In a very generous and warm waye to start this journey/Gathering MarcR (a Most generous Tiller) gave as a gift Till Dawn /Bolan T-Shirts and Caps to wear in London -as well as sent them to all Tillers that asked-

So Like the years before the best waye to tell the story of yet another Tiller gathering at one of the Bolan anniversary Partys
is to :
"Let the Tillers do the Talking"

( Tried to pick a varied mix from the many posts -Pixs to be added soon)


Hi Gang,

Just reporting in after my trip to the photographic exhibition in London

It was being held at the Proud Gallery, located in the heart of London, a
stones throw from the Savoy Hotel and Trafalgar Square. I managed to get
there about 10:15 am, just after it had opened on this, it's last day.

Admission was a reasonable £3. Unfortunately after that, prices began to
climb sharply. They were selling copies of the revised Mark Paytress book
but instead of charging me the cover price of £13 they wanted £23. When I
queried this I was informed it was an additional £10 because Mr Paytress had
signed it. I was also informed that it was their last copy so obviously it
appealed to many fans. I declined to buy it but I did pick up an interesting
limited box set of greeting cards with Marc photographs on the front by
Masayoshi Sukita. If you recall, he published an excellent book of Marc
photographs in 2000 and this follows that same high standard. The Japanese
have always set high standards as all their Bolan singles came in great
sleeves and most albums had lyric booklets and other inserts.

The exhibition was on two floors and displayed about 80 photographs (mostly
12 x 16). The earliest were taken in the 1950's including one of Marc in
junior school. It then went on with Decca publicity photographs from 65,
John's Children shots from 67 and then on to the more familure territory of
Tyrannosaurus Rex (both Took and Finn) right up to a concert pic from the
Dandy tour of 1977. About a third were unpublished and most were in black
and white.

An interesting sub theme was that three sets were associated with albums.
First was Pete Saunders cropped shot which was used for the Beard of Stars
front. The beautiful colour shot used for the Brown album ( the T Rex
album ) was also present which, incidentally, was taken in the autumn of
1970 in the Sussex garden of Mr Saunders mother's house. Pete remembers that
Marc was very keen to include his Gibson guitar in the cover shot so that it
would be clear to his fans that this was definitely an electric album. The
final album related photographs were taken by Spud Murphy for Electric
Warrior. I believe the negative used for cover was never returned by the
printers so Spud showed four 6x4 black and white band shots taken at Marc's
house. One was used for the poster that came with the album and another was
used in the press adverts. The other two were new to me. You could buy these
for £150 each and were the cheapest I could find. The most expensive was
£500. It is usual practice for galleries to show a sold item by placing a
red dot against it and I did see a handful scattered about the exhibition,
so I guess that a few rich fans had popped in.

After about an hour I went outside and spotted Pierre. He was a man on a
mission so after a few words I let him go and enjoy the show. Next, a huge
shadow was cast over me and "man mountain" Simes came over to say hello and

to inform me that he was going to be in the pub across the road. Before I
could recover, I could see several Tiller shirts infront of me. Ron, Kat,
Gordon and Helmut hove into sight. Introductions were made but as it was
happening so fast I probably missed several others. At this point Johan
arrived and I hope he is allowed to join real soon as he is a serious fan
and would be an asset to the list. Finally I met up with Cliff who was also
on the way to the pub. Is this part of the secret ritual adopted by senior

Cliff, Kat

I met several others from my Bolan past but I was particularly pleased to
bump into Clive Zone who was one of the driving forces behind the reissued
Beginning of Doves. He is one of the most knowledgeable fans I know and as
he has been unwell for a couple of years I was pleased to see him
socialising again.

Finally, the good news is that I took a camera to record all this. The bad
news is that in all the excitement I only took one picture, and that was of
Pierre's back. (Probably his best side)

All the best,

Dear all,
Well - what can I say but a huge "TANX" to all the Tillers who were at the Bop and made it such a special and memorable event. It was great to see some
"mature" (rather than "old") familiar faces and some new and younger ones. It was great to meet Ronno (and his sister and brother in law) at the T.Rextasy
gig and also Kat and Helmut and Zinc Bob and Mrs Zinc, too.... I still find it amazing that people are willing to travel from all over the world to the UK to
share their love and devotion to Marc - but the fact that they do makes each anniversary celebration more like a gathering of "family" rather than fans of a
dead pop star.....

