flyers and messages were attached to the tree and we chatted to other fans. There were lots of flowers, messages, lighted candles, pictures etc. We got talking to one guy and his wife who had come over from the Isle of Mann, he was very interested to here how we had all met on the net through Till Dawn. He was so impressed that he intends to buy a PC and find Till Dawn! I can't remember his name but wife was Bev!! We gave them a lift up to Golders Green for the ceremony, we arrived on time as MarcO new all the mapping Gen!! The ceremony lasted about 15 - 20 minuites, it wasn't a sad affair but a celebration of Marcs life and the importance of the coming together each year of the Fans. Harry, Eric Hall, Caroline and her two sons were there, apparently Gloria and Rolan had planned to be there but it hadn't worked out.

What was left of the brilliant Bolan Bop was FAB!! The highlight for me was seeing Z.Rex (Zee Rex) They were excellent, the lead singer, a lovely girl called Wendy ........ no not that Wendy!! is so full of energy and enthusiasm it totally revitalised me, so forgetting the tour, I have fond memories once again of a great time with great people, remembering a great man.

** PPP

We drank a lot sure as I was thursty of British lager that I hadn't drunk for years. Spent the night waking due to the usual consequences of too much drinkinfg beer <G>.We also went to Marc's offices in New Bond street and took some pics but decided not to say anything until we were sure we had pictured the right door (BFG). It finally seems we did.
Met MarcO on the evening, next day, on the tree site.. Pined the flyers to the tree to great effect. Had a thought in your name, Michel, as asked. Rick, your stick is there, no prob. Seeing the site speaks more that any picture. I now understand how an overspeeded mini could take off on the humpback bridge and land in the only possible way: directly to the tree. Marc could have no chance to go through safe. The road curves a little just after the bridge.
I think the man was named Alan ( the one from the isle of Mann or Wight as I understood ). Then MarcO did great job in indicating the road to David who was driving. We visited Heathrow, then stopped in a gas station to find our way on the map. Impressive traffic and it took us nearly 2 hours to finally join Golders Green. Forgot to say that we went to Marc's last house in Upper Richmond house.There a short ceremony was held. We met Barry Smith and Danielz. Went to the roses where the ashes had been spread.

I enjoyed the party. Audience was large, well the venue wasn't the tidiest, specially the toilets where we ran as soon as arrived. But seeing a 100% Bolan audience, records stalls, posters on the wall, plus a Bolan fac-simile on stage was magic. The thing that touched me the most was the Brotherhood I felt while meeting all the fans here. Was I the trendy french ? don't know ....but I receive a warm welcome from everybody. The records to sale were 100% Bolan or related, I saw all RZ singles and many lps too. Bought none as there were quite xpensive and it seems that I finally grew old. but I was delighted to see and touch them.We had to leave soon as I had a lot of shopping staid in MarcO's car and the tube was near to close. MarcO gave me a lift to Central London, where a taxi finally brought me to the hotel. Thank you MarcO for that final lift. Crossed the tunnel back on wednesday morning. It's a weird experience at first but it's only a 20 mins ride under the sea. On the way back I almost didn't notice it as I was queuing for my burger.
** MarcO
All in all, David and Pierre, impeccable. The tree, brilliant to be there, tore me apart inwardly if not outwardly. The service at the cemetery was superb and dignified. Z Rex were awesome.


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