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A much needed and requested (through my mails) site that focuses on Marc Bolan Tab's.

Write Me a Song One of the areas you would think/hope after all these years of Marc on the net would be more sites showing Marc Tab's. We have Russ's "Songs" section to his H.R.O.T. site, now hopefully Pierre can (with the help of all Bolan Fans (The musicians)he can truly get a proper cataloge started on this site. What better way to help keep Marc's music alive for the next generation than to show them how to play the songs that interest them. We wish this site much success

This site might someday become one of the main portals for Marc Bolan on the Internet.

World of the Wizard The site comes to the web from REXMANIA and is helping spread Marc's Magic to as many people as possible. I wish her the best of luck with this most "dazzling" site. The most visually X-citing site out there.

This is part of a larger site called "Planet Stardust" sectioned here on Glam Rock Pages.

Glam/Planet Stardust Not just a Marc Bolan site (though Marc seems to get the lions share of attention) The site focuses on all things Glam (Bowie,Velvet Goldmine etc.) .

This site just seemed to appear out of nowhere and what a site it is, especially if you are a Bolan Collector.

Marc Bolan & T.Rex Singles The complete site title is MARC BOLAN AND T.REX WORLDWIDE SINGLES RELEASES I think that says it all.

A Lovely Graphic site done with Love and care by our very own "Maddy". Since Maddy started posting her work on the lists so many people have asked to "borrow" her images to use on their own Bolan websites. Have a look - a very talented Gal and Friend ...

Madeleine's Art Just follow the "My Marc Bolan Art".

A Tiller project of sorts, is a brand NEW Marc Bolan Website. 

The Pilgrims Tale This one brought to you by our very own Dela (Dela Dawn to me). Dela has covered quite a few areas with this site; Lyrics, Pictures, links ..and a visually x-citing design. The difference here are Dela's plans on making Marc's poetry & prose the centre of attraction.


Dela has created /added a Marc Screensaver to the site (under freebie) We wish you well Dela & tanx for the screensaver . . .




pilgrim.jpg (9329 bytes)