Pierre, I hope Aurelie (?) enjoyed herself and was not too confused by my pathetic attempts at remembering my old school day plume de ma
tante est sur la table...etc... - she is a lovely girl and you must be very proud of her ...very polite and good natured.....a bit like her papa....:-)).

It was also great to meet up again with the "usual suspects" and share a few beers, laughs but unfortunately not many dances....Jac, Zac, Mad, Mary,
Michael, Jorgen, Karen and Ste, Mira, Gordon (and Sarah?)....and it was a great surprise to meet Mark McLellan for the first time at the Bop and to see
Cliff again...can't wait to see the book in the shops...!

And of course there is the Lovely Simes and the Lovely Dave Do (paying a surprise secret visit....great to see you there....Cadilac Wrecks Rex Rocks)....I
had a great time chatting to Simes in the pub with a few of my old Bolan mates, Sue and Vince from London and met Clive Zone for the first time - he
seems like a really knowledgable and interesting character. It was also great to have a good old chinwag with Martin and Ros they did so much (with the
help of others) to revive the Bolan scene in the early 90's with the MBLF and Martin has played a big part in making sure that the photographic exhibition
and the box set were put together so professionally (some great pics of memorabilia from Martin's Bolan collection). I love hearing Ros and Sue (and
Cliff and Steve Treatment etc...) tell their stories ( after some cajoling and badgering and pleading....) about how they met Marc on various
occasions......and now we know that Simes' "catsuit" is really not the original "Dreamy Lady" catsuit after all - but merely a darned clever and fiendish

Anyway, got to go - got to get some rest after a knackering couple of days - will be getting my pics developed in a few days and I'll get some posted to the
list....thanks again to everyone - great to see you all again..can't wait for next year....!

PS Marc - thanks for the T-shirt and cap - will get a pic posted of me wearing them...a very generous gift and a great momento of this year's bop....


2 exausted companions of T.Rex nights landed from their spatial trip to Marc a few hours ago ( 0.16am).. A short sleep and things are already better.
It was the most amazing Tiller gathering ever so far. I was absolutely pleased to meet the whole of you and sorry that by the time I left the club I missed
saying goodbye to most of you... I looked inside the club, I looked outside, I gave an eye into the pub too but couldn't find a great lot of you.
Anyway from the bottom of my heart I thank everyone of you for this magical week end..
Off to work but read you soon!
i everyone

Heartfelt thanks to all the Tillers for making myself and Lynne so
welcome. I, like many postings recently, am stunned by the
amount of support from fans as far afield as the US and Canada,
and all over Europe, making the journey to celebrate Marc and his

A special thanks also to Marc for the t-shirts and caps (I think
Zac's was glued to his head!). Thanks to the shirt I met (and was
recognised) by many on the list. Mark M even missed his train to
meet me and point us in the direction of the tree.

So to all the cats, you know who you are... thanks a bunch, it was

See you all again soon


Just a quick email to thank all the nice people who came up to me at the Bop.


Hi Marc,
Sorry I realised when I had posted them I hadn't said who they were duh!
The pics were taken in the club extreme amd the first lot I sent were of
Jacqui and Marc followed my myself, Jac, Mary and Marc in back ground.
Second set were of myself and Mary, myself and Kat and the dashingly handsome
Ron :-)
Third set was Pierre and his lovely daughter, Martin, Cliff and ZCP and last pic was
Ron and Kevin. The pic on its own was of Kat, Mira and myself.

The last set of pics were of me, Dave Do, Pierre and his daughter. Maddy and
myself and the last but not least one was of Kat, Pierre and Mira. Sorry for
any confusion.

Karen(Torchgirl of the marshes)

Marc Regan wrote:

Great stuff...Where were these taken???Need commentary so we can recognise
all the faces
Hi All,

Well here are my boptastic recollections before I forget them - oops, nearly
forgotten them already ...

Anyway, it was fantastic to meet so many Tillers both at the T. Rextasy gig
and at the Refectory pub/Klub Extreme.

