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Marc wrote this in the 70's demonstrating the genius of his mind and why he has touched us all in such a unique way"

Every Saturday @ 4:00 UK /Marc Rocks with Barry the DJ MAN

Mick Gray (Roadie/Personal Assistant/Friend to Marc & *Honored Tiller*)

Mick G. at T.Rex soundcheck

An Innocent Marc?

Final Cuts CD

Midnight Special DVD

L.Abel from Hull shows his devotion to Marc with his Guitar

Marc parties with the Ramones

Zip Lucy Gun
Zip Gun Boogie By Lucy

Marc in Japan On Bus

a Bow to Gavin

Fab Four Mag
Alice BolanT
Tiller T-Shirt 03'
Tanx Poster
Mickey & Elvis
Marc with girl
Marc live 73 with eELO




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"BBC List of TV shows Plus more"


*Issue #253 of RECORD COLLECTOR magazine highlights our Mailing List & other Till Dawn Projects in "Children of The WEBolution"


Mickey Finn's interview -Live from Bolanfest-

  • Bolanfest Mickey Finns Flimed interview
  • Micky Live Bolanfest 2000

  • Till Dawn Members/Remeber Bolanfest 2000
  • Bolanfest Mickey Finns Flimed interview

    AFTER SEVEN years we finally have some brillaint film from a Dear Parisian Bolan fan & Tiller Mate Bernard Pavelek who was hired to film the event - I am proud to share the links with you,most if not all of Mickey Finn's interview -Live- always a treat to see all the lovely Tiller and Bolan fans from one other list at the time in the Audience -ENJOY -
    I honestly can not share much more I am so taken aback by being told by one of his close friends this morning on our list -MARCH 22nd 2007- Him and I just spoke 2 dayes ago -I KNOW he is Rocking with Marc !!! (if you were not familar with Milan over the years with his work for Marc or his Tribute band TANX, he was the webmaster of one if not the best Bolan websites on the internet "METAL GURU" (Official German Bolan Site) "METAL GURU SITE"

    The Datsuns have made a cover of T Rex's 'Life's A Gas' for the B side of upcoming download only single 'Waiting For Your Time To Come', out 6 Nov.2006 The Datsuns have promoted Marc since Daye one in interviews and encores

    a Letter from Wolfgang (IMHO the #1 Bolan collector of all time)!! 'Get It On' from the American TV-Series'Midnight Special', date: 03.09.73. That for me the best live version of 'Get It On' which I know.
    This video clip is now published on a American various artists DVD, which includes a lot of great videos of other artists also.* "a BOW to Wolfgang The Bolan Man"*

    It seems there is a UK version and USA one so you have to do some searching yourselves for the one with T.Rex (photo below of UK version) WE are looking into it and wrote them it appears to me (Rick) that this site list only some of the bands on the DVD and T.Rex is indeed on it -as the scan of the back cover clearly shows- "Midnight Special DVD"


    New Picture of one of the few remaining people from the REAL Bolan inner circle Mick Gray (Personal Assistant & Road manager & Friend 72-76)-In the Film Born to Boogie DVD ends with Mick and Marc skipping along during the credits. The Picture is MICK GRAY during a Sound Check. Sadly some of the people trying to re-write the facts of Life with Marc are doing all they can to tarnish his name (You know the ones "Marc was not human his was PERFECT lets not keep true history lets make Sci-Fi" ) Mick a main contributor to the largest selling Bolan Book by Mark Paytress it is obvious the majority of fans and researchers want the truth and not some made up stories from people that were nothing more then one of the many of us screaming YOUNG fans at the time who have now decided to rise themselves to the writers of what happened during Marc's lifetime -SAD REALLY !! AS Tony V said "its all History now lets TRY and keep it Factual"

    A Grand time was had by all but we received quite a few complaints over the site of the London Bop (nothing to do with organizers) But sadly it appears Klub Extreme has changed hands and is close to a DUMP now. Toilets the patrons wouldn't/'couldn't use, beer/soda soaked floors quite a few people lefgt there and met up in another Pub - let Hope next years BIG anniversary will be moved to a Club befiting Marc Bolan and his Fans!! (info on the event below)

    The London bop Klub Extreme, Golders Green, London. Jeepster & Rob Cairns, & a Bolan Disco with DJ Terry Hughes.Merchandise stalls & raffle. Doors open 7pm !

    I will post any and all Gatherings for Marc's Birthday as I get the info So far This is one of the best & Biggest each year brought you you by Michael Green a Most devoted and Kind Bolan Fan & Friend to us all (PLESE look into going you will have a blast)

    *SEPTEMBER 2006* Starting at 7pm there will be five hours of glorious Marc music for you to bop till you drop. As always there will be the customary Birmingham Bop raffle. There will again be a selection of stalls selling Marc Bolan merchandise. CD's, vinyl, posters and period memorabilia will all be available to tease and tempt. All profits from the evening will go to Cancer Research and the PDSA. This years convention will be held at The Aston Social Club which is literally next to the Aston Event Centre (where all the previous Birmingham Conventions have been held). There is ample free car parking available at the club.

