Parisian Panache
The Chateau Sessions 1971 - 1972
Running Time 45.17

Ok, first a question to you

Hands up who owns a copy of the excellent Video Lost and Found Volume 3?
If you do then you have everything except the Interview track at the end

So it's hardly worth getting this Cd unless you desperately want the Music
on Cd
And also take into account the planned future release on DVD of all the 4
Volumes of Lost and Found
(Ed. side note: The info on the German release of the DVD is
listed on the "Whats New" section- Estimated date of release April 15 03' )
This puts this Cd Firmly into the not required Pile,
unless you're an anorak collector
Like me
The sound is ok but I suspect it's a direct copy from the Video

The first Four Tracks are from "Pop deux" Taverne De L'Olympia Paris

Jewel - which on the Video has an interview segment in middle but which has
been cut out and the music joined together, you can hear the join.

Ride A White Swan - Elemental Child - Summertime Blues (which Fades out
before the end)

The Next Four Tracks are from "Rock En Stock" Chateau de Herouville, Paris

Jeepster - Hot Love - Cadilac - Telegram Sam

All Sounding Good, but much better when you can See Marc and the Boys
Playing it on screen
At the same time

The last Track is an interview from France lasting just over 3 minutes
Which is ok but I've heard it before somewhere, I just can't remember where

If you see the Cd on sale, don't bother buying it, save up for the DVD's

Catch Ya Soon

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