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"Interstellar Paul's" Sites

Paul came to the Tiller Gang in 1998 from the begining he joined in with our threads-
Not a "Shy Boy" was he ... Within a few weeks he announced that he had created a site for "Glam Rock".
Not to be missed, it is set up in a wonderful chronological layout. It is called "Glam Rock of the 70's. http://www.bigfoot.com/~glamrock70s

A few weeks later it was "look I have launched my Marc Bolan site **Update Paul has yet again created a new Bolan Home on the web this time focusing on Mp3's and Real Audio go have a look and a listen -At "BOOGIE ON" http://www.bigfoot.com/~boogieon

"Jitterbug Love" ... and Paul gets even better at his work on the web. http://www.bigfoot.com/~jitterbuglove
Here is a bit of Paul's intro from his Bolan site:
"I first heard about T.Rex in 1971, I was watching American Bandstand on T.V., as usual I found most of the music pretty boring, that's until Dick Clark announces a new song from England called "Bang A Gong" by T.Rex. Never has a song impacted me as fast as that song had. To me it was so much better than the usual stuff I heard during that era. Needless to say I was a T.Rex fan from that moment on.