    Tickets are now available at £6 each (plus a SAE). Please send cheque(s) made payable to Michael Green to 10 Braunston Lane, Staverton, Northants NN11 6JG. All advance ticket holders will again receive a FREE limited edition print on the evening. In addition, anyone buying an advance ticket for this years convention and then buying an advance ticket next year will receive a very special 'thank you' present at the 2007 convention. Next year will be the 30th Anniversary and it seems likely that 2007 will be the last Birmingham Bop. =================================
    "FINAL CUTS" CD Release It is of course like any import CD from any country able to play on ALL CD players (for those outside of the UK) It can be ordered at:
    for all in the states is selling it (pre order)All NYC dwellers know that they are reliable and honest......
    Combining multi track recordings recently returned to the Bolan family recorded at AIR and Decibel studios, these are the last tracks Marc Bolan ever recorded in 1977. Seven of the twelve numbers were unreleased in his life time, this is the first master-tape clarity release of these songs. This release encapsulates the last chapter in Bolan's illustrious writing / recording career and highlights what direcion he could have been going in during his late twenties. Slipcased album with full track by track annotation and unreleased photos.

    *QUICK* before they take it off the site- as most Fans know "Def Leppard" have recorded "20th Century Boy" for thier new CD (must admit never was a Big Fan of theirs) But this is the 2nd Most *ROUSING* cover version live I have seen them do(the Jay Leno show)- the 1st was when they did it on VH1 "Rock Honors" w/Brian May of Queen joining in (also still can be seen on their site). PLEASE do not miss this full version while it is still up! It looks like It's going to be a Single release -A Bow to JoHannes-
    "Def Leppard Live -20th Century Boy"

    *** CELEBRATE & Join in THE UPCOMING -JUNE 1ST (FIRST EVER)- N.Y.C. "MARC BOLAN TRIBUTE CONCERT" (Guests include *Rolan Bolan Band*, Jeepster Tribute Band, Frankenstein 3000, members from Skid Row & NY Dolls -see Poster)
    **SUPER UPDATE** -The show was a GAS! GAS! GAS!, with over 200 Bolan/Glam Fans rockin N.Y.C. till 2:00AM
    We were Honored (as Most events that MarcR & T.D. have with Tony Visconti's presence, Ace Frehley (Kiss fame) was there to support the Gig -all bands showed up and Played JEEPSTER as alwayes brought the house down as did Rolan's Band !! here are some links to pics from the night (we are putting them up as they come in -eventually there will be a proper page either here or on the GROOVER site- I am leaving this advert up as a wonderful reminder of what was accomplished in NYC
    "NYC #1"

    "NYC #2"

    Click here to purchase tickets!

    **A MUST SEE !! ** we have had some still pixs circulating of T.Rex playing with a 5th member to make sure the site that did archive this gets the credit they deserve I am linking you over to there instead of just putting the clip up-there are quite a few T.Rex clips that are rare but this is amazingly rare with Ian McDonald playing the Sax ?? it is listed on page as
    Top of the Pops (via Disco) Get It On - T Rex "TOTP Get It On- T Rex"

    A Reminder that the NEW issue of the Brilliant Bolan Fanzine "A Thousand Marc Feld Charms" is out "CHARM #21" each issue gets better & better full of info that you don't find on the net and The Bolan Fanzine is part of our History (as Fans) and shuld be supported !!! "Marc Charm's Issue # 21 "

    **Update On New Bolan TV/DVD*
    I am happy to report this info sent to me from a Bolan fan/friend/and A+ P.R. Man Peter Nobel. Peter was behind the UK promotion of the "Born To Boogie" DVD & thanks to him & his determination it was a real success. I am so pleased to see his company will be behind the Promotion of this long awaited DVD release also........read on
    **UPDATE #2**
    Demon Vision's highly anticipated T.Rex DVD compendium "T.Rex On TV" will now be moved to a new UK release date of 5th June 2006 (the DVD was originally penned for 7th April release). 'T. REX ON TV - A T. REX COMPENDIUM', the first official archive DVD to compile a collection of Marc Bolan and T. Rex's quintessential television appearances on French, German and UK television pop programmes throughout the seventies. For info & Press release on the new "DANDY IN THE UNDERWORLD" DVD with inteviews, Press, Links & more "DANDY IN THE UNDERWORLD", click here to go to the website ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    HAPPY NEW YEAR sorry for the delays in the whats new section, most of the new info is placed on the front page or within the site (time is not on my side ;-)like it use to be. I can not leave this fantastic news too long, On North American T.V.(as well as in movie theater trailers) is a new Coca Cola Advert that is just brilliant using Marc's "SLIDER" as the music to promote this major product, FINALLY my wish has come true, Marc's music on a major advert and the song chosen is one never used before (it reminds me of the classic advert for Ketchup that used Carly Simons "Anticipation" )