On Sunday, I met Jac, Zac, Kev, Lynne, Maddy, Larry (the Batman), Karen, Ste
and Jorgen at the Griffen pub in Charing Cross where Zac was not to be
spoken to until the West Ham match (which was being broadcast on the wall!)
was finished! As Karen said, Jac, Karen and I therefore went to the She-Bop
exhibition nearby at the National Portrait Gallery, as recommended by Ron!
It was good but not enough pictures ... anyway, it was free! Amazingly the
match still had not finished, so Jac and I went to eat bagles in a nearby
park where we watched people on stilts (er, yes, we were sober!) Finally
the match was over and Zac was not *too* downcast ... Moving swiftly on, we
went on the tube to Walthamstow where we went (for a change) to the Tryst
pub next to the venue for the T. Rextasy gig. There we met Annette and her
family and got the all-important tickets ... The gig itself was sold out,
hot and sweaty, and I stood next to Kat and Helmut without (at that point!)
knowing who they were! There we saw ZCP Paul, Ronno and family, Saulo,
Pierre, Martin Barden and loads of others and the band played on. Now
Danielz is very good at what he does! (And he does the Thunderwing
Productions too!) As you know, Rolan came on at the end and did 20th
Century Boy which Kat and I (as we later discussed!) found very odd as he
was standing next to Danielz ... part 2 to follow in case I lose this post!

Hi Again!

The next day I arrived at the crem to find an inconsolable Jac and a
desperate Zac cos ... the unicorn had not arrived :((((((( Panic
stations!!!! The only British thing to do was to have a cup of tea and
while we were reading the tea leaves, the unicorn arrived !!! I wish you
guys could have seen it because it was so pretty - all in white with a
wonderful mane and tail made of different kinds of grass (you have to expect
horsey observations from me!) and a silvery white and green horn (!) I have
promised to go back to the crem (as I live not far away) to check that he
has not trotted off .... We stayed for a long time looking at the tributes.

There we met Simes and lots of T. Rexers plus Rolan, Harry and Sandy Feld
who were standing around talking to fans and posing for pictures.

Jac and I then went up to Marc's rose bush (where the service had been held) and Jac
has reported the conversation with Danielz and Caron ....

Back again to the Refectory pub where we met more people (I hope I mentioned
Karen and Ste before!)including Luv Charm, Kat, Jorgen, Maddy, Zincy Bob,
Cliff, ZCP Paul and Rolan came in and signed more autographs and distributed
info about his Journey to Find his Father video/DVD ( I can post details for
those that want.) Something secret happened with Pierre ;) It was too
gruesome to describe .....

Then we went to the Bop and I can't remember much after that ;) Oh yes, we
went for a pizza with Cliff, Kat, Mary and Jac, Zac being unavoidably
detained, and Cliff enjoyed all the gossip (you know you did, Cliff!!!) and
didn't tell us nearly enough of his own :)

The Bop was great; the bands were fantastic and all very different including
a fairy called Jasmine! As you see it is becoming a Blur ...
Pierre has a most beautiful daughter who (as I told him) looks very like
Britney! Now do you believe I was there?!?!

Hi everyone

Well, here's my account of the weekend....

Arrived in London around 1.30pm on the Sunday, and headed off for
the photo exhibition. Some really nice pix in there, but way out of
my price range. Suddenly I spotted a woman laden with Tesco's
bags, and from a previous conversation realised it was Jac with the
T Shirts. Me and Lynne introduced ourselves, and within minutes
felt we were with old friends as Zac, Mad, Larry, Jorgen introduced

Next stop the Griffin pub for a few beers and the football (close
game Zac), where Karen, Steve and Mira joined us, then me and
Lynne split for some food.

T Rextasy on the night. Very hot and stuffy, but I enjoyed their
set, particularly Jitterbug Love. Tyrannosaurus Jed were good too,
but there was a lot of background chatter which made it hard to
hear them clearly. Met more Tillers briefly, Pierre and his daughter
(spotted the scarf being waved at the front), Ron (Truck On) and
family, Kat etc, but missed Helmut somehow, which was a shame.

Monday ws a strange day. My sister came down from Ipswich,
and we headed off to the crematorium around 10.00. Quite a few
flowers already, with many people also there. We had a walk up to
the rose tree, where flowers had also been laid ( a yellow guitar
was particularly nice).

After hanging around waiting for the Unicorn to arrive, we eventually
left at around 1pm, as my sister was on a mission to go to the tree
(she's wanted to do so for years now).

I guess after reading other reviews of the weekend we should have
stayed for the service, and I feel I really missed out on a chance to
meet Marc's relatives.

