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October 26th 2006

Many new updates on MAIN PAGE !!

June 8th 2006

Hummmmmmmm been awhile , yeah ;-) actually Lots of stuff has been added , updated etc. - and the Main Page to the site itself continues to show all the GOOD that is happening in the Bolan World. I was going to stop this "Update" page but there is so much on 5 pages of our site that people still find interesting in a "chronological" waye that It will staye for all time. I will add some new things from time to time But not on a Monthly/weekly basis, Just keep check round the site and make sure you follow the Main page for the more important updates. With the continued- if not even growing- more global on the Till Dawn List part of the Organization I have only two hands and I am focusing on the list alot more then I use to with Photos. files etc. - I welcome to our list so many new people that have become already Old Friends some that Made the Gig and others that are just true honest Bolan fans with No agenda! Everso Happy to now have two major Bolan Fans from Japan on the list (not forgetting all the newer tillers), a real treat to finally share the impact of Marc in Japan first hand with not only his Fans but Japanese site owners and one in a Tribute Band over there - As the world shrinks :-)

Before I add some info on the very successful N.Y.C.GIG from the main page I do want to add one special update to the site I don't want people to miss it is under the "BITS & PIECES" section where I will be adding some wonderful PDF files (adobe) with stories, articles, maps, adverts all in glorious PDF format

-JUNE 1ST (FIRST EVER)- N.Y.C. "MARC BOLAN TRIBUTE CONCERT" (Guests include *Rolan Bolan Band*, Jeepster Tribute Band, Frankenstein 3000, members from Skid Row & NY Dolls -see Poster)
**SUPER UPDATE** -The show was a GAS! GAS! GAS!, with over 200 Bolan/Glam Fans rockin N.Y.C. till 2:00AM
I Hope to get some reviews Up. We were Honored (Like Most events that MarcR & T.D. have put together with Tony Visconti's presence) who chated with Fans and introduce Rolan's Rockin Band, Ace Frehley (Kiss fame) was there to support the Gig -all bands showed up and Played JEEPSTER as alwayes brought the house down as did Rolan's Band !! here are some links to pics from the night (we are putting them up as they come in -eventually there will be a proper page either here or on the GROOVER site-
"NYC #1"

"NYC #2"

January 17th

**Update On New Bolan TV/DVD*
I am happy to report this info sent to me from a Bolan fan/friend/and A+ P.R. Man Peter Nobel. Peter was behind the UK promotion of the "Born To Boogie" DVD & thanks to him & his determination it was a real success. I am so pleased to see his company will be behind the Promotion of this long awaited DVD release also........read on
Demon Vision is proud to announce the 17th April 2006 release of 'T. REX ON TV - A T. REX COMPENDIUM', the first official archive DVD to compile a collection of Marc Bolan and T. Rex's quintessential television appearances on French, German and UK television pop programmes throughout the seventies.

January 17 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR sorry for the delays in the whats new section, most of the new info is placed on the front page or within the site (time is not on my side ;-)like it use to be I can not leave this fantastic news On North American T.V.(as well as in movie theater trailers) is a new Coca Cola Advert that is just brilliant using Marc's "SLIDER" as the music to promote this major product, FINALLY my wish has come true, Marc's music on a major advert and the song chosen is one never used before

June 7th

We are pleased to share with you (for a short time) a HQ recording from Live 8 (sign the petition!!) of Elton's wonderful intro mentioning Marc Bolan & T.Rex as well as the song "Children of the Revolution" with Lead singer of the Babyshambles - I must saye it is NOT as bad as it looked, Elton's band is tight and playing COR in full out Rock 'n' Roll

"Mp3 Children of the Revoltion 8"

Maye 2nd

Still trying to find the time to make a proper page filled with BTB reviews so until then this is as good a spot as any to share some with you - (If you are a Tiller we have lots of pixs from this screening as well as many reviews in the FILES section) Review Below "Biz Wire"

T.Rex Brought to the Big Screen in DTS Sound DTS 96/24 High Resolution Audio Brings
**Born to Boogie**- Back to Life
TWYFORD, United Kingdom--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 2, 2005--In celebration of the launch of the T.Rex "Born to Boogie" DVD, Sanctuary Records held a premiere at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema in London, on 26 April, featuring DTS 96/24 high resolution audio playback. The eagerly awaited, special two-disc release consists of Ringo Starr's legendary 1972 film "Born to Boogie," the only two full concerts ever recorded with T.Rex, and a wealth of extra material.
The screening of this epic concert's rare and sometimes unseen footage in DTS 96/24, which offers an unprecedented level of audio quality for multi-channel sound on DVD-Video, was delivered via the XD10 Cinema Media Player, DTS' latest cinema technology for high definition audio and video playback.

"DTS' unique combination of high quality surround technologies developed for home entertainment, in this case DTS 96/24, and robust cinema technology, with the DTS XD10 Cinema Media Player, makes DTS a market leader in bringing alternative content to cinemas," explained David Pope, Director of Business Development, CSS and Pre-Show at DTS.

The recently rediscovered, original analogue audio master tapes of "Born to Boogie" were remastered by legendary music producer Tony Visconti, and subsequently encoded by Sanctuary Post into DTS 96/24. The resulting DVD was screened at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema event through the XD10 Cinema Media Player, allowing the audience to experience this legendary sound as though they were part of the 10,000-member audience present at the live concert 33 years ago.
"I'm a great fan of DTS; it's my format of choice," Tony Visconti commented at the launch party for the title. The DVD itself also features a DTS 96/24 soundtrack, allowing every consumer with a DTS-enabled home entertainment system to experience the concert movie in the same high quality surround sound audio enjoyed by the many VIPs, stars and press who attended the evening event at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema.

April 25th

Haven't time to make a proper page, I just want all Bolan fans to read this very special review by our dear Tiller "Barrie (Manchester)" of the Premiere and the DVD ASAP We have a few and more coming in of this Knock-out event (Sime's just rips you apart with his words) I hope I have time to make a full page of the reviews -soon-
BORN TO BOOGIE -A Tiller REVIEW (Premiere)

Hi Gang
Well what can I say - just witnessed the Bolan event of the new millenium. Went to the Printworks complex in Manchester tonight to see the Wembley concert in all it's glory. A disappointing turnout (there was only about 45 of us there) but the atmosphere was electric. A DJ from a local Liverpool radio station was the kind of compere for the evening and as everyone arrived they were given a raffle ticket. Once everyone had settled down he announced that he would be drawing out tickets to win some goodies. The main prize was a Born To Boogie goodie bag with posters, badges, prints, and a voucher for the CD release of BTB - there were about 5 other draws for posters for the new DVD - I didn't win boo hoo.
The film started with footage from outside Wembley of fans arriving and poster sellers while the soundtrack was of the audience inside Wembley. Then Emperor Rosko appeared and announced that T.Rex were about to appear - he hailed them as the biggest group in the UK or something like that then Marc and Co walked on waving to their adoring fans. This was the concert from the evening at Wembley - the one that makes up Born To Boogie with a few exceptions. For instance the first song T.Rex perform is Cadilac - all the between numbers banter is there in it's entirety - Marc asking the audience are the okay as there is a bit of crushing going on - then into Jeepster - then into Baby Strange - Marc then announces they are going to do some acoustic numbers and changes the angle of his mike and selects his acoustic guitar, sits cross legged on the floor and launches into Spaceball Ricochet followed by Girl which was a complete surprise - followed by Cosmic Dancer which is complete - no editing on this number - it is superb. Telegram Sam follows then Hot Love and Get It On minus the obvious overdubs that the original film suffers from. T.Rex exit the stage and Emperor Rosko comes back to get the audience baying for more T.Rex action - Marc obliges and runs through a blistering Summertime Blues then it's over. We then see footage of Rolan interviewing Tony Visconti who speaks so affectionately of Marc it brings a tear to the eye - the interview is illustrated with outtakes of the Tutti Fruitti session and bits of Wembley. As a final treat the track Born To Boogie plas while home movie footage from 1972 os played on the screen.
The majority of the footage we saw tonight was new - obviously pieced together from the five cameras that were filming that night but rather than present the songs we know so well from Born To Boogie as they appear in the original film the creators chose to piece together the other shots - in effect creating a brand new film of T.Rex in concert. It was truely mind blowing. There was applause from the audience after each number - it was the closest thing to going to a new T.Rex concert that I've experienced in years . Well done to the people involved. I went with people who are not even into Marc but they said how much energy and vitality there was in the performance and how much Marc seemed to be enjoying himself. It was T.Rextasy condensed into 72 minutes and I am so grateful that I was able to see this glorious concert in it's entirety. Thank you to Sanctuary for making this possible, thank you to Ringo Starr for capturing Marc at his absolute height, thank you to everyone who has made the dvd a possibility and thank you to the brave souls who turned up tonight - pity there weren't more of us. It was an experience of a lifetime. The DVD will be utterly fantastic - it may be the last thing to be released of Marc Bolan and T.Rex but not a bad thing to be remembered for by any means. Love to everyone
Barrie (Manchester)

April 21st

It is everso busy here with helping to do the USA promotion for the BTB DVD it seems that (as I posted) the Stars are aligned for Marc finally gettin the recognition he so deserves in North America (& so badly wanted) I am getting upwards of 15-20 mails a week just from North American Fans asking me for info, on the main page we added a NEW Bolan BTB website link that is just amazing
I know the site needs some more updating but I think mostly we are as current as can be I have neglected so many Older things (interviews, mp3's , film clips etc.) I had planed to put up So while doing some searching I came across one of the very first Tiller-Rex Promo videos for Tiller #1 its a Gas! the wonderful song "Childe" (By Gerry, David & Romany)along with snapshots of some Tillers as well as logos etc. (this is a treat for Tiller members as well as all our Friends out there)

"Tiller #1 Promo Advert"

March 14th

From 1999 an MP3 of Bowie singing "Life on Mars" then closes the song with some chat about meeting Marc (we have a "transcript page" on this since 99'-listed under "interviews"- but now hear for yourselves) the Mp3-must save to desktop

  • * Bowie - "Speaks on Metting Marc (at end of "Mars" track)

    Click on Link/Banner below for complete info. on the DVD release from Producers site -amazing stuff- !!

