Tillers & Dawnettes- Bolan Bop / London 2000

I won't be so bold to think I'm right person to give insight into what turned into one of the best Tiller Gatherings ever for the London Bop 2000. Instead I will just share a bit of some of the posts our list received while I set up a proper page. Pix include, Michel, Zac, Mary, Jacqui, Paul, Karen, Ste, Kath, Rolan, Harry Feld etc. Included are some pixs from Rolan Bolan show (Zpaul still tipsy while scanning*s)including an action shot of Rolan and a shot of Andy Ellison and Boz Boorer from John's Children - they played absolutely storming versions of Desdemona and Sara Crazy Child..so gang your joy was my joy-Rick-

**What can I say. I have just had one of the best weekends of my life. Zac, Karen, Michel, Paul, Jorgen words fail me (and you'll all know by now thats not like me) :-)
Rick.........thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for bringing us all together through Till Dawn. Like Zac commented this morning, one of the best moments was when we were all sitting round that table outside the pub just talking. It felt like a bunch of 'old friends' who I'd known all my life.....-Jacqui-(Butch)

**Jacqui is a dynamo of friendship and wit and being with her was pure joy - a real sister. Paul Johnstone was also a wonderful guy to be with. Tillers are one of a kind. All are unique and precious. Last but not least, I must mention Karen (TGOTM)... Thank God she was with her boyfriend as I would have fallen in love with her - spiritually, I mean (in case my wife read this...) I'm kidding but Karen is a true Tiller in her soul, sensitive and intelligent and... Steve, her boyfriend, is a great guy too.
Thanks to you all: never doubt one second about the Tiller family. IT IS REAL.
I was so sad that Simes couldn't make it though. I had many Stella for you my friend.
Rick - you can be really proud!.....- Michel Laverdiere -(Mighty Mouse)

**Just got back from a brill weekend in London, I bet Zac is a happy Hammer tonight :) We had a delay coming home and we had to change trains at Stafford, so I'm later home than expected, will send you in all the photos tomorrow.
Thank you all for making this weekend so memorable, I really did meet up with a load of good mates ...-Karen & Ste- (Torch Girl)

**Had a wonderful time in London. Time went so painfully fast though... All of a sudden it's over and you are back home. Now all is changed though. Now I have flesh and blood to some more handles on the list and I haven't met a tiller I didn't like (a whole lot)
Thanks to you all to make this weekend so memorable. Wish we had more time.....- Jorgen- (Shy Guy?)

**Well - what can I say - I had the most wonderful time in London this weekend. I feel so privileged to have met so many lovely, lovely people. I wish I had more time to talk to everyone individually but there was so much going on and so much dancing to be done that the time just flew ("whew" - just like a prancer, a gypsy dancer. . . . .)
My first meeting with fellow Tillers was an amazing experience - it was like meeting up with old friends. From the moment I walked into the Barfly club for Rolan's gig and met Zac, Jacqui, Mary (Luv Charm), Karen and Ste, Jorgen and Michel I knew that we were going to have such a special time...- Paul J -(Zombie Paul)

**Having never been to the cremetorium, I found it quite peaceful. I thought I'd find it that way, but I wasn't sure if I'd be sad or not; I actually wasn't, which is amazing for me, being the new fan here. I didn't get to the Tree this time, but that for sure woulda made me sad, so maybe just as well this go-round. There was so much to see in London that I missed out on, sightseeing-wise, so I'll definitely be going back. I'm so proud of myself for taking the initiative to go solo, finding my way about the Tube system and the city, and getting to meet all the great Tiller pals! So sorry we didn't get to meet, Simes, but next time it's petrol be damned, and I'm sure we'll see you there!!!
Oh, one last item: Jorgen and I got interviewed separately for some Internet radio deal. I still gotta find it to see if they got our quotes right. I was asked what I found unique/special about Marc or his music, so I called it as I see it:
I said not only was he a great musician, but also a "real" person who treated people well. Hope the family/relatives got to hear my comments anyway
Enuf of the "Rambling" Spires here; hope y'all enjoyed it anyway! Thanks (Tanx) for the memories, as the song goes, and hopefully I can return next year to meet even more Tillers!...Luv Mary Charm

**On arriving at Golders Green we find our Tiller Friends outside ,sitting down Drinking Beer,Can you Believe that (G)And for the next few Minutes ,Hours ? (I can't honestly remember but time flew)
I spent for me the best ever time Chatting will these people.People who I have only just come into contact with but were Old friends. Michel.Steve and Karen, Jorgen Jacqui and I talked as if we had know each other for ever,a very magical moment Thank you my friends.
A truly Great night and one I shall remember for all time Rick since joining this Family (It's way more than a list) I have experienced a belonging and real friendship and for this I really can't thank you enough........- .Zac -

Keep on Rocking Tillers and as always thanks for sharing the pix and memories of your time togther, * next stop "BOLANFEST 2000"

Rickster & the Gang

Mary, Kath, Jacqui, Karen. Michel -standing- Micky, ZPaul, Jorgen

Harry's Wife, Michel, Harry Feld

Mary, Kath, Micky, Jacqui, Karen, ZPaul, Michel

Rolan Live

Madeline & Rolan

Jacqui & Madeline "Born to Boogie"

Ste (Steve) and Karen

Mickey, Mary, Zac & Karen Holding Mary's Raffle Prize

Jacqui, Zac & Jorgen enjoy a lager

Zac, Karen & Michel

Zac & Rolan

Jacqui & Zac

ZPaul signing the "Warlock Book"

Kath, Rolan & Karen

Zac, Karen, Rolan & Jacqui

ZPaul, Kath & Zac

Andy Ellison & Boz Boorer (J.C.)

Rolan Live

ZPaul, Mary, Jacqui, Karen, Michel & Ste (Steven)

Jacqui at Barnes with Till Dawn Flyer

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