We hadn't realised how far it was from GG to Barnes, and had no
idea where to go from the station when we got there. However a
few seconds after we got off the train, we were accosted by a lovely
man in a MarcT shirt, none other than Mark McLennan, who had
spotted my Till Dawn t-shirt and missed his train to meet me.

He graciously showed us the way to the tree, and we were on our

It's hard to describe the feelings I experienced there, this was my
first visit. TAG have done an excellent job with the steps (IMHO),
and the bust, well I'm sure it comes from the heart, and it is a
further sign that Marc is loved and respected by his fans. Met
another Tiller as well, Gordon, and had a really nice chat about
Marc in general and how (like so many) Gordon had felt so alone
as a fan until he hooked up to the internet.

Onto Klub Extreme. Met most of the gang outside the pub, some
new faces again. I enjoyed all the acts, they all gave 100%, and
when Barry Cairns smiled I swear I thought it was Marc for one
drunken moment.

Inside I met still more Tillers, Simes, Bob, Annette (pending!!) Paul
ZCP, Mick Gray/Marmalade (thanks Simes!) et all. Missed Cliff
somehow though, which was a shame.

Jasmine was a dream, although I felt sorry for her in a way. The
mic was falling out of the stand, so she had to sing with a beached
whale sprawled out in front of her (c'est moi) holding it in place
(that's the microphone Simes...)

Left, totally shattered, around 12.45am, and got involved in a fracas
on the club stairs! Think we sorted it though, as no-one else inside
has mentioned it. Went off to find the underground was closed and
we had to bus it home. Thought it was going to be a nightmare,
but all turned out well in the end.

Right, that's me done, I'm giving my typing finger a rest and off for a
coffee. Hope I didn't forget anyone, apologies if I did.

See you all again soon -I'll be in touch regarding mid-November


Just a short message from a worn out Jorgen

A big thanks to everyone who showed up and made my London visit such a
pleasure. Never before in history so many Tiller's have been within such a
small space.

Due to a few pints over my limit at the TRextasy gig, I had to work really
hard to get to the Bop, but I made it. Always a little emotional inside when
being "the day after" I was sooo moved by little Yasmine (spell?) when she
sang "Broken hearted blues".

Also very impressed with Zac who always makes everyone feel extremely
comfortable. Thanks. And what wonderful beautiful girls we have on the list.
Mira, Karen, Kat, Mary, Mad. Also Annette (off list so far) made an ever
lasting impression. (Where does she get the energy?)

The rest of you I will not mention because I can't stand to forget a name.
But as someone said "I haven't met a Tiller I didn't like" (a lot).

I spent the 17th cruising the Thames and riding a tourist bus for hours
watching the sights of London. Very relaxing.

See you again

Hi all,
Just got my first chance to report on the fantastic London Weekend.

Drove down on Sunday afternoon with Sarah who was experiencing her first taste of the
wonderful world of Bolan, to spend the weekend with a long term Bolan friend from Wigan
and his partner. Arriving at the standard for the T.Rextasy gig there were many familiar
faces about but no Tillers until the delightful Madeleine came bouncing across the road
with her friend who's name I unfortunately didn't catch , sorry!! T.rextasy were
brilliant as usual and as close to the real thing as it is possible to get.