    A quickie rundown on all the new features to this brillaint release and don't forget to read past this for more current Bolan news Items

    DVD PRODUCT INFORMATION Contents DISC 1 Born To Boogie - The Motion Picture a.. Ringo's original 1972 legendary picture - restored and remastered b.. Audio options include original and remastered soundtrack, and Commentary with Tim Van Rellim (Original Producer) and Mark Allen (DVD Director) The Wembley Evening Concert, 8.30pm - 18th March 1972 a.. Includes Cadilac, Girl and Summertime Blues .. 63 minutes Born To Boogie Trailer a.. Original Cinema Trailer with original sound
    DISC 2 Wembley Matinee Concert, 5.30pm - 18th March 1972 a.. Entire extra concert b.. 61 minutes Cosmic Rock - When T.Rex Ruled The World a.. 47 min documentary, presented by Rolan Bolan feat. Interviews with Tony Visconti, Bob Harris, Emperor Rosko and more, including our very own Tiller Mickey Marmalade (Marc's roadie)etc. Re-Born To Boogie - Restoration Doco a.. 15 min review of the restoration process Outtakes and Deleted scenes a.. 'The Eater of Cars' - Airfield outtakes & deleted footage b.. 'More Tea, Anyone?' - Tea Party outtakes c.. 'Apple Outtakes' - Extra Apple Studio sessions Video and Audio demonstrations a.. Multi-Cam, Multi-Audio options b.. 'Before and After' video and audio tracks Plus much more rare, never before seen footage and hidden Easter Eggs Audio Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1; dts 96/24 Picture 16:9 Anamorphic, Full Colour - PAL and NTSC DVD Region Code 1,2,4 DVD Disc Format 2 x DVD-9 Running Time 5 hours 25 minutes approximately Catalogue Number DVD - SVE4016

    January 14th

    VERY X-Citing news for Till Dawn and our work in spreading the Bolan lecacy. Dec/January 2005 SPECIAL EDITION of "Q" Magazine Focusing on the "Greatest ICONS of All Time" Double treat is Marc Bolan/T.Rex came in at a respectable number of #43 !! with most artists there was a listing of their Top Lp works, videos, websites & Books -I am everso pleased to say that Till Dawn & TOMB were the website they chose as the "ESSENTIALS"- All of us here are quite "Honored"

    December 14th

    MERRY RexMas Time ...! sadly we are getting many letters asking about our yearly RexMas mp3's but it looks like it might be awhile before we have enough sever space to put them all back but if you have never heard them on Pierres Brill site he has a Bolan RexMas radio that playes all Marc's RexMas related tracks

    "Donna La Folle (Rexmas Radio)"

    Also we have added some names to the "Bolan people" Page, and PLEASE visit our sweet Jo Baldwin's site she is a Brill graphic artists and has a whole page of Bolan RexMas theme prints for you to print out & mail

    "Jo's RexMas Gallery"

    SAD NEWS: It has been reported today (Oct.25 04') That the man the helped put Marc into almost all our hearts "JOHN PEEL" has died 1939-2004 "he too is in our hearts & within the flowers & trees"
    WE were just contacted by Elius Books letting us know that a Book on Peel's Life will be released in Spring 2005
    -John Peel - The Ultimate Legend (ISBN 0952871262)

    17.00 (Includes Post and Packing + 5.75 Overeas. )www.elius-books.co.uk "I know every time I tuned in to John Peel I got a lesson in humanity and my soul grew because of the music he played." John Jones
    For a a short time I am going to leave up the "PRESS RELEASE" that was sent to us on the John Peel Book

    Press release 3rd November 2004 embargoed: 1200hrs GMT. Elius books (pronounced Elyus Books) of Liverpool are to publish a book about John Peel in his memory. It will be published in the Spring of 2005 and will be made up of contributions from people who worked with him and also his fans. It will be a wide ranging publication, and upbeat in style. Commissioning of the publication is underway, but no details as to who has written about John Peel will be given until closer to the publication date which is to be announced. There will be pictures in this publication.

    For updates and a sneak preview of the cover of the book, please visit www.elius-books.co.uk There is much work to be done as you can imagine, but we are confident that when the book is published you will be surprised by its appearance, and also what it contains. We very much hope that those fans of John Peel will purchase a copy, details of which can be seen on the web site.
    For more information please email eliusbooks@wwmail.co.uk

    read below the *TILLER-REX 2* advert our Factual *NEW* tracklisting for the TYRANN.REX CD RELEASES (about time) lots of bonus's too **side note Thanks for the interest in our new CD especially the non members

    September 24th

    Marc wears a COWBOY HAT ? , well tis true I meant to post or put this song up on the site months ago and forgot,this band has found a way (once again Marc fits into another genre) to bring Bolan onto the Country side of things I think a few Bolan songs can translate into a country'ly flavor ;-) and when you here this I think you will agree. Bolan with a Cowboy hat a petal steel guitar, love it the video is blast too Get ready to "Line Dance" ;-) Speedtwinn Band-"Spaceball Ricochet"

    TILLER-REX #2 .......(PROUD TO SAYE IS) ........IN STOCK !!! info below until we get a page set up but as you see it is being distributed with paypal as an option a Biased opinion "Fantastic" but aslo from other promo adjectives "Supurb" , "Masterpiece in this Bolan Fan releases" (side note something Till Dawn originated ;-) main thing N'JOY
    I hope we all help promote this CD release on all the Bolan lists and 'word of mouth" It is so nice to have our lists help each other along without any silly politics- So cats pass the promo film links to all those you know as well as the mp3 melody (and of course ordering info)



    "TILLER - REX #2
    An International Fan Tribute to Marc Bolan


    How to get your copy of Tiller-Rex 2 CD

    At present there's two ways to get your copy of the CD:
    1. Via Paypal

    If you would to order via Paypal please email p.wattam@ntlworld.com stating your name, delivery address and number of copies you would like.

    You will then receive an invoice via Paypal from "Tiller Rex2" and this will invite you to pay via Paypal. You can pay using your domestic currency.
    As soon as we are notified that you have paid your cd*s will be dispatched promptly via airmail, as soon as possible after 31 August. with past mailings we are almost sure you would have your copy before Sept. 16th for this years anniversary

    2. Via "snailmail"

    Please write to the address given below.

    Paul Wattam
    3 Lazenby Close
    Mowden Park
    DL3 9QE

    Please enclose well concealed cash (no cheques, money orders, i.o.u's etc) and state your address and the number of copies you would like.

    It is ok to send domestic currency as this can be changed into 's at the local post office. Your cd*s will be dispatched promptly via airmail,as soon as possible after 31 August.


    All prices include postage and packing.

    UK 6
    Europe 10 Euro
    USA $11
    Other currencies: on request

    As with the Tiller 1 project, the modest "profit" made from selling these cd's will be paid into the Tiller Central Fund and may be used to finance similar Bolan ventures in the future.

    Any queries regarding orders can be emailed to p.wattam@ntlworld.com ===========================

    The release date for the first 5 albums has now slipped back to 18th October. Tracklistings are as follows. **Update March 15th 05" I am only leaving up the "BONUS" tracks from each CD need all the room we can get ;-)

    My People Were Fair 13. Debora (Bonus Track) 14. Hot Rod Mama (Bonus Track) 15. Scenescof (Bonus Track) 16. Child Star (Bonus Track) 17. Strange Orchestras (Bonus Track) 18. Chateau In Virginia Waters (Bonus Track) 19. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues (Bonus Track) 20.Mustang Ford (Bonus Track) 21. Afghan Woman (Bonus Track) 22. Knight (Bonus Track) 23. Graceful Fat Sheba (Bonus Track) 24. Weilder Of Words (Bonus Track) 25.Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love) (Bonus Track) 26. Child Star (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 27. Chateau In Virginia Waters (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 28. Debora (Take 2) (Bonus Track)

    Prophets Seers & Sages 15.One Inch Rock (A-Side) (Single Version) (Bonus Track) 16. Nickelodeon (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 17. Wind Quartets (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 18. Conesuala (Take 9) (Bonus Track) 19. Trelawny Lawn (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 20. Aznageel The Mage (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 21. Salamanda Palaganda (Take 4) (Bonus Track) 22. Our Wonderful Brownskin Man (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 23. O Harley (The Saltimbaques) (Take 4) (Bonus Track) 24. Eastern Spell (Take 5) (Bonus Track) 25. The Travelling Tragition (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 26. Juniper Suction (Take 4) (Bonus Track) 27. Scenescof Dynasty (Take 4) (Bonus Track) 28. One Inch Rock (Take 3) (Bonus Track)

    Unicorn 17. Pewter Suitor (Single Version) (Bonus Track) 18.King Of The Rumbling Spires (Single Version) (Bonus Track) 19.Do You Remember (Single Version) (Bonus Track) 20. 'Pon A Hill (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 21. The Seal Of Seasons (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 22. The Throat Of Winter (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 23. She Was Born To By My Unicorn (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 24. Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 25. Evenings Of Damsak (Take 5) (Bonus Track) 26. Iscariot (Take 3) (Bonus Track) 27. The Misty Coast Of Albany (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 28. Romany Soup (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 29.Pewter Suitor (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 30. King Of The Rumbling Spires (Take 7) (Bonus Track) 31.Do You Remember (Take 3) (Bonus Track)

    A Beard Of Stars 15. Ill Starred Man (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 16. Demon Queen (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 17. Once Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia (Take 3) (Bonus Track) 18. Blessed Wild Apple Girl (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 19.Find A Little Wood (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 20.A Daye Laye (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 21.Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 22.Organ Blues (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 23.Wind Cheetah (Take 4) (Bonus Track) 24.A Beard Of Stars (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 25. Great Horse (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 26. Dragon's Ear (Part 1) (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 27. Dove (Take 5) (Bonus Track) 28. Elemental Child (Part 1 & Part 2) (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 29. By The Light Of The Magical Moon (Take 3) (Bonus Track) 30. Prelude (Take 1) (Bonus Track)

    T. Rex 17.Summertime Blues(Bonus Track) 18. Poem (Work In Progress) (Bonus Track) 19. The Visit (Take 4) (Bonus Track) 20. Diamond Meadows (Take 6) (Bonus Track) 21. One Inch Rock (Work In Progress) (Bonus Track) 22. Seagull Woman (Work In Progress) (Bonus Track) 23. The Wizard (Work In Progress) (Bonus Track) 24. The Children Of Rarn (Work In Progress) (Bonus Track)

    July 26th

    well I can hear the voices ...."I NEVER thought they would finish it" ;-).. but yes indeed: WE DID

    "TILLER REX 2 "(an International Fan tribute to Marc Bolan & T.Rex) 18 track CD from the Till Dawn List members/musicians

    is FINISHED and give us a few more dayes /to sort payment plans etc and I will announce the release date! Below are some "Teaser Promo's" for those that haven't heard any of the tracks from this wonderful CD
    Here are 2 of the many promo/adverts we made, one is an mp3 advert of some songs (in a medley)the 2nd a most magical advert in WMV Film for sites etc. with one of the CD tracks playing along side a 1:30 rare clip of Marc and the band in their most intimate off the "stage" moments (that will leave you with a huge smile)
    Well N'Joy and you will hear from us again soon

    "TILLER REX 2 Radio Advert"

    "TILLER REX 2 CD Windows Player Film Advert"

    JULY 10th

    YES we are still here and the list is as active as ever -actually between the trading list on TD it is filled with some of the most wonderful gems (pixs, film clips etc) we have ever seen. I have neglected the site a "bit" there are some new things here & there - as posted we are working on a getting a larger server so we can bring back all the mp3's that so many of you have written me about (and I Bow to your gracious understanding and replies)....So I can not saye X-actly when but for now just keep breezing through our site and its many Links (just surfing through out T.O.M.B.should keep you busy for months ;-) Hope you all are having a great "Celebrate Summer in 04'"
    On a personal note PLEASE VOTE !!!!!
    I was going to add a link on the site for the upcoming 2004 Summer Bops etc but as time is short I will just post them here for you (will update any events that come to us)
    Thanks to all those that have written about our "Fleetwood Mac -"rumors" (years in the making *s of Tiller-Rex 2 ) It is FINISHED and just waiting for me to get off me Bum and do some finishing touches -Bows to Marc Joy, Helmut, Paul Wattam for keeping the flame alive.

    UPCOMING BOPS and Bolan related Events-Tanx to J.Wass (a bit biased but I saye do NOT miss seeing the band RARN!)

    Thursday, 16th September '04 London Bop 2004 klub Xtreme, Rob Cairns (stars in their eyes) also due to perform.

    Friday-17th September '04 T.REXTASY...Marc Bolan Commemorative concert. info: Trextasyinfo@a... or www.standardmusicvenue. support. Tyrannosaurus Jed.