    New Marc Bolan Book was released in Novemember "From Beneath The Wizard's Gown (Un-Glittered)"
    And it is doing quite well in sales (which is nice to know that Marc can still grab the attention of readers) but more important are the reviews coming in to Till Dawn, I have yet to recieve one that didn't have a positive twist to it. I had a gut feeling this book would be interesting by my letters from the writer and and the new angle the book is written from. I Great RexMas gift
    Synopsis: A probe into Marc Bolan's mind, to ascertain what made him an enchanting, ethereal character. Incorporating a large selection of previously unpublished original poetry and photographs, delving below the make-up. Buying Info-Title: From Beneath The Wizard's Gown, Subtitle: Bolan - Unglittered, Author: Tony Stringfellow, ISBN: 1-899750-33-9, Price: £16.99
    "Aureus Publishing/WIZARDS GOWN"

    a Nice treat we all know Marc was a Big Elvis Presley Fan but thanks to a Tiller we have captured in audio interview(radio) Marc discussing Elvis and his influence, N'JOY!! -its ALL FREE here - The longtime attitude of so many Bolan Fans "Let's SHARE" seems to be what most fans appreciate - speaking of Free Mp3's we are VERY close to bringing back our ENTIRE Bolan Mp3 & Video section which of course will also continue to grow - this is full of marc insight for it's short timing (2 minutes)

    "Marc Chats about Elvis"

    I must saye the reviews on the lists (including Till Dawn) were amazingly Positive & came across as one of the Rocking'ist Bops in years -So Bows go out to the "JEEPSTER BAND" (Marc Joy everso pleased to see the band take off as it has),a surprise Duet with "Delf & Vinny"(from Rolans Band) On "Elemental Childe", as well as the Brill D.J. Terry

    Remixer and producer "tone396" has featured extensively on radio and music television channels around the world. early mixes as ultra396 brought him to the attention of the makers of MTVís Mash show who commissioned the production of 5 exclusive mixes (snippet from site) Well one of those songs is a re-mix of "Get It On" (a winner -IMHO-) you can download the song for free and get more info from his site -N'JOY "Get It On(tone396 rmx"

    a quickie a member informed us of a USA Mountain Bike company that has added a line of "Bolan Bike Frames" -now this is a new one!! here is a link to the company and already know 2 people that ordered the "Metal Guru" Frames
    Metal Guru is our flagship high performance mountain bike. It balances comfort on long epic rides with the agility needed to float over aggressive terrain and all the transitions in between.

    If you can have only one bike, go for the Slider. We designed the Slider cyclocross bike to be an awesome all-around rig that can go pretty much anywhere fast. Its geometry is stable but quick
    Other models include Jeepster,Groover,Jewel,E.W.,Thunderwing Contact them at the link below "VICIOUS CYCLES"

    We are pleased to share with you (for a short time) a HQ recording from Live 8 (sign the petition!!) of Elton's wonderful intro mentioning Marc Bolan & T.Rex as well as the song "Children of the Revolution" with Lead singer of the Babyshambles - I must saye it is NOT as bad as it looked Elton's band is tight and playing COR in full out Rock 'n' Roll, also Aol.com are still showing video clips of various performances and Elton's "C.O.R."is one of them

    "Mp3 Children of the Revolution 8"

    I hope this works out but follow this link and you can "save target as" to you desktop of a wonderful Flash Promo for the "Utilmate Collection" a nice little gem to save in your Bolan collection, you can just "run" it by clicking on the link (it is virus free)

    "Ultimate CD Promo"

    -WHAT MORE CAN WE SAYE -!! North American released June 7th

    -**update again** JULY-
    Well BTB didn't do as well as hoped in N.A. but still made the top 20 in Rock DVD's (me I think that is great) being a realist it might not have had the same immediate impact as it did in the U.K. but I can saye reaching #20 has already started a buzz from the "New C.O.T.R." as the letters we get indicate It think its power is the fact that there will be a spiral of a Bolanic movement- Here is an update on how it is doing eslewhere
    Before I forget One of our MAIN Tillers & Friends MarcR was a guest of Tony V's a month before the DVD release to heard it in all its 5.1 glory in Tony's studio -I have wanted to share this pix with ALL Bolan fans because MarcR deserve the recognition for being one of the "Honest" Bolan Fans and he is just as enthusiastic now as I he was in the 70's -MarcR if I don't tell you enuff you are the Pulse of Till Dawn and I Bow to you for all you have accomplished since joining Till Dawn- you deserve to ride limos with TV ;-)(scroll down a bit it is under the Tiller Rex CD advert)

