Write Me A Song
21 Tracks / 58.02
This is CD is From The Collectors Series

The Sound Varies on this Cd from very good to average and contains Studio
Some New and some Released on Other Boot Cds

This little Gem of a Cd Begins with a very Rough Band Run Through of "I
Believe" Gloria's Backing Voice comes through a few times, but the Bonus of this song
is Marc's Guitar Soloing., a Full 3 and a Half Minutes worth
There is definite Bongo playing coming out of one speaker loud and clear ,
Excellent Stuff

Next Up is Hillbilly Boogie (I love to Boogie)
Sounding More like Webb Pierce than Webb Pierce ever could
I think this Clears up any argument about If Marc Nicked this song or not
He Did Lock Stock and Barrel,,But he did add that certain Marc Magic to the
finished Version ,interesting

Sadman Follows
The same version as on all the other Boots
A Good Idea for a song that would have been Great to hear Finished

21st Century Stance
Great To hear a version as Marc intended, A great rocking Song that Drives
along Only when You get to hear these Versions do you realise the ridiculousness
Of adding extra Noise. This stands up on its own and should have been released untouched

Next Up is Skateboard, which has been heard on Several Different Boots
To these untrained Ears Its the same version as all the rest
Nothing Special

I want My Freedom (Ghetto Baby Blues) With Marc Taking the lead Vocal
And Gloria Backing A Classy Song with some good Piano Playing

Voodoo Man is a very rough Run Through with the band
I suspect more of a Jam than a song with some Marc Soloing towards the end

I saw Santa Claus is a song that is still at the Thought Stage
Might have been a good song but you can't tell at this early stage

Gimme some lovin
Classic Marc On Acoustic Guitar, Just playing and Rhyming as only he Could ,
Excellent Stuff
Make everything all Ri ay ay ay ite

Over You is another Acoustic idea with Gloria backing with some typical
surreal Marc Lyrics

Midnight Creeps across Your Window (Please Little Girl) is a good short song

Hound Dog has been released on other Boots as well, A good acoustic run

Write me a song (Finished Studio version)
The sound isn't as Clear as the single we have all heard but the vocals are
a lot higher in the Mix and the Orchestration is lower in the Mix, some nice
double Vocal Tracking in the Middle as well

Write me a song (Instrumental Version)
Its interesting to hear this without Vocals,,What to be honest is a fairly
Lightweight song
Seems to be a bit heavier with the Guitars higher in the Mix, The Organ does
pop its head up a few times
If this had been recorded a few years earlier and given the Marc Treatment
of that time i think this just might have rocked us all

New York City (Instrumental)
One of my fav Songs By Marc, now I can sing along as loud as i like and not
Ruin Marc's Voice (G)
It even has the Backing Vocals Still There; I love this for selfish reasons
Sing Along Cadets and enjoy

Saturday Night
A Funky version with the Organ taking the Place of the Guitar,Interesting
and worth hearing
Marc States at some point in the song "this is where i play the most
incredible Guitar solo of all time"
But strangely enough there is a snippet of Guitar solo towards the end

Next are Bonus Acoustic Tracks
The Flo and Eddie Show USA TV 1974 inc an interview with Marc and Mickey
Which most fans will have heard as it's been released Loads of Times
It still gets me singing along with
This really was Marc Happy and having Fun and it shows

Dreamy Lady
The Funky Version with Guitar and Organ

The Leopards
The same musical Backing as Dreamy lady (maybe from the same session?)
But there are Vocals from Gloria as well , To Be Honest this just got
annoying by about Half way Through

Bold Rose
A song I haven't heard anywhere else
Its an acoustic Marc snippet

Flight Sheen Shuffle
Another Song I haven't heard Before
No Words just a bit of acoustic Guitar Playing ,, Nothing Special Really

There isn't much in the way of Artwork and the standard layout on the Back
inlay from this series
However I do suggest that this is a very good Cd , With at least 10 of the
Tracks being excellent and The rest either being Ok or Heard before

If You see it Give It a go I'm sure You wont Regret it


Copyright 2003 The Till Dawn Organization/Marc Bolan. All Rights Reserved.