    Saturday-18th September '04 Too Rex..Marc Bolan Anniversary night. 'The Rayners Hotel' info-info@t... or www.raynerslive.co.uk Support band.** Rarn (Tyrannosaurus Rex tribute) www.rarn.co.uk

    March 10

    a Very special thanks to all the Tillers that help seek out and share with us the old Bolan interviews and pictures from their private collections, once again a thanks to Desdemona for sharing this interesting and fun interview from Star magazine 1973 (listed in the Interviews/Stories link) but to help our devoted vistors here is a direct link to the interview for a few weeks!!"Star Magazine Interview 1973

    March 5

    Yup the longest time between updates I can recall - sadly due to some health issues the site will not be updated as much as I would like (but by our visitor numbers what is here is still good enuff)*s I have SO much to add but between the site being basically filled to the brim (the server) I would have to revamp (rawramp) the entire Mp3 page to add the great new tracks I have to add and this might not happen until neXt summer - so for now I will alwayes keep you abreast of NEWS of importance on the front page! I have been working with Paul Roland getting some of his brilliant cover songs of Marc's as well if you are not familiar with his work and connection to Marc FIND out ;-) (he is listed in the TOMB.

    2- I had to add this just to put a smile on your faces and as I am linking over it isn't using server space it comes from a site that specializes in "MARCHING BANDS" (yup ......) and they have a version of "get it On" that is a bit of Boley Fun (I must admit when i was told about this I said what genre is left for Marc's music to touch ???) ENJOY and I wish you all peace and happiness "The Matrix Marching Band Division-"Get it On" (realaudio)

    opppppppsss didn't want to forget this our Romany Stew has given a great review of the new 5.1 version of "Electric Warrior DVD" that I hope to get on the site - But if you have the equipment it is getting a thumbs up from all those I know who have heard it and the bits I heard through rear channels shows some much hidden trasures that you never hear on the released mix

    January 25th

    HAPPY NEW YEAR- Maybe all of Bolan's Fans (and all people)have a "Peaceful" 2004
    Yup been awhile since I posted our updates but to the keen eye they are obvious. With the Holidayes I didn't do any major new additions just some subtle updates in the news and photos.

    1- I am everso PROUD to to tell you that I/we have spent this past month with one mission and that was not only updating our very popular "BOLAN PEOPLE" page but I think I can honestly saye that with all our contacts of Marc's still living you would be hard pressed to find a name missing that falls under "Notable People" in Marc's Life. I still have a few more to add and I about to start the research and attempt at getting pictures of the new entries.
    So I BOW to all those that have helped me in putting together -what I know from letters many feel is an important listing/page- cause as time goes on names get forgotten etc. and it is one of Till Dawn's goals to keep Marc's history/Legacy alive and above all FACTUAL. So N'Joy -There is a link for the page in our index but here is a direct link for those that have never been there. "Bolan People(Encyclopedia" of people of note associated with Marc Bolan."

    December 19th

    AS REX-MAS TREAT I have added the newest cover song of Marc's -, done by a Rap/Boy band BlaZin Squad as much as I want to not like it I have found it quite fun, So first we Had Bus Stop doing "G.I.O." this time we have it step even deeper into Rap with all lyrics Rap/Rhymes X-cept the chorus (lyrics on page)off you go to the mp3 music section
    Bolan's music just keep "Busting down Walls & Balls"

    December -REX-Mas Time

    No dates - But lots of new goodies for you all - so be a
    "Seeker of Tiller Space" you will be happy - Hints .....nice new pixs spread around as well as a very RARE new addition to the T-REXMAS section. Also we have added quite a few new members in the past few weeks so I welcome them all aboard - each has their own special Bolanic quality - a special BOW to one of our new Members Glen who has jumped into the Tiller Pool with Both feet (as well as the [trading] list)

    November 28th

    Hope all in the U.S.A. Had a wonderful "Thanksgiving Daye" yesterdaye
    Once again we have joined hands with the trex list & Till Dawn members and together gathered questions for an interview with a former T.Rex member. This time it is with Herbie Flowers -one of the most respected session Bass players of recent times- A great read, he has some very fond memories of Marc. He also supplied us with some recent pixs of himself. As you read the intro I think you will be quite surprised by all the many bands, sessions Herbie has been involved with. The Q & A is listed in our ever growing "Interviews/reviews" section, where you can find other wonderful interviews -if you would like just a direct link to Herbie's "Herbie Flowers Q & A"

    November 23rd

    wooshhhhhh what a Month, just flew by. Lots still going on and being added just not having the time to get them on the updates page ;-( -sorry- but if you are one of our regular visitors you weill see the new items & changes -1- a warm welcome to a few new members including Tony F. one of the new owners of the Bolan Fan Club (nice chap) and I truly feel & hope he succeeds where others have failed in making the Club one we all can be proud of.

    2- will be working on a new "Bolan Gallery" page that will (I promise)be filled with pictures of Marc that you have never seen before

    3- a special Bow to our French Tiller Purple Pierre for allowing us direct links to two *very rare Bolan videos from French TV -1973 (Marc performing "C.O.T.R." & "20th Century" ). They are in the MP3 section of the site -n'joy. I hope all is well with Bolan Fans it is everso nice to have a feeling that there is some "Harmony" going on in the community- Let the grumblers grumble and fight amongst themselves (it's all jealousy anyway)
    "Bolan's touch/Flame is still alive" with his true fans

    October 25th

    a very SPECIAL Tiller Daye as we join hands and celebrate the Marriage of two of our members -David & Samm- Jacq was the Brides maid and Simes as best man- on the covert side the list sent our personal congradulations to Jacq who in turn printed them out and Made a Book of Tiller Congradulations !! as well many Tillers were attended Mira, Zac, Kev, Rabbit (George), Michael G. etc etc
    As I said in my letter " it is like a dream come true (that I never knew I had) Till Dawn set up a cozy corner for two loving people to slowly and cautiously bloom into Love and now a Tiller Marriage -Amazing !! "
    Who could have ever thought that through Marc Bolan's Music and our mutual love of it/him would lead to the formation of this special list and in turn have two people meet through the list and truly find "The Time of Love is Now" ....and in keeping with our Global feel we have now united the Bolan unity from Russia and the U.K... I was honored to be called on their mobil phone and have time to feel a part of this joyous daye.

    October 18th

    I hope our fans/friends have visited the new "review" we put up a few weeks back that focused just on the "Classic Track" -G.I.O.- well like a gift from above I stumbled upon this GEM of a review (done by S. Kibley of "The Church") that has written one of the most insightful and deeply felt Love affairs with the "T-REX" (Brown) LP..... I wish (as other Tillers have said) they were able to articulate the Joy this Lp brings to them as he has a MUST Read * for any fan of -imo- Marc's Best LP listed in the "Interviews/reviews" section but I am adding a direct link as i want as many Fans to read this as possible (P.S. I sent him a thank you mail) "T-REX" LP (A REVIEW)

    October 9th

    a REAL Treat ......this time it is not to be missed - on a recent TV show was shown the first known video clip of Marc's Tyrann. Rex performing live from October 1967. After much work from a Tiller (Bow to MarcJ) we have clipped what might only be 22 seconds long but 22 seconds of Pure magic from the show. It is now in RealAudio- Listed in the- MP3 /Videos section- not to be missed

    October 5th

    Finished up a great read for all Bolan Fans - It is from the Zine "Classic Tracks" and the whole review focuses on the Magic that is Marc's classic song "GET IT ON" as well as some interesting insight into the making of the track in the studio -N'Joy (Look in the "Interviews/Reviews" section)

    October 4th

    Till Dawn reaches out in 2 wayes - One if anyone out there (from our growing base of visitors) has any full Bolan clips converted to WMV or AVI please contact me. I am hopefully going to have time this week for 2 projects one is transcribing a beautifully written aricle on the song "Get in On" that appeared in a magazine as well try to clip down at least 5 minutes of the BOLANS MILLIONS Documentary to share with you -so much to pick from but My guess is most Fans would like to see a bit of Gloria and Rolan.

    2- On the second front a campaign has been started in Germany by some hard core and well known Bolan Fans to TRY (hopefully) and persude Mickey Finn's Old tribute band from touring under the name "T.Rex". They are circulating a badge/pix to put on you site if you agree- I have the badge on this site at the bottom of the index section (intially it was up top but as it is a round pix it didn't look right) feel free to use the badge for your site

    3- I will be adding a real Audio recording of the old Tribute song "Keep a little Marc in your Heart" to the Mp3/RA page (it seems to have had a renewed interest to some fans)

    September 27th

    1-woshhhhhhh what a week or so this has been .....between the glorious Gatherings to the UK's "Bolan's Missing Millions" TV Documentery (I will try and make a page of Tillers posts/feelings on the show) some very *miXed feelings and some VERY intense feelings were brought up in the gang seeing Gloria at the Tree, the fact the show really never addressed what is supposedly was based on "where are the millions" for years we have known that the money is in an off shore fund that can't be touched?? that was the Big news? Luckily having Mick on the list we get some real insight and to his credit he holds no pucnhes in letting us know the details, deatils its appears Channel 4 were too afraid to air (do to legal actions) --- Pixs from the show are on the Main page (still from the show of Micky Gray (Marc's Roadie 71-77, Gloria & Rolan & Mick O'Hallorhan *Mgr)

    2- work is moving along on the Tiller -Rex (no rush job here) this is -in my biased opinion but as well as others- a proper Tribute CD right up there with the best of them. We even took time to wait for a proper painting by an incrediable artist (Micah) for the Cover -he has done work on other Bands CD's as well as in his own right. I know some are writing and asking "Rick whats going on" ;-) well our first CD took three years to put together but well worth it as well as bringing about (at that time) a whole new waye of bands to create music over the internet so much so the CD was given positive reviews in 3 Magazines. I think you all will be quite proud and happy with the wait (just yesterdaye we got a new song from Marc Joy's wonderful Tribute band "Rarn" we would have missed having if we pushed the CD along -No one is going anywhere and the Fans will still be here come our Rex-mas release. I've been told another List was so impressed with the Till Dawn idea our Bolan List CD that they are working on one.

    3- Very Happy to finally be able to share with Bolan fans,to some a rare treasure to the collectors (Oh, that ol' thing ;-) Over 10:00 minutes of Marc Bolan doing a cover version of the Beatles Brill' song "I Want To Tell You" one of my fave Bootie /rehersal tracks ever (Listed in the Real Audio section on the Sounds /MP3 page)

    4- Also in Real Audio a cleaner version of the ever popular Boy George Bolan Covers- Is a "Get it On" a a lively 4:00 -as well above this section in VIDEO's I have a clip of Boy doing "C.O.T.R" with 2 more too add shortly

    5- For the cats "T.K.W.T.A." (My many Bolan friends)added a fun song that was done for My B-Daye -as lasts years (Is it Rick) By Helmut- of a retake on Marc's "Summer Deep" A.K.A "Summer Rick" (also in Real Audio section)............! So with that,we Hope to keep the updates updated ;-)

    September 18th

    Well its seems that the gathering was indeed the Blast we had x-pected.....A Bow to Mira and Jacq for putting together a Dinner Party at a local resturant. I am just started work on a Page for "LONDON 2003" that will include post/memories as well as pixs as time alows. It seems this year went off without a hitch -The Circle of trust is truly becoming a reality-London 03' Gathering

    September 4th

    with all the x-citement pouring forth for the upcoming events (Tillers Galore will be at the Bops) I decided to add some updates -

    1 - The Flyer for the "Messing with the Mystic" Bop (partial to the title of this Bop as it is the name of the first Bolan site I ever made) is on the main page

    2- added a long sort after Duet of Bowie & Morrissey from 1991 doinga duet of "Cosmic Dancer" (RealAudio)

    3- a Bow to all the many new sites that have listed Till Dawn or T.O.M.B in their Links section (a true honor)

    September 1st

    Sorry for the gap in-between the updates - There were indeed updates during this period but "Hey Summer is Heaven" and it was time to get out & about. I am working from memory here as to what we have added /changed since August.

