In a very generous and warm waye to start this journey/Gathering MarcR (a Most generous Tiller) once agin gave as a gift to the Tillers a Till Dawn /Bolan T-Shirt, Caps & a Plus this year of a Bandana to wear in London -as well he sent them to all Tillers that asked-

So Like the years before the best waye to tell the story of yet another Tiller gathering at one of the Bolan anniversary Partys......Yes I know this sound similar to last years page but I wanted to get the pixs up ASAP / Also this year there was a Tiller Dinner Party. Below the posts a just a bunch of various pixs that Plannette /Annette took
is to :
"Let the Tillers do the Talking"

( Tried to pick a varied mix from the many posts -

Till-All The Cats (ykwya),

Well........PHEW!!! What a daye! What a fantastic, boptastic daye I had in London.
I would just like to say that the cats who unfortunately couldn't make it, you were missed,
but definitely celebrated and toasted in fine style!

To the cats who were there, I would sincerely like to thank you all SO much for making it a wonderful time,
my head is still spinning with memories but above all at the forefront of my mind is laughter, smiles and LOVE.
As Zac and I said, if Marc can see us from his cosmic cloud, he would be SO proud.
I have never met such a wonderful group of people, we're from all different walks of life,
from different countries, backgrounds and personal make-ups
but we all get on and have a laugh and a good time in the name of Marc.

It was lovely to see all the pretty Dawnettes and the handsome Tillers
(eeeh, none of that behaviour!!!) and all the smiles.

I was so proud to be a Bolan fan
and proud and very fortunate to have such a great bunch of people in my life.

I thank you all!

Golders Green Marc's resting place


I have 103 pics on my pc at the moment! I can't post them all can I? I have pictures from the tree, crem
and the Bop. I made it my mission to meet as many people as I could and take as many pictures as I could.

It was so great to meet up with everyone in the pub earlier in the day, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures then!
It was great to meet up with Simes, we had a nice chat. I missed you later on at the bop Simes, so I
don't know where you were hiding? It was lovely to meet you Jorgen and of course the lovely Madeleine and
Kat again. You are all lovely people and it makes you feel special to be part of all of this.

Obviously great to meet up with Jac, Mira, Sue, Karen, Ste, Dave, Samm and Zac again.
Hopefully we will all get together again soon?
Met up with John Wass at the T. Rextasy gig on Saturday night. It's so nice to meet up and put faces to names.
Sorry you couldn't make Golders John, but we had a drink for you.

Marc, thankyou so much for the t.shirts etc. They were brilliant.
It made it so easy to approach people in the pub earlier, we knew they were part of TillDawn.
Hopefully someone with a camera in the pub got a shot of the ppl in them?

Thanks everyone for making the 16th a brilliant day.

Plannette Queen xx

p.s Will send the pics to Rick or Jac to deal with????

Hi everybody ;)

Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the Bop, it was great to see everybody, all the gals
(well, boys too) look fantastic, hope to see most of you on our wedding soon (fingers crossed)
Loved to see you all
(can't go for names cause my brain is dead after early morning home driving plus long working day
plus its just always dead and i will obviously forget somebody and repentance will eat me alive)

now we'll drag our bods to sleep
Love and good nite to everybody xx

Simes, David & Samm

David & Simes

Pannette Annette / David-Do & Samm

Tiller Table

Ste & Karen

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