Live Futuristic Tour 1976

( 2 Disc set )
It should be noted that the presentation on this Cd is one of the best I've
seen on a bootleg
An 8 Page booklet with A few Pics and Magazine Write ups, London Boy Single

Disc 1 is the same Birmingham Cd I reviewed a while back and still sounds
Brilliant to me

Disc 2 is a new one to me (well some of it anyway)

Brighton 28.02.76 which was the last English date of the tour and supplies
the main Bulk of this Cd
This is again an Audience recording and is on a Par with the Birmingham Cd
if not better.
Better in the fact that the Recorder was nearer the Stage (Maybe) and Marcs
Guitar is clearer than the Birmingham Cd

An Acoustic Section From Sunderland 15.02.76 which has been available before
on the Boot
Son of Magical Pouting Panache but it does sound a little bit clearer on
this disc ,or it might just be my ears playing Tricks

A Single Song from Newark 13.02.76

The Concert Starts with
20th century Boy
With the Clearest Sounding of Marcs Guitar I've heard from this tour A good

Marc Talks about (The Infamous ?) Broken Nose and Black Eye and how he got
it getting out the car in Manchester and some fans wanted to take home a Piece of
Marc Bolan home with em "so be careful cause you want me Pretty don't ya "
that's not how I,ve heard it happen but heck who cares (G)

Jeepster which sounds great but ends abruptly very early in the song again
Marcs guitar is the main instrument in the sound

SGEA rocks in again and sounds good

A song written for us follows
Children of the Revolution with Gloria up front on the intro .tour , Gloria
certainly fills the sound out a good bit ,,,Those of you who have heard the
song from this tour will know that its a slowed down funky type of version ,
Marc playing the String sections of the song works well

Debora with Giggles at the start , One inch Rock , Life's a Gap with some
funny ad libs " I could have taken u into my Front room , I could have even
taken u to my bedroom " Dreamy Lady ends this segment with Gloria adding
backing to the song

London Boys is a good run through ,,Live this song sounds like a rocker
unlike the single which was a major disappointment to me ,,,This version
Fades out before the end

Teenage dream follows with an out of tune guitar and for the first time the
keyboards come to the fore
Some nice playing by Marc and The Organ working overtime
Surprise Surprise The Silver surfer and ragged Kid sure has stood the test
of time
Marc even manages to call out "Hello Rolan"
The song finishes with some heavy cords and has a rocking ending

A Blown Hot love intro and then Marc tells us David Bowie sends his regards

The Standard Finish is upon us

Hot love sounds a bit dodgy at the start with the Guitar out of Tune at the
start but gets better , Gloria's on form as well ,,Bit of a boogie in the Middle
as well get it on is as it always is but fades out well before the end

NB I,m not sure if Telegram Sam was played in this concert but it isn't

Next up is Sunderland but only the acoustic section
Sound is not great but listenable
Debora turns into Consuela (Which makes a rare Outing and greeted with a
good cheer)
and then back into Debora ,,One Inch Rock with a skip in the music (Marc
Forgets the words - Did he really forget them every time (G) Some Chat and
then Life's a gas with obligatory Sing along
Dreamy Lady is the same format as Brighton with a fade out before the end

Then we have Children of the Revolution from Newark13.02.76 with slightly
different Dino Organ and Gloria high in the Mix ,,
Not as good sound as the Brighton version but nice to hear

For those of you who have tried to track down The Birmingham Cd after my


get this one instead
For the extra Concert (and bits) and the great packaging

A Must Buy if you (Like me ) enjoy hearing Marc Live and in the Raw

Hope I Didn't bore ya


(Side Note .Editor (Rick)
Zac does a splendid job on all his reviews !!
I just wanted to add it is not easy to try and review the many Bootlegs of Marc's concerts
there isn't the easy "standard to follow" like with a legit release. I know I have heard some of the most horrible
Booties -sound and quality wise and initially said "Junk"- yet after repeated listenings and fiddling
with my stereo I could hear that Marc Put on a great show.
I Bow to you Zac for helping Bolan fans weed through some of the "Bootie" Cd's out there

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