    1- Added some cool pictures to the main page , including one rare pix of Alice Cooper wearing a Bolan T-Shirt in concert. Under that is what looks just like a drawing/print but actually was/is the back of the 2003 Till Dawn T-Shirt (looks a treat) as well we have a hat , Badanna with the same style of Print black on white the Front is the cover of EW.

    2- added a BBC video Interview with Eric Hall & Rolan

    3- added a "question/vote" to the bottom of the red Links section

    4- Changed some MP3's tracks to realAudio for space reasons if you really want the tracks on Mp3 just write us

    5- added a few new sites to our T.O.M.B. section (if you find any dead links please write us) especially Glad to have Ivan's site back up & running.

    6- Please have a visit at the Rolan Bolan Support Club site, one of our members (Vinnie) is the lead guitarist and they are some pixs of Rolan & Vinny there from the successful show and the Barfly Club last week.

    7- Last and certainly not least on the main page is a list of all the upcoming September Bops etc, to remember Marc by on this the month of his passing.I am sure I am forgeting something - I do want to saye and sincerly Prayer that this month September 2003 will begin a new direction (which has already started) to joining most of the Bolan factions on the net together in harmony. The Fan Club has changed hands and the "negative vibes" out there will ONLY succeed in blasting this new club apart if WE allow them. I wish them much success !!

    August 7th

    a Creamed cage .........a Month full of Tiller/Dawnette B-Dayes so as a treat to them and all our loyal Till Dawn visitors I have added a long sort after (for many) the "Ike & Tina Turner" track "Sexy Ida" - Marc playes amean guitar and it is one of the few of Marc's work with Ike & Tina that Marc confirmed himself in an interview-N'Joy (MP3 section)

    August 1st

    Added a insightful story/interview that was done in 1994 that sheds some Light on on the "Lady" Susan Hibberd that was the original woman to start/create the Steve Took Appreciation Society -(Listed in the "Interviews/Storys" section)

    July 30th

    1- added a high qulity pix of Marc's encore appearence with ELO (Interviews section)

    2- added a new picture to the main page of Marc & Micky that seems to be a fave of many Tillers

    3- as mentioned below I added a Real Audio section to the MP3 page -some of these songs have been on the site before but kinda hidden on other pages now they are all together I included some of the rare rehersal recordings with Marc & Bowie including:

    Madman 2:56 w/Bowie rehearsal (RA)
    Madman 6:51 w/Bowie full rehearsal (RA)
    Walking thru that Door 2:26 w/Bowie rehearsal (RA)
    Sleeping Next to You 5:31 w/Bowie rehearsal (RA)
    Mrs.Jones -RealAudio (Is it really Marc?)
    Skunk City 0:22 Gloria rehearsal (RA)

    July 29th

    1- a Real Treat in the new RealAudio section of our MP3 Page - Three new complete tracks of the ELO /Marc Bolan sessions - a long lost Bolan "Session" work

    2- added a Bolan Stamp (Bow to Maddy) that you can print out for you own parcels -to show your Bolanic Feel for all the Postal workers to see ;-)(added to the Lyrics, Fonts & Tabs section)

    July 24th

    Well kinda silly to put this hear as you had to go through the main page to link here ;-) but sometimes people don't read whats on the main page so 1- Added what is now one of my all time favourite Bolan Pixs to the main page "Marc with Wrench & snowboots"

    2 - added (aan will add more as the info comes in)a complete guide to the major events for the 2003.. 26/56 Anniversary to think Marc would be 56 in September had he lived -Like James Dean, Hendrix, Morrison & Joplin their beauty is frozen in time.

    3- Not sure if I added this info already but added to our T.O.M.B. site is a fun and enlightening "T.Rex Lyrics" Quiz site -Listed on the TOMB under "Q" and /or the "Bolan Lyrics" section -Boley' Fun indeed

    July 17th

    a real treat as we start adding more to our "Video" section (listed under the MP3 link) and Ok it's known by all Tillers and my Bolan friends in the community I am a Huge Boy George Fan - But I do not put his songs /video up for personal satisfaction, I think a person of Boys continued stature still mentioning Marc in interviews and doing a Bolan track in almost all Live concert solo or with Culture Club has earned him the rigfht to be promted here. I think this makes 5-6 Boy related Bolan tracks I have collected. Many more out there
    So off you go and N'joy this 1:00 minute clip of the Boy doing "Children of the Revolution" Live this past June at his B-daye celebration (RealVideo) I am hoping to get the whole song soon

    July 13th

    as our pride and joy (one of many) "T.O.M.B." is again mentioned in a a Bolan zine as the place to go as well as the the many links from Bolan sites we thought It was time to do a "check-up" and to my happy surprise almost all the links were still in action , so what to do add MORE - so if you haven't stopped by over there in awhile have a look see

    July 11th

    1- Summer Deep and N'joying it all Hope you are also- As space is getting limited I can not put up as many Mp3's as we'ed Like with each new one one has to be removed, so do your DL'ing ;-). Rikki Rocket (Drummer from the band "Poison") released a "Glam tribute" CD (quite good too) includes 2 Bolan tracks we went with "Rock On" as you will see it has a nice feel and also it is rarely covered by bands. (MP3/Videos) section

    2- Just a note to let the Bolan community know that those that use "Yahoo messenger" there is now a Marc Bolan section.

    July 4th

    Happy Independence Daye to all our USA visitors, a nice daye to add a long sort out BBC interview done with Rolan (and Eric) during thier briliant coverage of Marc's 25th Anniversary. It is added to the MP3 page which also includes our "Videos" section, as it is holidaye here is a direct link to the interview (not our fault that their video runs twice) Rolan interview

    June 29 th

    added a "Voting" poll onto the "Tiller Stuff" page I hope to expand this to include a few polls at one time on its own page

    June 11th

    Rare Marc Bolan "Hi-Fi" Magazine story in the "Interviews/Reviews" section, Hoping to add the pictures that came with this article * Update* added scans late last night!Something warm about the yellowing paper and the times-(a bow to Simes for transcribing). An interesting interview/story from 1977 as Marc takes us on a journey around his personal Stereo Equipment.

    June 8th

    "Summer Deep, Summer Gift" for all Bolan Fans - a Bit of Boley' Fun with this well designed game based on the card "Memory Game" (you know you flip over a card see a pix and then try and remember where else you saw the pix to make a match) Hope you n'joy and I Bow to Michel & his son Emmanuel for this gift.
    Also in mentioning the game on my list I mentioned the other game that Russ & I designed many years back that is still on the site -so as a little reminder to our site visitors you can find this fun crossword puzzle game in our "Tiller Stuff" section -for a direct link ...T.RexWord Puzzle

    May 22

    added a new Mp3 - a bit odd but beautifully done - cover of "Left Hand Luke" By Martin Gore

    May 11th

    Happy Mothers Daye to all the Bolan Hot Rod momma's out there in North America

    2- added a new review by our Bootleg Master Zac. (listed in the "Tiller Reviews" section)a nice in depth review of a little know Bootie titled "Write me a Song"

    3- finally got a clip from one of the tracks unearthed for the E.L.O CD that put to rest that Marc indeed did session work with them (as per Jeff Llynn) -listed in the "Interview/Stories" section -Ironey is the wroking title was "mambo 4000"

    April 29th

    added a link in the Mp3 section (Video)to the full video of Bus Stop's cover of "Get it On" as I wrote below:(where the singer Gaz is computer generated to fit into the original T.Rex video and stands next to Marc rapping to the track) N'Joy

    April 22

    I know its been a month break between any work on the site but as "Spring has Sprung" It nice to get outside for awhile and tend my Garden..I did add and do some changes sduring this time just forgot to add them here. Most *Important* current Bolan Info will be placed on the front page for now on. Lets see, we have included a few new members in the past month all great gentle souls (just proves again my case -time is on my/our side -)Also a Bow to Nathan for helping (well actually doing);-) the writing to ALL the people that are on our waiting list 135 - So if you chose not to write him back don't saye (Oh Till Dawn only contacts the people they want) so if you get a 'unapproved letter" I gave everyone a 15 dayes to write us back -we did get many replies....(and yes I/we do CHOSE our members which is my/our decision and as it is our list and we want to keep our list the gentle place it is, if you don't get a letter you are still on the wait list)
    Ok enuff of that now I can sit back and know that all were contacted -on a side note I also want to add that I work with Jac/Baby Strange from the T.rexlist in deciding who to bring onto Till Dawn -our lists are very much closely related and for the benifit of Both lists some people are better suited to stay on the trexlist so to keep the knowledge flowing over there.
    On the front page is info on the next Bolan Bop in Liverpool -"The Liverpool Bop" (make sense) It is on June 7th if you need any more info feel free to write us. WE have a new Zac Bootie review I just need a few dayes to write it up for the site, some new faces in the directory and PLEASE don't forget about the new release of "The BOOK of TIME" Cd/Cd-rom info also on front page. So I hope to add not only a new mp3 to the site this week but also the complete video of Bus Stop's (Brilliant -imho-) "Get it on" (where the singer Gaz is computer generated to fit into the original T.Rex video and stands next to Marc rapping to the track)

    March 26th

    with the amazing interest in the Mp3 of Marc's rare track "Ill Starred Man" (as I wrote on the page -imho- the best of all the new tracks unearthed for one of the many new Compilations. I decided to add another track that I have received a few requests for. A nice track at 3;38 that will bring you back to the Ol' Marc's Elfin dayes.. "Puckish Pan" (Under the MP3 section) N'joy !!

    2- We are HARD at work at finally catching up with the 135 people that have been on our list waiting section , some since 1998/9.

    I am Everso pleased to see that as of yet not one person has been mean spirited about the long wait (not that we are adding all these people) but we are adding about a handful and with Nathan (our "sub request man") doing a wonderful job at contacting people. I know there a few people that have trouble "reading and comprehending English" who have bad mouthed us because they don't quite grasp what the words (listed on ever section of our site & list) that -"there is a waiting list and the list is limited" -some how they would rather see this in a negative waye. We have the longest running "fully active at approx 1-1,500 post a month" besides we are limited to keep the comfortable vibe but also you do the math -with 129 members it would be a madhouse running at 3,000 posts a month or more.
    - So we must be doing something right for the many people on the list that see this as a special "cave" /"Bolan community" If you are on the waiting list and are one of these people please just remove your name and save us both the time because with each daye brings more sub requests -but we will get a handle on this I promise ;-)

    March 12th

    1-added 4 new pages to our (*"Interviews/Stories") section regarding the Bolan and ELO session work as well as some never seen before reviews/interviews about Marc's work with them. Interesting stuff -also added Lec Dragon to our "real/audio" player

    2- Added a review of a MUST have CD release by rhino records of an astounding 'truly' re-mastered "Electric Warrior" /with bonus tracks (after 3 prior attempts this time they did Marc's classic work Proud).....(listed in the "Interviews/reviews" section.

    March 5th

    in an attempt to put together some of the rarer Mp3 tracks taken from what would have been The "Electric Warrior Suite/Children of Rarn" I have added a new one,it has been circulating around for a few years...It is a nice gentle side of Marc from 71'.As written on the page the Suite & rarn were bits and pieces that Marc could have (& proabably though of) turning into one long Opera-of sorts- though he did pull some of the tracks out and released them as single b-sides etc. (I.E. "Raw Ramp", "Planet Queen" etc.) n'joy (MP3 section). I still have a few more gems up my sleeve for you down the road.

    March 4th

    Added another in the continuing Bootleg CD reviews by our Man Zac (ster),This covers a F.D. concert at Birmingham Town Hall (Tiller Reviews Section)

    March 1st

    Yes there have been changes to the site since the last entry but I have been just too busy to stay on top of everything. Lets see, On the "Tiller-Front" we have 2 new members "Brandon" & "Girl George" two lovely Bolan Fans. Thanks to all those that wrote about the new "Tiller-Rex band" song posted on the site... I knew /I thought it was great (but I am a bit bias)*s this wonderful reaction from the Bolan community out there just makes the work the guys are doing more x-citing. A Thanks goes out to MaryBaby for holding her Chat on the 5th for Mickey Finn some techie problems but it didn't stop us for connecting in his honor.