The support group Tyrannosaurus Jed, although not trying for the Ty Rex look also sounded
very impressive and do for early Marc music what T.rextasy do for the T.rex sound. This was
the first time I'd seen this duo and I was very impressed.
Had to shoot off as soon as the gig finished as i had to drive home to sort out a couple
of things but was back on the road back to London at 7am (already knackered) and arrived
at the tree 4 hours later after a nightmare journey due to an accident on the M25.
I was immediately accosted by the guardians of the tree (YKWYA) and had a 20 minute
heated debate which proved how tiresome Bolan politics can be. This is the last time i
visit the tree on the 16th, it is no longer a pleasant experience. Did meet Kev here
though and it was good to meet another new Tiller face.
Things improved quickly as we went on to the Photo exhibition with the Tiller T.shirt
attracting the attention of Rabbit, Helmut and Kat standing outside. Things were really
happening fast and after many hellos it was inside to see the many great photos. It was a
fitting tribute and many pictures i'd never seen before.
We then went onto the crematorium and due to getting to the capital so late because of
the traffic hold up we missed the memorial service but did get to see the flowers (thanks
again Jac) and many more friends still milling around. Then onto the Refectory / Club
Extreme to meet many faces old and new, Zac (still got my fiver for that dodgy 7" you
had and hope you like the poster ya won), Paul J (we'll have that bop to Rapids again one
day), Jorgen and Mary (great to see again the first two Tillers i ever met), Jac (always
a pleasure), Pierre and his lovely daughter (thanks for the CD), Ron (nice man), Bob
(Zincy, can i say that yet), Mick (great to chat about Weeley and Boston), Mark (great to
meet briefly), Simes (the BFG and and true gentleman), Terry and Anne (many thanks for
all the hard work, brilliant job as always, the CD was a great momento of the night),
Karen (met ya briefly at the Standard, missed ya all night at the Bop, sorry). I'm sure
there are some names i've missed .
A brilliant weekend as always and sarah was overwhelmed by the friendliness of you all, i
don't know that she'll ever be a great Marc fan but simply due to all the wonderful
people she met over the weekend she had a wonderful time.
Rock on,
Gordon and Sarah.
xx A gift from the Fair Folk.


returned from London last night. So here's my report.

I arrived with Kat at a quarter to seven at the Standard Venue and we tried to find other Tillers in the pub besides. One by one we discovered them or
were discovered . It was a very loud place, so there was no space for some deeper communication, which was a bit of a disappointment. And things got
even worse in the Standard Venue, where the records between the performances were even louder than the actual live appearances. But it was nice to
have seen so many people from the list.
The concert was interesting. The singer of Tyrannosaurus Jed is very close to the original. But they played with a very low volume, the guitar was barely
audible. I think they don't use their full potential. Instead of "reliving" the songs, they stick too much to the originals, which was peculiar when they did
"The Wizard", imitating every of Marc's ad libs one to one. Anyway, a nice performance.

T.Rextasy also did a very good job, their set list was nice, including some of my favorites like "Raw Ramp" and "Jitterbug Love". But I still don't know what
to think of Danielz. I applaude every actor on Westend for "being" Buddy Holly on stage. But I know, after the show the actor is no longer Buddy Holly.
What about Danielz? He even does his stage announcements in Marc Bolan-style.
I join Mira and Kat, that Rolan Bolan's appearance on stage with someone impersonating his father was very strange. Obviously it adds credibility to
Danielz, but it took credibility from Rolan. Also his perfomance of "20th Century Boy" was far from having a certain magic, it made obvious, that Rolan is
not very familliar with his father's stuff.
But - all in all a very nice evening.

The next morning there was a meeting at the gallery, the "silence" allowed a bit more communication.
I couldn't go to the bop, cause I met a friend from Northern England, who came down to London later that afternoon.
Tuesday and Wednesday saw Kat and me along with our friend Darrell going to the Queen Musical and to Taboo, which was very entertaining, even if I
couldn't understand all of the jokes.

Looking back it was a great week. I would have wished, there was a more private Tiller meeting, as I would have loved to "really" talk to a lot of those who
were there!

And finally:
How can people live in London these days??? I've been to London four times in the last 6 years. London was always a bit more expensive than other
European towns. But this time it has become unbelievable. Me - being addicted to my daily piece of apple pie - went on "Cold Turkey"
Even in ugly self service restaurants they demand 3 Pounds (approx 4,50 Euro or Dollar) for a tiny little piece of cake!!!! Even a half liter of bottled water
cost between 60 p and 1 Pound (90cent/1,5o Euro) in a supermarket. To compare: in Germany it's available for 30 cent.
In general most things are 50 to 100 % more expensive than in the rest of Europe. I wonder, how long London can carry on that way....


Right everyone here's my attempt to try and sum up the wonderful weekend
I had.
On arrival in London I checked out what watering hole the gang were
visiting :-) so off to the Griffin I headed to meet up with
Jac,Zac,Mira,Maddy,Jorgen,Kev and Lynne, as usual it was great to meet
up with everyone. After deciding to leave Zac and the others glued to
the screen to watch West Ham, myself Mira and Jac decided to check out
the she bop photographic exhibition nearby, a great collection all
though not many photographs there were some great pics of Siouxsie, The
Slits, Kate Bush, Marianne Faithful etc.