    "Born To Boogie" DVD Goes Worldwide

    The Born to Boogie DVD is now available worldwide and has enjoyed great sales successes. In the UK it was the number one Music DVD in the official sales charts for the week-ending 22 May 2005. It went on to spend four weeks in the top 5 and is still in the top 40. It went into the top 20 in the US and has enjoyed top 10 positions in Japan, Germany, France and Sweden"

    **Update* read a Brill' review of the DVD/Premiere under the "Whats New Till Dawn" Link For EXCITING video clips of the new Born To Boogie DVD with inteviews, Press, Links & more Born To Boogie, click here to go to the fabulous Official Born To Boogie website!

    Click on Link/Banner below for complete info. on the DVD release at Distributers site -amazing stuff- !! or click on our "What's New" page for a more detailed report also you can PRE-ORDER at Amazon.com "Pre-Order UK B.T.B."
    "Pre-Order U.S.A. B.T.B.- June 7th"

    PLEASE bare with us (construction) The dead links etc.while we make room for all the interviews, pictures, songs, we have just waiting to get on the site

    **VERY X-Citing news for Till Dawn
    and our work in spreading the Bolan legacy. Dec/January 2005 SPECIAL EDITION of "Q/Mojo" Magazine Focusing on the "Greatest ICONS of All Time". A Double treat Marc Bolan/T.Rex came in at a respectable number #43 !! most artists included a listing of their Top LP works, videos, websites & Books -I am everso pleased to say that Till Dawn & TOMB were the website they chose Under "ESSENTIALS" for Bolan- All of us here are quite "Honored" - You can order this special edition online
    "Q/Mojo" Magazine's Greatest ICONS"


    **TILLER-REX (Band) #2 CD .............IN STOCK !!!**

    Update Oct. 04' : Thanks to all the people that have brought the CD and gave such wonderful reviews we are thinking of selling it through a online shop! Please use the info below until we get a page set up, it is being distributed with paypal as an option a Biased opinion "Fantastic" but aslo from other promo adjectives "Supurb","Masterpiece in these Bolan Fan releases" (side note something Till Dawn originated ;-) main thing N'JOY
    I hope we all help promote this CD release on all the Bolan lists and 'word of mouth" It is so nice to have our lists help each other along without any silly politics- So cats pass the promo film links to all those you know as well as the mp3 melody (and of course ordering info)Info on the back cover includes links/info on the "Friends" Fan CD and the RARN Band

    "MP3 Medley Promo"

    "Windowsplayer-Film 1 Promo"

    "Windowsplayer-Film 2 Promo"
    Song Promo's set to some brilliant "Home movie clips"

    TILLER - REX #2
    An International Fan Tribute to Marc Bolan

    How to get your copy of Tiller-Rex 2 CD

    To get your copy of the CD Please write the list and we will send you all order info
    Till Dawn


    All prices include postage and packing.

    UK £6
    Europe 10 Euro
    USA $11
    Other currencies: on request

    As with the Tiller 1 project, the modest "profit" made from selling these cd's will be paid into the Tiller Central Fund and may be used to finance similar Bolan ventures in the future.

    ==================== SAD NEWS: It has been reported today (Oct.25 04') That the man the helped put Marc into almost all our hearts "JOHN PEEL" has died 1939-2004 "he too is in our hearts & within the flowers & trees"
    WE were just contacted by Elius Books letting us know that a Book on Peel's Life will be released in Spring 2005
    -John Peel - The Ultimate Legend (ISBN 0952871262)

    SOME LONG AWAITED NEWS for our TYRANN.REX Fans we got this info from Cliff who found it on Spin records site (a Bow)

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Remasters
    : 4 slipcase packaged Tyrannosaurus Rex Remasters coming on September 20th: 'My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair But Now They're Content to Wear Stars On Their Brows' (1968), 'Prophets, Seers & Sages the Angels of the Ages' (1968), 'Unicorn' (1969) and 1970's 'A Beard of Stars'. Also, 'T-Rex' by the by then re-named T-Rex, again from 1970. Expect to pay around £8.99 each. More details will follow as they emerge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    One of the best Bolan Fanzines & still going strong - "A Thousand Marc Feld Charms" Just wanted to help promote a dear and good friend to many in the Bolan community Gavin Ross you can get info on ordering the Zine from the T.O.M.B. page - Just released the SUMMER 2004 issue that carries an interesting interview with Fellow Tiller and Marc (T.Rex) Roadie Mick Gray (Marmalade)"Charms" has its own online list "Unicorn Horn"

    Another sad passing in the "T.Rex" circle of members. We have just been notified that "Dino Dines" has passed away.Marc's longtime Keyboard Player 73-77 The details are still sketchy. Dino was a True gentleman (not a Rock n Roll star as told to us by a personal friend Bob M.) and it was also apparent not only from his willingness to do a Q & A for Till Dawn/trex Lists but his answers. Such a "weird string" as written below I write about working on the Bolan People Page and I was just about to add a fuller section for him. You can find his Q & A on the site.He would have been 60 this year. Our love and condulances go out to his Family and sons.