    Last but not least we have a new section (still in the works) that is similar to the well received "Chadders Corner" where Chadders did about 25 reviews of some of the more popular "Compilation Releases" to help the new & old Bolan Fans get a sense of what they were buying. Well in the same vein , with the flood of "Bolan Bootlegs" our Man Zac has started a "Bolan Bootie Bag" that will focus on reviews of Live Bolan Booties (it is in the "Tiller Reviews" Section) as I said it still needs some proper work but there is a great review already up of a "Futuristic Dragon Tour" CD that gets high marks

    Febuary 5th

    For some all daye of mourning but also a daye of CELEBRATION (as Mickey would have wanted it) Todaye was the Service for Mickey Finn memorial. There is a Chat going on at MaryBaby's wonderful Mickey Finn site as well as a request for a minute of silence from all T.Rex Fans to send only good vibes to this lovely , humorous man.

    Febuary 1st

    a special daye for us here, I have put up the first and what will be the only track from our next "Tiller-Rex Band" CD that will be previewd (x-cept we also have a track on www.mp3.com), reason being we would like the tracks to be a surprise to the Non-Tillers that write and ask about it as well as our own members. Though we/I am so impressed with the new work that I just thought it was only fair to give you a x-ample of the quality to x-pect & what a fitting song to chose.The track is listed in the Mp3 section but here is a direct link there. Please N'Joy this is our special waye of giving back to Marc !!"Till Dawn"

    January 25th

    Might start a video section (usually we just direct the fans to the other sites) but this was too much fun to pass up. In the MP3 section is the complete video of Shakespear's Sister with Tom Jones doing a Live cover of "Hot Love" on the Telly. N'Joy (windows player needed)

    January 24th

    I added the special Mp3 tracks (the Rex-Mas gifts to the Gang)to the main MP3 page I will leave them also in the T.Rexmas section also. Sorry never fond the time to get 10 new tracks for you but put up 5 wonderful covers.

    -Chumbawamba -"Solid Gold ,Easy Action" Great cover of Marc's tune that is done all in "Chumbawamba" style (makes for a classic cover) -Haysi Fantaysee-" Chizoola (21st Century Stance)" A fun band from the early 80's that were the first to put out a mix of "21st Century Stance" before it appeared on any Bolan Cd's

    -WW111 -"Children of Revolution" a real new spin on this Bolan Classic - Give it a try

    - Unitone Rockers- "Children of the Revolution" Yup yet another "C.O.R." cover(wish bands would start looking deeper into Marc's cataloge) but this is IT !! IMHO the absolute best reggae cover ever done of a Marc track

    -Naomi Campbell- "Ride a White Swan" Some laughed at her attempt at a singing - she made a Nod to Marc so at least her taste in music isn't that bad

    -House- "Children of the Revolution" the best covers are the ones where the bands sound shines through-this is a lovely acoustic version of one of Marc's finest Rock tunes

    January 11th 2003

    a VERY sad for all T.Rex fans ...Mickey Finn (Bongo's/image and Personality) of T.Rex Died ... He was by all accounts a man of good humor. He truly cared for Marc which alwayes came through in his interviews and his speach at BolanFest 2000. What would "Ride a White Sawn" or "Mambo Sun" and many others of the GEMS of marc's recording be without the touch Mickey gave them. You will be remembered fondly

    December 24th

    Happy Christmas/Rex-Mas Eve ... now this is devotion (pat on me own back) with all the madness this time brings (shopping etc) i promised to get 10 new songs up for our site visitors(and the members) well even though they both are Long tracks (near 4:50 each) I thought they would be real gifts to Bolan fans knowing that they are not easy to come by all the new songs in the TREXMAS section will be replacing songs in the MP3 section after the holidayes for space reasons ...... Enjoy CHUMBAWAMBA & HAYSI FANTAYSEE (check TRexMas section)

    December 10th

    "A GIFT FROM TILLERS TO THE GARDEN" (a small nod to the brill' Donovan) I hope to add as many as 10 new Mp3's to the T-REXMAS section for the month. I added three todaye due to space restrictions these songs will probably be moved into the MP3 section after the Holidayes and I will be forced to remove tracks there to make room so if you planned on DL'eding any tracks I would do it soon I am not sure which songs they will eventually replace-N'JOY and Please have a very Merry Rex-Mas

    December 6th

    thanks to the many friends we have out there that are on the waiting list and just enjoy our site all the Links on the Mp3 page have been fixed a kind Bolan Fan looked through all the songs for me/us and let me know which needed some HTML work (thanks Dave)

    December 3rd

    We added a embedded into the front page a rare out take of Marc fiddling round on his guitar as he was piecing together a Christmas Song (I hope to keep a new VERY rare track updated monthly)- you can chose to play it or not the will see the radio buttons for playing. Side note "Rest in Peace Dad"..never forgotten ..!

    November 29th

    1- In the process of making a page (will end up in the "reviews" section) of Rolan Bolan's show Nov.18th at Shepards Bush, we have a first hand account from one of the Tillers that plays in the band -will include some fuzzy pixs -

    2- I hate to be "vague" but until all is approved I must be .. a Blue plaque is being desined and planned to be placed at a very special place in Marc Bolan's recording history. In presenting to the approriate people needed for approval we want to show them how much Marc is still very much active in the film and TV arena. So if you have any ideas (from across the globe) of songs (albeit even cover versions) of Marc's music in recent Films or TV adverts or TV shows please send the info to our tilldawners@hotmail.com address (yes we know the major one -i.e Billy Elliot, Detroit Rock City, Montero car advert etc.) but if you feel it is something rare please write.

    November 25th

    a Month to Rex-Mas ... what a quick year, as well as one that saw the bonding of many of the Bolan factions - we have been on the same wave length as the T.rex list (and others) for years now and it seems there is another list out there that unlike some of the childsih websites (still slagging others)is also just looking to keep Bolan Fandom a place of peace (it took 8 years but still a joy to see) I BOW to them (they know who they are)

    1- added the cover of the new WINTER issue of Gavin's wonderful Bolan Fanzine "A Thousand Marc Feld Charms" do subscribe !!

    2- Ok, I know the anti-Robbie Williams people will be thinking what is his picture doing on the T.D. Bolan site -well its obvious - he is wearing a T.Rex T-Shirt and I bow to any band/artists that promotes Marc in this waye -especially someone that is as popular as him (and yes I do happen to like him) But my guess is a few Million people will see this picture- it already is all over the net which is the best Promo Marc can get Like Bus Stop brough Marc to the Hip-Hop crowd Robbie can bring him to a much more varied audience.

    3- In our REX-MAS sounds section we have added a bunch of new pixs on each mp3 page thanks go to the many Tiller graphic artists

    November 22nd

    A Happy Birthdaye to our Little Russian Gnome Samm !!

    1- I just added the Q & A that Both the Till Dawn & T.rex lists supplied questions for Tony Newman. The man with a strong beat that played some great and tight drumming in the T.Rex Band for the years 1976-1977 -enjoy !! Check the "Interviews/reviews" section/

    November 12th

    1-Everso sorry for the delay in updates, there are some things going on but I've been a bit busy. We are in the process of -hopefully- opening a artist section at www.mp3.com with just one song as a sneak peek into the world of the next Tiller-Rex CD - also the well received B-daye song "Is it Rick" (That makes us Rock)-has been remastered by our "studio wiz" Helmut and has replaced the old version in the MP3 section

    2- Received a Letter from Andy (Ellison) keeping us (and other sites) updated with what John's Children's upcoming concerts will be held -so you have plenty of time to get tickets but as their shows are usually quite popular I wanted to get this info up ASAP (Especially as Andy is quite a nice bloke) so Go Have fun
    Lift up your skirts/kilts/trouser legs and FLY !!!

    Hi Tiller people,

    John's Children once again terrorise Camden with thier Christmas/New Year show
    on Saturday 28th Dec at the Monarch/Barfly,
    Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, London.

    After a year in rehab, they emerge bronzed, muscled, confused, under rehearsed,
    over sexed, over age and frankly gaggng for it.
    Don't miss!!
    "If youv'e never seen these guys before............then don't!

    October 28th

    1- Been a very loong month for the gang - I know each year after September's Bolan connection and Till Dawn gathering everyones spirits are so high -compare almost to Rex-mas time , come January you feel a sad wishing everyday could be like Christmas or in this case everdaye could be like the JOY the gatherings bring to so many of the "Good People" out there in all the Bolan community

    2- a bit of a treat - for those that haven't seen this (and yes I promise all those that wrote I will be putting some new MP3's up soon)I have some real treats too. Ok if you click on the link you should be given 2 options like most Downloads "open" or "save" I saye open it and n'joy this Promo for the new Bolan CD Collection than decide if you want to keep it (my guess is you will) - A Nice bit of yin & yang they created this lovely "Flash" promo and we will help promote it for them ;-) "Flash/Promo"

    October 15th

    1-A Daye late but still a warm and Happy Columbus Daye for all our Italian friends and Bolan Fans

    2- Some x-citing news here ...once again we have been asked to help with a Bolan related project, this time (and after the list you are now the first to know) Granada TV has started work on a follow- Up (in a waye) to their Marc Bolan TV special "Dandy in the Underworld" -done for Marc's 20/50. They had hoped to have this one sorted for this past 25/55 but they are working on angle to Marc's life and career that are not as simple to report on. One area is the odd occurances surrounding many people in T.Rex or part of the Bolan circle, the second -that is proving the hardest is "The Money Trail" - I am not a liberty to talk about the names of the people at Granada putting this special together but I will say from my work with them so far the main people are dedictated to trying to be as factual as possible (also the man behind the 20/50 special is giving some guidence)and seeing the name of the dept. that is putting it together is *Factual Development Team Granada Television* My guess is this will not be Bolan Sci-Fi ;-) The "weird string" to this for me is it will never (my guess) be broadcast in the USA - Though who knows each year Marc grows in recognition here.I want to thank "all the cats in the know" On Till Dawn for already helping.

    October 1st

    No the "party" isn't over yet !!! saved this one for a last special treat for this first daye of The Month that "Unicorn is a waye of life" it is one of the few new tracks from the new Box-set and probably the one that is a must have "Ill Starred Man" and IMHO it would fir nicely on "Unicorn"- of course it is important we Buy Marc's releases from the legit labels so they know we are still out here - But for 3 tracks (out-takes) and this one new gem we don't all have the $55.00 -$65.00 for all the rest which are just compilation tracks.....SO N'JOY !!!!!!!!! "Ill Starred Man"

    September 30th


    1- just as I think we are catching up with all the events of the past few weeks something new drives us into more work. No complaints ..Marc IMHO has never had a year like this one - the 20/50 was just the start of the REAL recoginition by the industry. The 25th anniversary has proven they finally "GET IT" Marc is/was and alwayes will be a force in Rock music that needs to be acknowledged - The FANS demand (now we just have to weed out the nutty Fans that keep giving the Marc Fanbase a bad name and the dream of a worldwide/Global OASIS for Bolan Fans will be realized.