We then headed back to the pub to try and cheer up Zac :-) of course as
usual he tool it like a man :-)

Next stop on the agenda was to see T.Rextasy in Walthomstow. I soon
spotted Kat and Helmut who are both as lovley as they appear on the list
I then spotted someone I hadn't met before in a Till Dawn t.shirt (those
tshirts were great for spotting people :-) it was Ron whom I had a
brilliant time with, closely by I spotted Pierre, Gordon,ZCP, and
others sorry if I have missed anyone out but there was so many people to
meet I was getting dizzy (or maybe that was the cider )

T.Rextasy played a blistering set love them or loathe them Danielz is
very good at what he does and the place rally felt electric. It was
great to see Dino on the keyboards with them onstage. The highlight for
me was seeing Rolan get up at the end to do a few numbers, 20th century
boy was blistering. All to soon the night was over.

Onto the Monday met up with Kat,Helmut,Ron,Cliff, Pierre and the ever
lovley Simes at the photo exhibition. The pics were fab how I wished I
could have bought them all, some I had never seen before and were a real
treat. It's a shame some of these couldn't be made into a hardback book,
what a great book that would have made. After the exhibition it was off
to the Griffin for a quick one for the road :-) where I got nobbled by
Pierre to do my rendition of 'Hot Love' sorry Pieree for putting you
through my awful singing, but you were warned :-)

Ste and I left shortly and went for something to eat before going back
to the hotel. I never visit the tree anymore or the crem, it's a little
personal thing with me I don't go to the crem . I believe the Unicorn
was wonderful Jac worked so hard and did a wonderful job Thanks Jac.

The evening was brilliant I met up with everyone at the pub this time
joined by Mary whom it was so great to see again she was missed last
year. Then into the club Extreme, I had never seen so many people at a
Bop to be honest it was too full and a little uncomfortable as it was
really hot and crowded, but I still had a great time. I also met Mark Mc
for the first time, it was a joy to meet Mark after all these years on
the list he was still someone I hadn't met before, also lovley to see Mr
do as usual, the night went so quick. I did leave a little early as it
was like a sauna inside but we wanted to make sure we were on the last
tube, I know I am geting old. Sorry for anyone I missed I believe Bob
was there I did try and find you but I couldn't :-( also sorry I
didn't get to say goodbye to everyone as it was relly hard to find
everyone. Thanks everyone for making it a brilliant weekend I can't wait
to do it again.

I will post some pics later tonight, I wish you all could've been there,
maybe one year we'll eventually get the full gang there, and if I ever
win the lottery I will pay for you all and book a hotel for us all :-)

Karen(torchgirl of the marshes)

Hi all! Back from the festivities in London (arrived home late last night), so time for a post:

Headed for Golders early Monday afternoon and went straight to the crem; there was Paul, so we hit the tea room for a bit of chat and later caught Barry's
presentation re Marc. Saw some other familiar faces at the crem (Zac, Jac, Jorgen, Maddy) and Njoyed meeting Mira, Annette, Sue, Simes, Pierre, Ron,
and Larry (Maddy's buddy) there as well.

Then it was off to my hotel at the King Solomon to drop off my overnight bag, and on to the Refectory for more socializing. Met Kat, Zincy, Kev &
relatives, Gordon & Sarah, Mark, and Alan & Val.

Bop time arrived, so it was Born to Boogie time and more fun & Tillers: Karen & Steve, Dave Do, Cliff, and anyone else I've missed... Another great Bop,
and looking forward to many more!! I really Njoyed seeing everyone again and meeting those of you I hadn't met B4! By the way, tanx for posting your
pics, Karen! My camcorder wasn't working in the darker lighting at Bop time, so it's nice to see other Tiller pics! I'm still a novice at my camcorder, so by
next time I should be an expert, lol!

Happy Belated B'day, Stew! Hope you had a nice day!

Tanx for the e-card, Des! Beautiful Marc pic!

Rick: So is it gonna be the Twins vs Yanks in the playoffs this year? It's still tight in some of the AL divisions, so who knows who the Twinkies'll be
playing; I know none of 'em are gonna be easy tho! It'll make for some interesting match-ups anyway. I'm sorta hoping we don't get the A's, as they've
been pretty tough... I'll be waving my Homer Hanky w/pride regardless, lol!

Well, that's all for now! Catch ya later! ...Luv Charm

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