    I am everso PROUD to tell you that I/we have spent this past month with one mission and that was not only updating our very popular "BOLAN PEOPLE" page but I think I can honestly saye that with all our contacts of Marc's you would be hard pressed to find a name missing that falls under "Notable People" in Marc's Life. I still have a few more to add and about to start the research and attempt at getting pictures of the new entries.
    So I BOW to all those that have helped me (on the list) putting this together -what I know from letters many feel is an important listing/page- cause as time goes on names get forgotten etc. and it is one of Till Dawn's goals to keep Marc's history/Legacy alive and above all FACTUAL. So N'Joy -There is a link for the page in our index "Bolan People(Encyclopedia" of people of note associated with Marc Bolan.
    No we haven't turned into a BOWIE site (picture)- though he is probably the second most talked about artist on our list, and rightly so. There is such a rich history between Bolan & Bowie going back long before their "Fame" (what's in it?).I have yet to read the new "MOJO -Special Edition" - Magazine story I have heard it is an interesting read. A Bow to MOJO Zine for their continued support of Marc's legacy over the years with reviews, stories etc.
    Besides the Bolan/Bowie article there is also a nice read on Bowie "Spaceboy to Superstar, 40 years of Bowie" (Yes I said *40 years ). I am hoping to put up some clips and pixs from the article "Bowie Vs. Bolan- The great GLAM showdown" well I know who I think the winner will always be. Sadly until the last year of Marc's life Bolan/Bowie was seen by the press and admittedly by the stars filled with competition between them. It is one of the saddest moments yet also happiest to see Bowie & Marc onstage together in 77' for a duet on the last episode of the MARC TV show, only to have Marc fall off his riser and the song never made it out to the public.
    Once again we have joined hands with the trex list & Till Dawn members and together gathered questions for an interview with a former T.Rex member. This time it is with Herbie Flowers. A great read, he has some very fond memories of Marc. As you read the intro I think you will be quite surprised by all the many bands, sessions Herbie has been involved with. The Q & A is listed in our ever growing "Interviews/reviews" section, where you can find other wonderful interviews -if you would like just a direct link to Herbie's "Herbie Flowers Q & A"
    Our deepest *Belated Sympathies go out to Mrs. Finn. Chris Finn, Mickeys brother died in July of Liver failure!(the same cause of Mickey's passing) Chris had been ill for several years following head injuries received when he was hit by a car. Mrs. Finn has now lost both her sons within a year!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Usually we save "Endorsements" for our seperate page or T.O.M.B. But so many people write asking about where to buy NEW Bolan T-Shirts. We Have had this company listed in T.O.M.B. for years but they have x-panded their selection they are worth a -Look see- here is direct link to their Bolan section -(P.S. also send free Bolan E-Cards)from their site "Marc Bolan T-Shirts/ Lazy Carrot" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    A Tiller Member and one of the main sources for the research into the upcoming Bolan U.K. Documentery "BOLAN'S MISSING MILLIONS" Micky Gray (Marc's Roadie from 71-76) has just informed us he has been contacted by the Producer of the Show & it will be airing on September 20th at 9:00 pm On Channel 4 (U.K). A quick Bow to Mick Gray for all the work he has done/is doing for Marc's legacy and how freely he shares with the Till Dawn list the "Facts"!! of those years not some second Hand info by second hand people. He is assuring that Marc's legacy will not turn into "fiction" written by people that weren't there, a fear shared by Tony Visonti to me years back when we realized how vital the net was going to become for Marc's Fan's.
    Well the Documentery did air last night (Sept 20th), we will be transcribing as much as possible in the coming dayes!! Pictures captured from the Docu. on the left scroll down a bit I will add when I saw the Documentary I was surprized by how much was x-posed & the best news was to hear that what has been Holding Rolan back from getting any royalties (Marc not being Married to Gloria)will be a law changing & Rolan will finally be recognized as "the Son & Heir"


    GOLDMINE Magazine has once again Placed Marc on their cover (The last was in 96' with a Majestic Picture of Marc wearing a Crown) This time the picture is not up to their usually quality but hard to complain when Marc's face is honored with the cover shot. Goldmine does not sell back issues so unless you want to spend much more for it on ebaye I suggest you get a copy soon. The article is written by Sean Egan Released September 5th /issue Vol 29 # 18 Issue 603(picture on right)