    2- In this vein once again this oasis started here at Till Dawn is spreading with the help of our Mighty Michel and the advent of the "THE FREE REPUBLIC OF BELTANE ........welcomes you " ......! it has been in in x-sistance for a few months already but only now is it ready for one and all Bolan fans - where it will lead is anyones guess. Here is the link to this majikal garden "THE FREE REPUBLIC OF BELTANE" I hope you read the news on the main page about another majik place called "According to .....! "

    3- I have added a page of just a few of the many pictures we received from the London events (Look in the "Tiller Gatherings" section)

    4- i Finally was able to track down (with the help of Pierre) the covers to the past issues of MOJO that featured stories on Marc - in time I will put up the articles but for now the covers can help you seek out the back issues-Look "Interviews/Stories"

    September 19th 2002

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Floral arrangement of the "UNICORN" that the Till Dawn list along with the T.rex list finaced would be so beautiful(as you can see from the picture this was an x-pensive piece of 'art" for the florist to put together). Also to our surpise the generosity shown by the Tillers once again I Bow to you - This is the second year that the two lists joined hands which isn't too hard as both list owners are true friends ;-)(Bows to those on the T.rex list that joined in but I am sure Jacq' has passed on all our thanks- but it is the lists that get the Bows for once again showing the rest of the Bolan community that "working together" not "division" is going to keep Marc's legacy thriving - TO join hands with others lists/ clubs/ fanzines as Till Dawn has alwayes been able to do (as long as the said lists/clubs etc. are not spreading negative vines on the net)- sends the karma, postive vines to marc and even more important to the new fans that read of a true vibrant "bolan community" all working towards the same end - Marc's Legacy to be kept factual and intact- Enjoy the pictures "Golders Green/Unicorn"........ "Unicorn Arrangement 2"

    September 17th

    with the rush of all the posts coming in from all the Tillers that traveled from Sweden, USA and of course the UK Gang- I have quickly put up some of the more informative posts from our list so you can get a sense of the joy that meeting and greeting fellow Tillers and Other Bolan fans can have !!! (pics to be put up soon -including the UNICORN designed Floral arranement Finaced by Till Dawn & the T.rex lists in joined hands. "22/55 Bolan/Tiller Gathering"

    September 16th

    1-To ALL the Till Dawn gang that went to London you are in our hearts (and wear your T-Shirts with a smile and good vibes) and a Beside's acknowledging Marc's anniversary it also our "Romany Stew's special Birthdaye - Not the best of dayes for a major Bolan Fan like Romany to have his B-daye but he really has found a beautiful balance

    2- Added to the main page the info on the graphic/insight rich new website by Michel L. -one of the most devoted and peaceful Bolan fans in the community

    3- Here is a direct link - I might make a page if I have the time -but for now it is a "Gift from Till Dawn" to all Bolan Fans-It will only be available from todaye until the 30th. It is a 4 minutes of pieced together radio interviews from members of Def leppard,Andy Scott (from "The Sweet") & Miller Anderson (former T.Rex guitarist)chatting about what Marc meant to them. -N'Joy - "Radio Chat"


    To My Cousin Doloras and all the friends of people on our list lost on that tragic Daye one year ago - and all those thousands of souls -Maye they rest in peace!! Kneel, Bow, Chant, Pray etc. anything to send their souls the "Life Spirit" we all have.....

    The voice of light denounce the night
    Sweet pilgrims climb the chily heights
    It throws me into song
    The throng have done us wrong

    September 10th

    *UPDATE* (I will just be adding the new Mp3's to the list already started here)
    What better waye to share the joy of Marc's music in this month of the anniversary of both his Birth & Death than to share with you how Marc's music touched so many other musicians over the past 25 years. I tried to be as eclectic as I could to show this (including the Jamie West song below-Dance!!?!-) I am hoping to put up another 2-4 before the 18th -All tracks under the MP3 Link/index

    Nick Hayward - "Hot Love" ..The Former Haicut 100 Lead sing makes his Nod from a 2000 Glam tribute CD

    Les Immer Esses - "Life's a Gas" .. A Popular German band also from the 80's shows Marc's music crossed Language's (sung in English)

    The International Beat - "Ride A White Swan" ... What can i say I haven't over and over it is a joy to see reggae/Ska bands embrace Marc's music and give it this lively flair.

    I Profeti - "Caldo Amore" (Hot Love)..... a 1971 Italian release (a long sort after cover)

    Happy September

    A most active and reflective month for most if not all Bolan Fans (Marc's Birthday and Passing all in the same month) This year is the Big 25/55 and we have many events listed on the site. If you have any questions just write-

    2- a sorta early Anniversary treat, I just put up the much talked about new cover song by singer Jamie West "Ride a White Swan".In a waye I find it appropriate, Reminds me of the old disco hit of "get it On" by the band "Witch Queen" during the height of Disco- please n'joy "Ride a White Swan"

    August 22nd

    Well what can I saye "Happy B-Daye to me" ;-)...another year-lessons learned a a little bit wiser (I hope) I was not going to post this but for all the Tiller (friends) out there that visit our site I wanted to also share with you this funny yet lovely gift of music sent to me by Helmut - It is a Playe of Marc's gorgeous "Is it Love" turned into "Is it Rick" "Is It Rick , that makes us Rock ;-)"

    August 14th

    1- a real treat, A Very x-citing Picture for all Tillers & Bolan Fans. Our Dear "original" Tiller (and gentle soul) Ivan spent most of July in China helping with an English program for his work. While there (Lets hope one of the first words they learned was "Marc Bolan" , Ivan brought along the very 1st Till Dawn T-Shirt and wore it while visiting the "Great Wall" - Hoping to get lots of visits from Chinese PC's now ;-).N'joy "China gets Tiller'ed" (In the Tiller Stuff) section , here is a direct link to the pix "Ivan at the Great Wall"

    August 10th

    1-well the final votes are in for the July quizlet (it went up a week late so it evened out) and nice to saye each month the votes increase (a sign of the increased traffic at the Till dawn site)July's quiz was our highest tally of votes with over 375. Already Augusts is off to a bang. Ok, lets see the winner of the continuing "T.Rex" singles covering most of 72 was "20th Century Boy" with 49% of the votes and in second place with 25% was "Children of the Revolution" as i guess it should be.

    2- The new August Quiz/question still follows the T.Rex releases (when you get to the site you'll see what 6 are on the pop -up) so far to my delightful surprise 'Light of Love" is leading a song that means so much to our list and myself (the Light of LOVE graphic on my "Messing with Mystic" site. Have a bunch of new people coming aboard and already have added 2 more as well as a batch of Mp3's just waiting to add- N'joy

    August 1st

    1-Happy August to one & all - a month that is filled with lovely vibes as we prepare for the celebrations to (Mark) Marc's Life and Legacy in September. Almost all the Till Dawn gang will be easily noticed with their beautiful Bolan/Till Dawn T-Shirts and baseball caps. It seems like only yesterdaye Ivan, Michel, David, Simes, Dan etc (all the core Tillers) were saying "shouldn't we try and do something special for Marc's 20/50th Anniversary" ?, and Indeed it did become quite an event. I think (IMO) This year is even more special (as the internet grew so much these past Five years) the Bolan community is Huge now and more and more newer fans are writting me and subscribing to the list- all filled with enthusiasm after hearing Marc on radio/TV/film.

    2- I added a story that was a recent article in the "Philadelphia Inquirer" *(listed in the "Interviews/Stories" section) a nice read. It would be nice to see a full article on the continued pressance of Marc's music in Film and on TV commercials. It seems each week I hear of something new

    July 20th

    1-A gift from a Flower to the Garden ....as all the posts x-pressed a wonderful Happy B-Daye to another of our Tiller-Twins (Melinda Mae & Vamps) and Congrads to one of core Tillers for announcement of the upcoming birth of yet another Tiller-Baby

    2- I'm working on getting the Mp3 up of a out-take of Depth Charge that has been floating around for awhile on booties -It is short but still magikal to hear Marc work on the song structure with piano instead of guitar a real treat for the out-take freaks.

    July 18th

    1- Lots of member stuff going on ..........so many positive Vibes -and the generosity, friendship I watch/see from the people on this list to each other is amazing and truly BOLANIC. In the waye many of us use the term (someone filled with Life, adventure, poetry of the heart, artistic, True and trusting Friends etc.) It seems many (not all) of the people that love Marc's music have such a connection - if they allow themselves to see it-

    2- also I know its not until tomorrow,the 19th, but on the here I would like to send out the most deep and loving B-daye whishes to our one and only True Torch Girl (Karen)who has beenj with us sinc ethe beginning and gives so much to the fabric of the list

    3- This is very cool - songs -mp3's have been put up before that have been "fixed" by our studio WiZard -Helmut- where they were recorded at the wrong speed - he has done wonders with the track "Rings of fortune" (from Doves) it is like Marc went back in and they got it right this time -(MP3 page)


    1- We were contacted by Andy Ellison (for the newbies -The Lead singer for John's Children who continues to show his love of Marc's music by performing at many Bolan related celebrations). He sent me this lovely picture of himself shot during a recent concert to add to our "Bolan people" page -It still holds up even though we had to shrink it to fit the size of the page design- Have a look see

    2- update on the winner of June's quiz/question and July's new question. What we started last month was following the T.Rex singles in chronological order and you voted on one. June's was the first 6 singles, the winner was "Ride a White swan" with 29% of the votes and in 2nd Place was "Hot Love" with 19% out of 260 votes. July's pop quiz continues with the next 6 singles starting with "Children of the Revolution" so go have a vote (you need to turn off you Pop up stopper- if you have one- for the quiz to appear)

    3- A real Treat for the Till Dawn members (as will be seen by all those going to Septembers gatherings) MarcR our dear Tiller has designed a gorgous T-Shirt and baseball style cap - as a gift to any member that asks - MarcR thanks for sharing and again showing the spirit of friendship and generosity here.

    July 3rd

    Well what can I saye after many years of the Till Dawn list seeking out and trying to x-pose the Bolan Grave robbers (and yes we have been bad mouthed from almost every Bolan faction cause so many are involved in this practice and don't like us x-posing them) - This is not the first time we stopped the rip off of a Bolan Fan but it is one I find great satisfaction in because it involved ebay and they proved themselves to be a Listening auction house and this is where most of the ripping-off has been happening (of course it is not Ebays Job to confirm all sales)it is the buyers job. So as of *Todaye* this *FAKE LP has been removed from sale at Ebay ..... for fans out there that don't see what all the fuss is about just remember all this is Marc's HISTORY and we must try and keep it correct for the next generation of Fans -I think we would be remiss if we didn't! Till Dawn initiated a section of Bolan x-perts to confirm any autograph (we have people on the list that are hired by outside aution house due to their knowledge)if a buyer wanted to get their opinion. Keep a look see for a page of Bolan authentic autographs or you can contact me/us here and the x-perts will be more than willing to let you know the status of any so called Bolan autograph
    Nice to win against the growing Bolan rip-offs out there -

    June 30th

    THANKS for all the e-mails we recieved regarding this rip-off on ebay, it seems many Bolan people (non-Tillers)have been watching certain individuals for months now - I was shocked at the details (they acummalated)& I recieved in the mail, how it appears -through proof- that they work in conjunction with others to inflate the bids -and yes all this info is being passed on to ebay as it is reason to remove a seller. Through the many others out there helping to protect Bolan Fans we all thank you. "People" like this are the worst ... knowing how easy it is to fake out a New Bolan Fan that only wants a legitimate piece of Marc's history
    so thanks for all the mails especially this one that I got right after a venomous mail and helped keep me focused on doing the right thing !!
    === Hi there
    I had a look at this on E-bay as well. Can't be the 1970 issue, it's on the wrong label! Original release had the black and silver Fly logo, not the later Cube label.
    I've e-mailed some of the bidders with this info and added Till Dawn as a reference for them.
    Keep up the good work - it's much appreciated. Here's to the best Bolan site on the web!
    =================== Regards

    June 29

    I am in a hurry but I wanted to get this out to the Bolan community as quick as possible - On Ebaye right now is an item that has been checked over by a few Bolan autograph experts and they all saye it is a FAKE (on the auction even hides this supposed autograph unless you write and ask for it)than you see it is such an obvious Fake .. besides he was rude and un -civil to the people that wrote him in case it was an honest mistake - he has now taken to threatening letters to us - would you want to deal with this man ??? BTW you have not put any fear in *me/us in our quest to squash the Bolan rip offs out there. I HOPE we can get through to all Bolan fans there are some people that make a living out of ripping off Bolan fans so with that said -once again -- BUYER BEWARE !!!!

