London LONDON 25/55 Gathering/Anniversary

For all the Non-Tillers (and Tillers)that wrote asking to see some Pictures from the London Gathering of Both Tillers and many others from various Bolan factions -N'JOY as you can see from all the smiling face a grand time was had by all - There were some other "Tiller Meetings" that week (the last batch of pictures) that feature a Meeting In New Jersey (U.S.A) between Mark (Mcl) - boy does he travel and our Dear MarR (the Man behind the Till Dawn T-shirts and Caps that were such a hit at the bops) To those that wrote asking to buy one sorry they are only for to Till Dawn members, not that we wouldn't love to have many people wearing them but they were never for "Sale" it was "Gift" from MarcR to the Tillers members - also included are some pixs of Tillers wearing the T-shirts

Simes (Giddy) & Mickey Gray

Pierre (PPP) & Gavin (ATMF)

Cliff & Mr. George (a Rabbit)

Mark (McL) & Mary (Luv Charm)

Mary (luv), ZPaul, Simes & RonnO (Hummmmmmm anyone notice the guyz hanging out at the "Tea Rooms") -joke !

Jorg', Vinny (a Tiller and P.T. guitarist in Rolan's band), Mcl

Ste & Karen (Torch Girl)

Tillers at the exhibit/Helmut,Cliff,Karen,Kat,Pierre,Ron

"The Smiles of Dawnettes"- Kat, Mira & Karen

Karen, David-Do, ZPaul & Aurélie

Karen, David-Do (My Dear looking tipsy ?), Pierre,Aurelie

Maddy & Karen

Kat (looking lovely as ever, PPierre, Mira (Lucky Pierre)

Karen & Jacqui (Baby Butch)

Karen (not camera shy is she ;-)) & Mary (Luv Charm shining in her Till Dawn T-shirt)

Two "K's" (Till)Kat & Karen

Ron (Truck on Ron-RonnO Looking Mighty handsome)

Tree Wall 2002

Martin , Cliff (uncle) & ZPaul (Zombie)

Aurelie with her "daddy" Pierre

RonnO & Kev (Cooperman)

Jacqui & Mark

Rolan in Red Light at club show

Unicorn Floral arrangement placed at Golders Green By Till Dawn & the Trex List

Tillers at exhibit

Tillers enhanced with "Corkscrew" hair

Tree 2002

Andy Ellison (Lead Singer of Johns Children)-always shows his love of Marc's music at the gatherings

Andy Live at the Club (Ps Thanks Andy for alwayes informing T.D. of your upcoming appearences)

Acoustic Band "Tyrannosaurus Jed" during club show

"Jasmine" at the club - Trying to get more info on her lovely performance - so Far we know she is a Bop regular and at a mere 18 years old from London & has the soul of a longtime Fan.

MarcR & Mark (MCL) Meeting in Jersey

Mark doing a "shake the bootie" pose of the back of the T-Shirt

Marc(MCL) front view of the T-shirt

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