    What a GAS finally a(fairly) Clear picture of Marc onstage with his mate Jeff Lynne (E.L.O.)
    In the early days of internet Bolan community there was nothing we could find as proof of this historic pairing -Jeff Lynne of course confirmed Marc played at the gig as well as session guitarist on the E.L.O. hit "Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle" in 1994 he confirmed this on radio, the new Bolan generation didn't know this (by the letters I/we recieved)and Jeff is making sure Marc's work with them is not forgotten (if you look hard there is a A+ bootie with the sessions & outakes and other songs "Mambo","My Woman")


    Thunderwing have announced, on their site, the follow up to their "Slider Recordings" will be "The Tanx Recordings". The album will be issued free with a T-shirt as was the "Slider" CD . Release is set for September 2003. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    *"SUMMER DEEP, Summer Gift"*.. from Till Dawn to all Bolan Fans...! A beautifully designed Bolan Game (by our own Michel's clever son)-
    It is a simple game based on the Memory Card game in which you have to turn the cards and find the same pictures. It's very nice to play while listening to Marc's music. You can Download it as a zip file (hope our Mac friends can open it too) from a Page on the "Tales" site, where there is also images etc. of the game -N'JOY
    Remembering Marc Bolan Game

    IT's HERE ......!

    More info to follow soon- The long awaited remastered release of the brilliant CD "BELTANE,a Musical Journey". Tony Visconti has called this "A Masterpiece, Marc would have loved it" Along with new beautifully designed packaging are THREE new tracks by Ms. Lambert & The Lore Liege Ensemble as well as a CD-Rom. A 2/CD set !!

    CD1 -"BELTANE" remastered CD with new tracks CD2 TWO E-Books written by Michel Laverdiere. Book one
    "The Bopping Elf" a mystical journey that follows "POON" (Marc's acknowledged-Muse-)
    Book Two
    "The Gospel According to Marc Bolan" - Michel brings his spiritual insight to many of Marc's Lyrics. Soon to be available at amazon (Amazon has in stock only the first edition until March)
    The CD release has its own Order/Info site -if ordered through the label no extra charge for Shipping/Handling- Once again Michel is selling his Bolan related works at the lowest price possible at 15.00 USD/9.00 British Pounds "Tales from the Book of Time"/XXI Productions


    **A TEAR for another HIGH STAR **
    A very Sad waye to start this year Mickey Finn Died January 11th 2003 Of Kidney & Liver failure.

    I applaud all those that backed Mickey through the years and went to his shows as well as him granting TILL DAWN an Exclusive interview a few years back. I Highlight of our list as Mickey was a reserved man, though I applaud Tiller George Rabb for putting togther the "Bolanfest 2000" it was a time you can see Mickey was truly happy -not cause he was shining but cause his stories and Love for Marc was able to be shown. Go to the BolanFest section to see some Lovely and candid picture of Mickey.

    Such a joy to know after the past 15 years of having no interest shown in him, the advent of the Net that Mickey got to see and hear how much he was still in our hearts and from there he went to the memorial Anniversary and was embraced by so many people which than lead to him deciding to give the T.Rex Fans a little bit of nostalgia by creatin his own Mickey Finn's T.Rex band (for the nay-sayers for the record -from a most relaible source Mickey was entitled to the name T.Rex as Much as Marc was (it was legally the two of them). Granted he wasn't Marc but his image and presence and beautifuil music that HE created on the Brown LP and Beard of Stars (for those that thought his contributation was nothing compared to Steve Tooks that these two LP's are usually most Fans favorites speaks for itself)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **We were just informed - and quite chuffed- to hear Rick/ the TILL DAWN /TOMB site was mentioned in the new re-issue of Mark Paytress's (to some the "Bolan Bible") "20th Century Boy" Book Thanks Mark for recognizing the T.O.M.B. It has been mentioned in other Fanzines but your stamp of approval is quite nice- It is not an easy site to run and we all are quite proud of it:

    "Apart from typing 'marc' and 'Bolan' into a search engine, your first port of call on the internet should be http://www.tilldawn.net/tomb.html ,which provides a clear and comprehensive guide to what happens and where"

    The book went to print before we changed to our own domain name but the link included will re-direct you here.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In celebration of the 25th anniversary Cliff McLenehan's "Marc Bolan 1947-1977 a Chronology" much celebrated book has been "Updated/Re-vised" and is also available now as a Soft cover Book at a reduced price. Considering the wealth of new information it should cost more than the first issue. The first edition was a MUST have this new edition is a Must have for all Bolan Fans (even those that have the first one) to quote a piece of a review of the book by "record collector" magazine
    "one of FEW essential Bolan Books" -The writer documents the Glam King's spectacular rise and fall with the precision of a micro-surgeon". Added is a direct link to amazon.com's sale page U.K. (fear not our U.S.A. Buddies just follow their link to the America shop.
    Marc Bolan a Chronology 47-77