    June 22

    1- a Tiller Happy B-daye this week to 2 of our very special "Dawnettes" Mira (Maribelle) & a gal I have a looong history & deep friendhip with since we both came on the net in 1994/5 the everso sweet Desdemona (Carrie)- maye they both be wiser, sexier, and staye special through another year

    2 - I put off placing this Mp3 up for a year as a semi favor to some of the people I am friendly with that are the ones that track down these wonderful Bolan tracks for us for their Booties - and I would never stand in their waye of making back their investment *profit is not a "major" driving force in some the "Good people" out there - so for them -call it Karama- Most of us that have trading Bolan lists like the new Till Dawn one (a sub section) try and make sure we don't do to much trading on certain Cd's for a least a year, to the others where the "almight dollar" is their Gawd , well the reap what they sow ..trade and burn one of your releases purchased that now reached maybe 30 Bolan fans.- Oh I guess I digress ;-) -what a surprise - For those in the know either have this already -after years of searching or all I have to do is give the song and where its from and that should be enough to get you to grab it right awaye .... The song "Hot Love" -Live- from the TV show "Midnight Special" enjoy, truly is a GEM . will wait a bit before I put up the other song Marc performed that night "Get it On" - Marc in top form (MP3's 'T" )

    June 17

    Actually this site update was done on June 8th but I forgot to post the results from the May Quiz/Question. Ok first I will tell you what the Quiz/question is for June (a toughie but already we have 100 votes in) Q: Probably one of the hardest questions, Of The first 6 T.Rex singles ! Can you pick one ? (they are in order from "Swan" to "Metal Guru"). Last months winner (Fave song "Dandy In Underworld" LP) surprised me w/37% for Jason B Sad /2nd Place went to 36% for "Dandy In The Underworld"

    June 16

    1- Yup another new Mp3 & a nice one at that (for the many fans out there of Bolan covers), This one was brought to my attention by our own MarcR -It is by PM Dawn. A lovely song done over a sample of "Mambo Sun" (MP3 "P")

    2- A warm welcome to our new Tiller "Nate" (Cali-Nate)

    3- Thanks!! for all the letters the list has received regarding our "Plead" on the main page regarding some Positive vibes out there for our dear Marc's legacy to be kept "warm" and keep the squabbles "in house" between sites

    4- Not a new mp3 but I/we finally got a nice quality 128 Cd quality recording of Marc's session work with Alice Cooper on the track "Black limousine" (we have had it at 96 for awhile) Being a Big Alice fan I love this song & as an out-take from the brill' "Billion dollar Babies" makes it even more special

    June 4th

    A real treat for those that are into listening to Marc Interviews - We added a lovely interview done with Marc & John Peel (circa 67/68?) 3 minutes of Marc during his Tyrann. Rex Dayes filled with his elfin charecter. For those with a keen ear will pick up on a line Marc uses to describe his use of Acoustic music instead of "Lec (which wasn't far off) ..... but it does saye so much IMHO as to how I too viewed Marc's earlier Music it had an 'Lectric feel to it. As Marc sayes "though without the violent strings" (a classic Bolan line I have alwayes loved) Because he used the very same analagy 10 years later in his famous interview (The couch interview) On Punk music.....n'joy it really is lovely & my guess is you will dig out your Tyrann. Rex Cd's after hearing it. Listed in the MP3 section under "P"

    June 2

    so much going on haven't had time to properly list all the new updates but can NOT let this news "slide" by. As of June 1st Till Dawn now has it's own Domain name "tilldawn.net" - There is a re-direct page set up and will staye there for awhile if you got here through our old "Thegroover" addy.

    Maye 14

    Very x-citing news for all Bolan Fans, I was contacted by the Management for the band "E.L.O" -"Face the Music" and was given privy to some news on their for the next "Re-Mastered" Cd set. We are about to hear some new (never released) Marc session work with the Band , The booklet will feature photos from Marc guesting at ELO's Watford Town concert. I haven't permission to post his letter but in helping to promte this upcoming release I will give you some of the info I was told... This looks to be a real treat.

    Ma Ma Ma Belle - Marc's plays twin lead guitar with Jeff throughout the track. The first session mix for this (known as "Auntie") features more guitar work from both Jeff and Marc.

    Both will appear on the remastered ELO 2 album that we are working on at the moment, together with two further session tracks that Marc also appears on. One is a completely unknown and previously unreleased Jeff Lynne ELO song that features a Marc Bolan guitar solo.

    The booklet will feature photos from Marc guesting at ELO's Watford Town Hall gig (most previously unpublished) and words from Jeff Lynne and band members about the recording session at Air Studios and the concert.

    Maye 12

    added a new Mp3 this one is taken from the 76' out-takes Marc was working on at updating the "Children of Rarn" suite ....I only added the "Main Theme" portion IMO thats enuff ;-)

    Maye 1st

    Happy Maye Daye !!!!!!!!

    1- Changed this months 'quizlet/question" Pop up. Last Months (TANX) was fun, it really boiled down to a daily change between "Mad Donna" & "Electric Slim" ... I was hoping for "Tenement lady" which came in pretty close to the winner too.The winner was "Electric Slim" with 27% votes and in 2nd place was "Mad Donna" with 26%, "Tenement" was just a few votes awaye with 23%.

    2- this months quiz/Pop Up is for fave track off of "Dandy in the Underworld" I think the 6 I picked were a good choice?.

    April 30th

    1- Changed the front/main picture ...a rare gem of Ronno (Mick Ronson, Gloria Jones & Marc!!

    2- Added a Chadder's Review to Chris's page "Compilation Meltdown" on the new "Beginning of Doves -Extended Version" ....Give a bit more in depth report of the tracks (still comes out a winner)*s

    3- We have started a sub -section List of Till Dawn (sorry members only) to help our members Trade/Burn Cd's in x-change with others to help complete their collections.

    April 25th

    1- On the Tiller side of things a Most wonderful Happy Birthdaye to our own Gentle Soul KAT (or as her license plate reads "Til Kat")

    2- Ok added a New Mp3 sooner than I have all the info on it but go have a listen (In the MP3 section). It is the first Russian Language cover song of Marc's I have ever heard, the info I am researching through our Russian Tillers is the translation. It sounds like it is just a simple cover of "Get It On" but from what I was told the words are not the original lyrics ??. Still a most valuable addition for collectors of Bolan covers. Listed under "O" -" ognennaya_muha" -Get It On/"poluchayu"

    3- As you can see we have did a make over on the "What's New" page, the last was getting waye to long. We will be keeping all the "whats new" additions since I started the page about 2 1/2 years ago there will/is a link at the bottom that will bring you to the full prior page.

    April 18th

    1- Added a very nice Japanese language/English website to the T.O.M.B. (always a treat to see the Global Bolan spreading) -site name "20th Century Boy" -

    2- X-Panded the Till Dawn Links section

    3- Will soon post some reviews (all of them have been Raving) about the new re-issue of Marc's Classic "The Beginning of The Doves +15" 37 - yes that is 37 Tracks priced at a budget level with one of the best CD packaging's done for Marc - in itself worth the price, along with the added out-take tracks. Some Never heard before and all tracks re-mastered. I can't Promote this release enough. Available at most online stores including Amazon.com ! I/we added a quick Tiller review page for you to get an idea of what people have to saye about it (in the Tiller Reviews Section)

    4- As all the Tillers have known for a year & now finally Mickey G. is starting to ready plans for what might prove to be the "Ultimate" T.Rex Tribute Anniversary Concert - if only half the people requested to attend would this will be a major event. Thats enough info for now but keep you eyes here for the annnouncement..... remembers its all about Marc's Music it seems this is being lost in some circles.

    5- Finally changed the picture on our "whats new Page", thanks to Dan-D for his lovely art work.

    March 28

    a 2 day countdown to our Dear Sime's Big 40 Birthdaye (the 30th) a man that I am honored that includes me as a close friend..... If only more people in the world had his compassion, love and humanity
    Ok sorry that was a Bit of Tiller related news as it should be we are a website that only x-sists because of the special bond that lives in most of all the Tillers

    1- on to what's "New" ..... Ok as you can see the front page has the cover of our First "Tiller-Rex band" CD (still available for sale, 23 wonderful tracks) - well I thought it would be at least another year before we set forth onto the 2nd one but with the enthusiasm of Tillers Like Helmut, Romany Stew, Dan-D, Gerry, Pierre , David-Do etc we are close to bringing it in on time for Marc's 25/55 Anniversery. Some of the tracks are still in the working stages and some are complete - a killer David-Do Remix called "Cadilac Wrecks" , as well as "Catblack" the demo is up on Stew's site.

    2- I added a wonderful interview with Marc from "popswap" magazine 1975 (In the Interviews section) When it was sent to me I was taken aback having never read it with Marc's chat about his Bi-sexuality (though he love's "Boobs ;-) and what appears to be some bad feelings towards June - when I sent it to a friend to check my html I was told it already appears on another Bolan site - I usually try and keep from having duplicates from other sites but this is a great read and our main goal is to get Marc's words out there.

    3- Thanks for all the lovely letters regarding the "Tea party" Mp3 - it is like daye & night from the muddled sound on the soundtrack, I will be adding another cleaned up track this week from B.T.B.....

    3- a bit late in the month but as you see the March quizlet is up "Fave song from "Unicorn" ...Ok all the Bolan souls out there have a Lovely Easter /Passover and if you find it in your heart no matter what your faith PLEASE saye a prayer /chant etc. for "our world" to find some Peace & love before more violence is the only alternative.

    March 4th

    1- Well Spring is in the air and with that - I finally fixed the link to the Gloria Jones gorgous song "If Roses don't come in Spring" MP3. IMHO it is her best.

    2- Added (for those without magnifying glasses) a new Pix for the month to the main page. This was an advert Marc did for an anti-smoking campain - if you can read the bottom you can see-, sorta like the well remembered "Keep Britain Tidy" advert posters.

    3- Added a new T.Rex cover song to our Mp3 section ..This one is really nice...The artist's name is Danny Barnes, its nice to see a more obsqure Bolan song being covered "Broken Hearted Blues". Hope you enjoy it, I just got a copy of another great cover track by a band called ELF POWER (great name, yeah!) doing "Hot Love" will get it out to you soon.

    February 28th

    1- the last daye of the month as we paitently await the Flowers of Spring, I thought it was a nice day to add a new Mp3 for some a well known Bolan track for others a new treat .. Marc in a "Mellow Love" mood as well as making his nod to Elvis. (MP3 Section)

    2- and a very Warm welcome to our new Till Dawn member Karen (from the "land of Oz".

