Birmingham Town Hall

As Promised Here's the First in a Series Of Reviews and reports on the
Countless Marc Bolan & T.Rex Bootlegs out there.
All I can say is that each CD I review I do Honestly Regardless of who
May be responsible for their Release.

It is also difficult to Grade the sound as to some what is acceptable is not
to others
I'll again just tell you how I see it

The First Cd I'm doing is One from my Favorite Tour
The Futuristic Dragon Tour

Birmingham Town Hall 23.02.76
Cd Length is Just over 71.33

The First issue to bring to your attention on this Cd is the Sound Quality
All of this Tours Bootlegs, which I have heard, have been Audience
This is no different, however this is by Far the Clearest and best Recording
I have heard The Crowd Noise Doesn't spoil the recording unlike others from the tour

Marc was clearly in a good mood during this concert as there are many
instances of interaction between himself the Crowd, all of which are clearly

The cd Starts with the intro to 20th Century Boy, a standard run through
from the tour
The band do appear to this untrained ear to lose the song at one stage
however this doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the song, and the backing singers do a good
job keeping it together, The Organ playing Of Dino Dines is quite prevalent
during the song and even a short Solo from Marc as well (what more do you
Jeepster follows and is very heavy with the organ with Macs guitar breaking
through sometimes. I have to say that again the Backing singers do a good
job. A different ending to the song with drum and backing singers.
A new song called Funky London Childhood follows with at sometimes being
overpowered by the backing singers

New York City follows with some great interaction at the start and a
completely blown Start to the song with the band stopping and Marc Introducing the Band and
then restarting the song, and a very good run through it is indeed. (It also
ends with Marc and Drums a bit like the Bramley remix did for those who
remember the Album)
Solid Gold Easy Action is next with the crowd joining in the chorus (Marc
tells us that it's the first tour he's played this song on and it sold about
20 fuckin million) It works well

Next up is a signature tune COTR A one note intro on the Organ with the
guitar whining And Bang its off and running, The organ has a funky feel as Marc sings the
verses and Marcs guitar plays it Hard and Rrif-tastic, Gotta be heard by all
A short version and better for it An Organ Heavy version of Teenage Dream is next, Nice Guitar work. A Rockin
ending. There's not much else to say, Its Teenage Dream for gods sake,
Telegram Sam is the Beast it always was live. Again heavy on the Organ which
in this instance works very well

Debora, One Inch Rock, Ride A White Swan, Life's a Gap (sorry Gas) and
Dreamy Lady Are the Cross legged Acoustic Section from this Concert
A bit of Chat precedes with the Birmingham crowd being Praised and Marc
telling us he's perceived as a bit of a stuck up cunt (Hey don't shoot the
Messenger, He says it not me)
The Guitar is a bit low but can just be heard over the crowd, but Marcs
voice is loud and clear, there is unfortunately an abrupt end to Debora
before it finishes and returns with One Inch Rock in Full. RAWS with some
heavy clapping (it doesn't drown out Marc)
Life's a Gas, Sod it just sing along as the crowd do, excellent.
To me its always a joy to hear Dreamy Lady done acoustically, The Organ
accompanies Marc who uses Loads of adlibbing The backing singers join Marc
on this. Wont you Come to my bed is greeted by some Enthusiastic screams
At the end Marcs says something I can't make out
"We???? The Motherfuckers??????"

Next is brought to you by BolanVision as seen on Supersonic, London Boys
A good run through, Marc certainly sounds like a London Boy on this
"You don't know if you're there or Not" spat out in true London Accent

The Finish is as usual Hot Love and Get It On
Hot Love has Gloria on fine form and reminds me of The Midnight Special a
It does have a few duff notes but so what. This is not Long and extended but
a sharp and to the point version, Marc Says "Goodnight"
Get It On is an Encore with Marc speaking Before That Immortal Riff
Vocal interplay with Gloria in the middle with the drums pounding, Then a
Guitar Work out At just over 8 minutes it is not a long version by any means
and is a fitting end to the Concert.

Do I have any gripes about this Cd? Well Yes,, Just one and it annoys the
hell out of me and that is the Gaps between Songs, I personally like my concerts to be
continuous but between every song there is a silence. I do appreciate why
this happens and know in some cases it can't be helped but it detracts from
the concert.

That said I regard this as a must buy CD if you want to Hear T.Rex from This
The Best Recording I've Heard and Marc on Form. Marc interacts quite a bit
and swears a lot. The Band Rock. This Tour (Though some disagree) was a
celebration Of Marc's work. An ending if you will in preparation for the
Start of The Dandy's Return

Hope I Didn't Bore you with this Review, if anyone feels inclined I would love a colour Scan
of the cover sent to me so my CD Looks good

Highest Regards

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