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3- A true joy to announce here for the first time that MICHEL LAVERDIERE (the man behind the much celebrated and endorsed by Tony Visconti CD "Beltane") has shared with the Till Dawn list his deeply moving impressions brought on by Marc's music (song by song) Knowing this was too special to just be shared within our list he has worked -again for Marc's legacy- by turning his thoughts and thought provoking words into a new site. It is Not to be missed - thank you Michel for just following your heart and the positive path that we try to create here where Marc's leagcy is respected and honored
    The Gospel According to Marc Bolan

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4- Well after 7 years on June 1st I can proudly say we took the step to our own DOMAIN name and Link. I want to personally thank Christin owner of the old marc-bolan.net domain for holding on to it in wait for a year for us to make the move. In the end we decided to let her just release it, we are of course a Marc Bolan site but one that is not looking to confuse people into thinking we, in any way, have a "ownership" of Marc's name or Legacy. We are the Till Dawn/List Site still thriving unabated for all these years, so in the end (IMHO) it was best to stick with our name and just keep doing what we do - Spread the Name, music, factual Legacy of the man we were so touched by- His Name is Marc Bolan -we are Till Dawn ;-). Most of the old pages will re-direct you to the new Till Dawn Org.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5- A Personal plead from Till Dawn to the people that run other Bolan factions/clubs/sites *remember we are all here because of our love of Marc!!
    Till Dawn might be an "Oasis" from these continued squabbles that you create but think of the newer fans! In the end you are only tainting the good name of Marc, his legacy and maybe losing a potential fan along the waye - and it continues

    Well work is just begining on the follow-up to our critically successful "Tiller-Rex Band" Tribute CD we are hoping to have it ready for Marc's 25/55, this time it will probably be an EP..


    Hi! My name is Rick Dalvano a.k.a "Rickster"... I am the list owner and manager of the Global Till Dawn mailing list/organization/site- A list that celebrates the life and music of Marc Bolan & T. Rex * More Info added below* As this main page has pointed out for over 9 years now the TILL DAWN list is a "Limited" list. This is a request by myself & the rest of the list so to keep the spirit alive in a community minded waye- if you are or have been on the waiting list I am sure as "True" Marc Bolan fans you will understand the reasoning behind this -I think we do Marc's legacy proud by forging deep personal friendships here all spurred on by his memory- I can't think of a better way to show the world how by our actions we keep the spirit of Marc alive in a positive and friendly way! If you are not inclined to waiting feel free to join the Slider or trex list's.

    Till Dawn was created by Russ Thomas and myself in mid '96.  Till Dawn was born as a private list, to offer a small oasis for some of the fans that have been around since "back in the 70's". . . (ok, ok, that's just a nice way to say we're getting old!) There are so many lists out there that flounder for want of a sensible, flexible and open attitude toward its members - we just wanted to create the right mood. . . and that takes good management! The generosity and devotion of our members is our only way of knowing that whatever it is we are doing- we are doing "right" .I hope that it is a reflection of the vibe created here. From day one it was built on trust and extending our hands in friendship (not division) to all people. We created a "community" (not an easy task)

    With approx. 140 members (and a waiting list ) spread over the entire globe none of us are "All Alone" for very long! Some of our member's musical knowledge would astound you -  some are well known musicians and authors, others can tell personal stories about meeting Marc and T.REX while others spread their web related skills over the world to help bring Marc & T.REX to yet more people.

    But don't think we're all old fogies at Till Dawn... far from it! Ages range from 19 to... well, you get the idea. And of course, the future of Marc's music can only rest with the newer fans ..as the current success of "Bus Stop's Rap/remix of "G.I.O" has shown us! So if  you only found Marc recently, don't think you aren't welcome... If your heart is truely in keeping Marcs legacy alive anyone is welcome. We do keep the list limited in size so we can keep the intimacy that tends to get lost in larger lists. So be patient if you have placed a subscription in. We wish all Bolan related lists much success -Our goals are all the same we just have different appouches (variety is the spice of life) Here almost as important as Marc is our disire to "Really" capture what I/we feel is Marc's "essence" this being "Harmony" our souls connecting ona plane that only a true Bolan fan could appreciate*s bonding with other members seeems to come quite naturally here till the friendships begin trancending Marc.I/we take Marc's words "Don't every worry cos' I'm your friend" quite literally. Our gatherings are proof of this...Positive Vibes can be an amazing thing

    Don't be surprised if you start thinking of Till Dawn as home or sending huge gifts halfway round the world via air-mail..we DO. There are so many people that need to be thanked for helping to make the list the warm "cave" it is. I must thank Simes, David, Dan, Karen, Debora, Stew, Michel, Cliff, Jorgen, Gerry, Pierre, MarcO, Sage, (to name but a few) for their loyality and love & keeping the vibe just right..