    February 14th

    1-added a much sort after STEREO enhanced and beautuflly done once again by our "Tiller Studio wiZ" of the entire "TEA PARTY" sequence from the "Born to Boogie" Film (for those that aren't familar with the movie Marc does most of his classics solo -with some over-dubs on Acoustic Guitar)..a Real Treat (MP3 Ssection)

    2- a long lost article from BRAVO magazine 1972 entitled" Marc, Let Mickey have a Go" ...... you judge for yourself, IMHO it just paints Marc out to be a man concerned about HIS career and all that entailed, an interesting read though (Interviews/Reviews Section)

    February 8th

    been awhile since some updates - so to make up for this I added 2 new Mp3's (look in the MP3 section)

    1- Took me long anough but I finally put up the wonderful Rock-a-Billy cover of "20th Century Boy" by the band "Big Six". If you liked what Boz & the Polecats did with "Jeepster" you will love this too. The song first appeared on the soundtrack to Jim Carey's Film "The Truman Show" a few years back. (Marc seems to be the choice for Film Soundtracks and T.V. commercials in the best couple of years) -one good thing is all the films have been critical succeses-(x-cept maybe "Detroit Rock City" )*s "Billy Elliot and now "Moulin Rouge" is helping to keep Marc's music alive for yet another audience.

    2- Added the (what adjective to use , the people that have brought the Cd are just gushing with praise for it) The Helmut Brasse Tribute CD "Beard of Stars" It truly is magical on the page is a link to contact Romany Stew about purchasing the CD, I choose "Woodland Bop" to showcase his talents I will be adding "Fist Heart" in a week or so .....ENJOY !!!!!!!!


    January 28

    1- added an article on Marc to the "Interviews/reviews" section. It is from Guitarist though it seems not many people have seen it ? I found it online with no info on what issue it is from so it might just be an online article (still checking)

    2- well what are all the Bolan fans in the U.S.A. either happy or sad about ? the use of Marc's songs in 3 T.V. commercials in the past year (me I think its like the new radio and anyway to get Marc's music played in the States is a plus) -Ok the Ragu Sauce commercial is a bit weird - I added a link (should only be on their site for a short time) from one of my faves the Montero Car/motor commercial with "20th Century Boy" it is a pop up window but it appears I was able to capture the link as a direct one without going through the site first. Enjoy..!!! "Montero US Commercial" if you have trouble just link to the mitsubishicars.com site.

    3- Also added another article (Interviews/reviews) that appeared in "Guitarist" Magazine also by Rikki I know alot of fans (including myself) was not happy with the title "Marc Bolan -Genius or Joke?" - But I guess it was nice to have Marc grace the cover of such a popular zine.

    January 23

    Yet another TREAT in so few dayes..... The B.B.C. (British Broadcasting)have released the historic clip of Marc's performance on Top of the Pops of "G.I.O." (short but dirty & sweet)!! as well as the listing of all T.Rex performances...-Go Now- to our "NEWS" section for the link. We can only hope (and I have a feeling they will) release clips from all the appearances.

    January 18

    A very EXCITING Daye ..... I was contacted today (and I hope so were many others in the Bolan community) by the curator of the USA "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum" to help her in a search for Marc Bolan related artifacts for a display on Marc. I am still over the moon that finally the people there are realizing Marc's importance in the History of Rock & Roll. Fingers crossed maybe someday this will lead to him being accepted as a nomination in the Hall of Fame ?
    I will be calling her to find out some more details but basically anyone of the many Bolan collectors out there can either donate certain Marc related items, or there is an option for just a "Loan" -secured by them for a certain time period. I will keep all abreast of how things are going for them. I am enclosing portions of the letter so you have an idea of what they are looking for (and info on the museum) Please if you are willing/interested (having any of the mentioned items) Please contact me and I will connect you with her to sort out the details. As I said I hope she is writting many sites, list etc. because this will need to be common knowledge in the Bolan community.

    The rock and roll hall of fame + museum. we are a world-class museum, open since 1995, run under the standards of the american association of museums, with 500,000 visitors per year. We try to exhibit original items that are recognizable, unique, and/or important to an artist's career, and these are the kinds of items we're looking for:

    --items from childhood, including birth certificates, report cards, photos, etc.

    --original costumes worn onstage, in television appearances, movies and/or on the covers of albums, singles, etc.


    --stage or movie props

    --movie items such as scripts, shooting notes, etc.

    --original album artwork

    --original lyric or poetry manuscripts

    --tour itineraries

    --set lists

    all of the items in our collection are either donated or loaned, with a flexible loan period depending on the owner's level of comfort with letting their stuff go. The museum is of course responsible for all shipping, insurance, security, and preservation.

    January 15

    1- "Sensation Boulevard"....I don't usually mention new Bolan sites that I've added to the T.O.M.B. But even though the site still is "under contsruction" it shows great promise and the best bit is it is being put together but a "young" Bolan Fan - I haven't had a chance to chat with him yet (just signed his guestbook) & he was added to the "sacred -Hi Debbs Dear- "Bolan Webring" - but as i wrote him it is in his generations hands to keep the beauty and true legacy of Marc's music alive, I wish him much luck. (check the webring or TOMB for link)

    2- added a new picture on the main page (Rex-mas time is over - yet I/we keep the T.rexmas Stuffer songs up all year round)..This picture created quite a stir on the list as it is not rare- in that it is private- but it seems that not many of us have seen the mag' it was publishd in. It is a lovely pix "Marc /Red Hat"

    3- Ok, Ok after many letters I finally fixed the link to the MP3 of "Lock into your Love" - still a sort after song.

    January 5

    1-Well, Hi there in the year 2002 - we have added a bunch of stuff I just didn't have time to put on the "what new" page, but have a peek around *s. I did just finish changing the Monthly Quizlet Pop-Up and added January's -the last month of the "Un-Chained" series choices (which you read when you got to the site) The winner of last months quiz for Vol.7 was "20th Century Baby" with 23% of the votes and in 2nd place was "Sing me a Song" with 21%.

    2- added a "teaser" MP3 from the wonderful new release by Helmut Brasse called "A Tribute to Tyrann. Rex" (Beard of Stars) a nicer Bolan Fan I couldn't hope for on the list - and his talents far x-ceed his modesty The CD will be in the TILL DAWN Cataloge of releases and will soon be available to all -keep checking back for the prices etc. For now go BOP and have a look at the CD cover "Woodland Bop -a tribute-"

    December 21, 2001

    And get ready for Till Dawn's ZPaul's Band "Zombie Punk Squad" Rex-Mas Mp3 "Yodeling Christmas Zombie"

    1- As you can see we moved alittle away from the "Down Home Tiller" feel of our site , which I always liked (and from letter most of our visitors do also ..sometimes grahics can distract from the info if not done right -too many to mention ;-) But Pierre was having a fun daye and he created a FLASH Logo for our Banner and so far we all like it hope you do also (still working out some bugs with netscape.

    2- Also finally tired of the same pix in the links section from E.W. and will rotate a new one as time allows -We have some great rare pixs to put up.

    December 13

    1- Don't forget that the new issue #12 of the Bolan Fanzine "A Thousand Marc Feld Charms" was just released - they just get better & better - for info on how to contact Gavin or the ordring address just follow the T.O.M.B. Link or look in the index under "Tiller Reviews"

    2- received another Letter from Andy Ellison wishing everyone a Happy Holidaye and some info on their upcoming Gig to glady add to the site. As I wrote Andy I wish he would inform me before they come to NYC not after ;-) Glad they had a good time in the States.

    **Hi=========== Andy Ellison here, just done a few gigs in New York and Philadelphia, which were great fun, and returned last night, so feeling a bit jet lagged. Is it possible for you to mention our annual John's Children Christmas/ New Years gig (this year, on Sat the 29th Dec, at the Monarch, Camden Town.) On your Website?
    Good mixture of JC and Marc's songs and other surprises this Year. Have a great Christmas, All the best Andy Ellison **=========

    December 11

    (In the MP3 section) Added a hard to find Bolan cover song by a wonderful UK band called "Saint Etienne". It has been floating around for about 5 years now. So far the response is great - Like myself it seems most people enjoy Bolan covers when they are done with the spirit of the original Band instead of just a Bolan "Rip-Off". If you enjoy this also Check out the "baby Fox" & "The Replicants" Mp3's wonderful.

    December 5

    1- Welcome back to a dear friend & Tiller (that took a needed hiatus) Barrie Wilkinson

    2-(Under MP3's) finally found the time to add the Mp3 of the stereo version of "Children of the Revolution" (from the "Born to Boogie" Film)...Not to be missed- heads and shoulders above most versions heard on the Booties....

    December 2

    Please take a moment to saye a prayer (or whatever you beliefs dictate) for the "COSMIC FRIENDS" we lost the past year - you can include my dad in there if you so chose as he was as a real "Cosmic Dancer"
    Sadly we lost three major people in Marc's life .....maye they rest in peace and bop with Marc again

    1- Murial Young -producer of the Marc TV shows and a very good friend to Marc in his lifetime has sadly died in her home in Newcastle- Friday 23rd March. Together with Mike Mansfield she stood by Marc during his lost years and should be remembered for this and for introducing pussycat William to children in the late 60s early 70s.

    2- Richard Jones - Gloria's Brother and part of the "Cosmic Chior" .also with the recent release of the Bootie "Pure Magic" you can see he was a talent in his on right

    3- Tony Howard - Marcs last Manager died the morning of November 26th 8.20am UK time after being in a coma for nearly 20 days, he was 62. His burial was in the magnificent Victorian Brompton Cemetery which is half way between his home and his beloved Stamford Bridge home of Chelsea FC. (thanx for the info M.G.)

    December 1

    1- added our popular Rex-Mas Design to the main page

    2- (Under the Interviews, Reviews section) added a bit of an oldie interview with Marc. I know I and many people I speak with enjoy the earlier ones the most (Marc at his most candid and un-guarded) This one appeared in the Old ZigZag magazine

    3- The December Quizlet is UP (as you saw when it popped up ;-) ..This is real toughie IMHO they are all great songs from the 7th "Un-Chained" CD. The winner of last months was a TIE (just in the saint Nick of time- with 259 votes-) Being a Big Fan of the song "Christmas Bop" it ran head to head through the whole month with "Bust my Balls" and in the end they tied with 32% of the vote with "Savage Beethoven' in 2nd place.

    November 26

    hopefully will get the nice "C.O.R." (enhanced stereo) Mp3 up soon But for now I hope you enjoy reading this new "interview" I added. It is from the world famous "medium" Doris Stokes ...whom Marc Bolans Mum -Phyllis Feld- went to see in 1983 to seek some communication with Marc in the "here-after". I was surprised to find this out and find this interview interesting just from that standpoint. So go have a read, regardless of how you feel on this subject (believe it or not)it is still an interesting read. In the Index on the page "Interviews, reviews, etc." -"Inncocent Voice in my ear"-

    November 23

    1- Lets see I was a busy beaver today getting something that had been on hold, I might forget a few new things -I'll start with, (always a top priority on our community) is the adding of Mira to the Tillers Directory as well as Helmut ... Both great people and Mira and Helmut are both rather "sexy" ;-)

    2- New Mp3's - Ok, one has been known just for the list for a few months but I thought it would be a nice addition to the Mp3's (check the new MP3 section in the index).. This is a 2:00 Burst of Marc & Gloria in the studio doing a classic old song called "Love is a Many Splendid Thing" - it is worth the DL'ed just to hear Marc getting his voice in the right key while it starts

    3- Another Mp3 -though this one has been on the site for a few years now but we are now lucky enough to have a gorgous STEREO version of it. Like Night & Daye compared to the one we had up. It is from the film "Born to Boogie" and is a rousing version of "Tutti frutti" . You will not be disappointed ...soon we will be adding the other track that was left off the soundtrack LP "Children of the Revolution" in the same lovely sound.

    November 16

    1- Added a new section to the T.O.M.B. listing some of the all important Fanzine that, though no longer in print, should still be recognized.

    2- I have had several mails with this band and I wanted to help get them some x-posure. Their Name "Cat Sun Flower"...the song "T.Rex Fan Song" (great title)*s they are listed in the MP3 page but as they have more songs listed on mp3.com the page will link you directly to them "Mp3's/"T.Rex Fan Song"

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