    "Here at Till Dawn we talk as much about Marc "The Man" as we do ,Marc "The Musician".

    Researched and written by

    Rickster Dalvano.

    Yoursrickster.gif (3386 bytes)

    The  "Tillers" Web site. The pride and joy of our list. This page is basically a "summery" of Till Dawn. Most of the info on this page can be found in more detail in the index links in the left frame
    With lots of Marc Bolan information, along with up to date info on our projects and special pieces contributed by our members (a beautiful) Till Dawn ODE  written by Sverre )   the Tiller Directory where you can meet some of the members with their pictures and personal information, also links to current Bolan happenings.

    In the time we've been together - we will celebrate our 10 YEAR (a DECADE) anniversary in September 2005- (this include our original list on n-i.com, onelist then yahoo) Till Dawn has become a really special place, a nice little community. We have already in just this short time, created two beautiful Till Dawn T-Shirt's, lovingly designed by our very own Debora, Russ & Micah (now a collectors item!), a "Tillers Choice" CD (yet another collectors item!) The "Ultimate Bolan/Bowie" CD highlighting lots of rare tracks where their paths crossed. We were the main promoters on the net for the "Beltane" CD first pressing and the 2003 re-issue

    We had/have several Tiller Gatherings including a "Tiller World Tour" and the "Feather in Our Cap" that will alwayes be held close to our hearts was our Dear Karen's post regarding the state of the Tree which started in motion a Bolan Wide movement to keep and maintain the area around the "Barnes Tree" in the manner it deserves, What started as our simple "Bulp/Flower" project has now taken on a life of its own - The simplicity of those beginning dayes are still represented here, on the web we have chat rooms, a BBS and of course this, the Till Dawn Website! Also the year 2000 I think has ushered in a new desire by all the various Bolan factions to turn the 21st Century into one of joining hands and in keeping with this spirit the jumping point was the "BOLANFEST 2000" get together put together by George Rab. It seems quite a test lets hope Marc's love keeps negativity at bay.

    We are proud of the successful  Rex-Mas T-shirt beautifully done by Debora her son Daniel with input from other Tillers and hope to make this a yearly item. We Just finished work (designed by our MarcR) 25/55 Anniversary T-Shirt and Baseball Cap - In True Tiller Spirit MarcR donated all the T-shirts and caps to our members (a truly generous action)

    Besides our personal joy in our project (bulbs), it also made the newspapers. We are now hard at work on adding to the next "Tiller-Rex" CD. The first (still copies left/order info in the index) A few (23)Bolan songs covered by members of the list. What may very well be a first - a List that circulated a tape around to its members with each musician adding their instrument. Three tracks were produced (a few more on the way) by guitarist Cliff Rubin from " Sky Blues " fame.

    The "Tiller-Rex Band" fantastic cover songs of Marc's and our project was written up in Record Collector magazine -on the site you can hears clips of the full Mp3 version of "Raw Ramp". The intial tracks were : Raw Ramp, Rip-Off and  Lofty Skies. For a quick sample of them in real audio here is a link: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Theater/3104/

    In more detail is The most wonderful of all the projects we were lucky enough to be involved in, is the work  by MICHEL LAVERDIERE, the Artistic Director and Executive Producer of the most brilliant CD " BELTANE, A MUSICAL FANTASY " For a limited time the price is only $14.00 American Dollars (inludes shipping)....the ordering info can be found by contacting  Rick.  We have a wonderful and a magical CD here and only a man like Michel who was touched by Marc's music, like we were, could have given it its life. This wasn't a job; this truly was a "labor of love" Michels only goal was to further Marcs audience and to bring "Marc into many more hearts" Hearts that might never have heard of him if not for this CD.
    The CD has been given the stamp of approval by -the man behind the boards - Tony Visconti .
    Read the fax which Tony sent Michel praising Beltane. T.V's fax.

    bulbs1.jpg (29747 bytes)The Flowers started by Karen O'Reilly's post regarding the state of the "Tree" There was a collection made on the list and then several U.K.Tillers went and planted aprox 1100 bulbs around the "Tree" at Barnes that started the whole Tree clean up crew, I will always BOW to Karen and the Other Tillers that jumed on this idea so quickly and put their hands in their pockets without question - Unfortunatly our plan for a nice peaceful /serene atmosphere was taken over by others we now have the Tree turned into an "Theme Park". I wanted to keep these picture up as a reminder of our gentle beginning...!... 

    **  "The Perfumed Garden of  Tillers" **

    sad to see them mourning you. . .

    photo's by Dave Holtom


    bulbs2.jpg (27076 bytes)

    So as you can see this is not a passive mailing list. We move at our own pace in this way we don't lose sight of having a "Bit O' Boley" fun while doing it.Hopefully our deeds with help "Keep Marc Alive in a few hearts"



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